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Statistical Physics Weeks 9 and 10 Notes

by: Ryan Griffith

Statistical Physics Weeks 9 and 10 Notes PHYS 4153

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > Physics 2 > PHYS 4153 > Statistical Physics Weeks 9 and 10 Notes
Ryan Griffith
GPA 3.64
Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics
Dr. Gutierrez

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About this Document

Covers the beginning of statistical mechanics and relation to entropy
Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics
Dr. Gutierrez
Statistical Physics Notes
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This 8 page Bundle was uploaded by Ryan Griffith on Friday October 30, 2015. The Bundle belongs to PHYS 4153 at University of Oklahoma taught by Dr. Gutierrez in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics in Physics 2 at University of Oklahoma.

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Date Created: 10/30/15
4 7h 39539 KU 6 If 0C1i137 I llSIM quot2 7 101 x0 3t 1 gt 909 7 G a 7 d 39 a Q c quot quot AV 391 2 M T thvn id J ch m L c N Lx m n quot 4 1w F AL N W L 13 5 M quot 9th n 74Lu r AV 23 V 4 x c Ewm9ub urrcw oh grass N Shh vm39mbu quotquot svt C th A C I ff V f x gxsgkcm E WILL ownB Cur an 3 WG56 bms ormquot 1cm L 4 M r VM Au Wad 3 L wivthL 1 A N I t EHquot VI 23 w e I ee a 39 T g 7 0 C39W A T iquot Emmahon p r C E 392 O 7 6V1 T quot 9 hBTc quot 31b i c 27P Vc 39 3Nb w f k Vt 899V a Pf V V39 3quot quot 31 T quot3931 ch39l 3P DIVE9M WrowaM 03 1 ch 9 g v Vc EZ TE39 3 p 37st4 H cLG SAT vow JimKAN 139 igxiv V3235 35 5251er V 33W 38 2 WK r iz rquot G v my Mag TinLVNb 33 quot 9 Mar I 54C 0 g 31394 SVAP dC1 SdT Vok 392 229AT 5 314 167va V Sigh vgg 1 xivquotv m3 v4 33oxlo m F G Ta quot Gui E GHT0U39 may ehtnau Pn A C13LT AT PX9 quot GLT P AT f jg kdlo 9 a 96 i 739 3 Mr i 33 JP TJciP giga hiAT Vck r l 37 ATI gt39 AP J ii i 11 Lin 1 1 L 4 1 1 4 L1 1 TL Li I r f T I i 1 r as WINT 39 33quot a a mu no gt m AM quotat 7 AVltO j 9M9 12 CmeL 7 v4 V MEN 39 d9 quot 2 L w A U 1 LL 391 gt0 c LIKT Edi 31ch cdn cm run r gash 3 CH 5 113L553 JLpJE 55 Enquot E39ES PS 3 0 01 IEEs in 3119 Vi 53 3 w i i 1 Q E quot lwtfln LED J gigR L E i e 5 MT v51 Ce hal 1 buff quot1 Y5 P5 of ftu L L4 L41 Li 4 L T T T f w t LL m L J Li J L L I 35 Marmmr J A ngLERn VE 73L 03ka as an I itwqh Avcrmgx EAU chart 2 TEE CeEshT Fa 3 aw 1411 M1311 in rage I e w i Cquot WT at KCV K 0 ca dialg Q HES 7 1139 P5 CC 0 m3e PMHULt robm vil i quot For sh i Eslhr quot JL IH3 quot7 C I 143 3 ES 3 Z 39 quotz nur CAt L7 Yak Far 5M3 ww dc 3n 1 J i iiiLL m T IT L 939 t gs a r h P r a ame quotquot RMME39F id e 68 63 sees i U a Cam sx e p04quot mquk u M ash0n LE 53 39 f e libs LE 4 m i I I NGEcm n e F u m quot 5 Njkg lrULank 39FBKE i J 7 E MT Tau 1 vocal quot 7 6113 Z 6 e N H 7 2 Z a gee 6516 11 32quot 3 1 N 39lt 0 1 quot39 I 6r S00 8 Y m 7 l39 1113 A 393quot c E nrlquot Sa39bampa33 Lg Li T L UT L Q Li 39 X 739 Th3 7 11H 5 VHS 3 we 1 quot39 2 1 S 333 C 313 quot GF f E E39L3Tsgt kl 11 3 YE m m mm 7ng W LEM e 31E hi39 quot39quot Eh 13 mm me ll Sam Euo SKUO SM EmuB i353 FINquot h39 5 Vt Sum Esgt SR Em wk w 42 6 m o S W ELX39XHamp 1 E03xgax 0 f c1511 Sa 54 Xgt 55 9 t5 3quot k Es SRLEpov VQ Jr 7T w i 392 6X9ES LLEW Vquot uh5 has 391 mzswo sacsWu 3 XPE39 SUJQhg lb Utjhle 1le C Es H2ng i 5 7 Hg NWT x DEB lkg Y3 r m F u H L LL L L T JV H y my LL i L 1 f9 5 6 e 2 e CHEz 39 1 239 Te I F 3 quotkETlnz ELquot E5 Eh3 quotw u39l h it Nu JAD39 E P Ev 13gt if B 3e 775 I r i N 7 21 SWIL Pt kn n P 39t hi 1 V IQL V momenm Eh Dxnlm 339 n1quot w l gij AVEEA 2 W wEnlkT 6 1 2e 3quot m w I m h v c NEH CWT 2 w quotquot H d a A 395 Gaws km A 7W 7 11 7 1 7 n r 1 in aux a A W 7 239 m 13 T 10 1 quot39 k1 I Mufti h L quot ADWWMAM mamaw pack 1 Vt 4 140 qu 90um 4 4444945 39 jar2 quot39 N tinV1nUinu1


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