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Test 1 Notes

by: Hannah

Test 1 Notes GY 102

GPA 3.234
Earth System Processes
Mary Pitts

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About this Document

All of Test 1 Notes! Super helpful! I get a 96!!
Earth System Processes
Mary Pitts
75 ?




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This 15 page Bundle was uploaded by Hannah on Tuesday January 27, 2015. The Bundle belongs to GY 102 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Mary Pitts in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 237 views. For similar materials see Earth System Processes in Geography at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 01/27/15
8Zbl4 Is Geography A oienoe yes oienli o Melhod Flow Lhoirlararaie REVIEW from 8Zbll4 Flow ohoirl Geography is 0l spoilioil soiehoe Whoil does soiehoe do provide obyeolive ihlorlvidliori lo people oihd lheir ihslilulioris allow people lo lvioillte lheir ovum deoisioris oihd Judgemehls Whorl is syslevvis rheory39Z yslelvi O ordered ihlerreloiled sel or lhihds O subsyslelvis 9 dyllOll lllo O lvioilier dhd eherdy slored dhd relrieved O eherdy lroihslorlvied lrovvi Ohe lype lo oiholher yslelvis Jrheory O Opeh syslelvi lviore oorisloihlly being oreoiledl eherdy 9 closed syslelvi physiooil lvioilier oihd resources 9 syslelvi leedboiolo hedd veposilive O sysleivi equilibrium sleddy sldle dyllOll VllO equilibrium Whorl ore Earlhs four spheres l Alluosphere dir bloihkel or air adhering lo eoirlhs surloioe lviixlure or gasses essehlioil lo life 2 Hydrosphere Wdler oill lhe Wdler lhoil exisls 0h dhd Wilhih lhe solid surloioe Wdler ih lhe oliviosphere oil 5 sldles solid liquid dds oryosphere lrozeh porliori or hydrolodio cycle 5 Lilhosphere eoirlh 8Zbl4 oulerlviosl shell 01 solid earlhTOPlC l cience and Geogramy Whal cohslilciles a sciehce 2 How does geography salis1 y lhal FGquFGVVllfVll39 Karsl Geomorphology Coaslal Geomorphology O lahdscape lype delerlviihed by rocllts behealh Glacial Geomorphology O glaciers have shaped lahdscape ih pasl ahd presehl periglacial areas zohes oh lhe periphery 01 glacial regi0hs lhal are seasohally 1 ree 01 show and ice pic Herb KEY QUEQTIONQ l Whal is geography 2 Z ls geography a hew discipliae 2 5 Is geography a sciehce 2 4 Whal is syslelvis lheory b Whal are Earlh39s 1 our spheres 2 Wha r ls Geography Geography is a sciehce lhal sludies relaliohships alVlOllg halural syslelvis geographic areas sociely cullural aclivilies ahd Jrhe ihlerdepehdehce 01 Jrhese over space 0 palial ciehce halure ahd characler 01 physical space ils lvieasurelviehl ahd dislribulioh 01 lhihgs ih il b spalial lhelvies l localioh Where speci1 icabsolule or relalive address lallohg 2 place Uhigue halure lahgible ahd ihlahgible livihg ahd hohlivihg describes characlerislics 5 lviovelviehl global ihlerdepehdehce o lviovelviehl 01 air wafer lviovelviehl 01 people elc 4 regioh area Wilh ahi1 orlvi physical or lflUl Vlall characlerislics b halviah earlh relaliohships how people ihleracl Wilh lheir ehvirohlviehl o holislic sciehce 8Zbl4 o ecleclic selecling or employing individual elemenTs Trom a varieTy oT sources sysTems or sTyles o meThod governed The ConlenT of Geography m IZ Conlimum of Geographyaieaieaie o How is geography used in oTher elds I physical geography or humancullural geography Physical Geography spaTial analysis oT physical elemenTs and The processes ThaT make up The environmenT energy air waTer climaTe landTorms soils animals planTs microorganisms and The EarTh iTselT Geomorphology why landTorms are where They are and look like They do 0 origin evolulion Torm classiTicaTion and spaTial disTribuTion oT landTorms 0 how landTorms came To be 0 How does Today39s world in uence and change The geomorphology in The Tulure 2 ls Geography A New Discipline no as early as PlaTo losT Allanlis in l4lObc early explanalions oT earThguakes O indians wild animals inside The earTh O mexicans earTh was on Trog Trog TwiTched O Timorese gianT ThaT held earTh shiTTed How do we explain our world order or chaos random evenTs planned evenTs supreme being noThing THEOKIEQ o CaTasTrophism biblical inTerpreTaTion oT earTh I Georges Cuvier HM l852 o llniTormiTarianism presenT is key To pasT did noT consider caTasTrophic evenTs I James HulTon HSb 8ZCI4 I Claarles Lyell 1 aJrlaer 01 modem geography o Ev0u110r1 I Darwila o Crea omigrs o Irrelhgemr Design ANQWEK combilaa oa 01 slow gradual prooesseg Vumfuarea by Ianrural oaraerrOVlnio eve19 below land gur1 a0e and ocean b00vv1 eang flail1 crusr alaa uppermer mam e eaaphogphere 0090 4 Biogplaere i1 e web I39uakilag a organisms waigue r0 earfla The Fuiure 01 Geography emviromvaelafal 0lnar10e5 rare 01 claalage imreasea pressure g0ba Weraepemaeme CONCEPTS TO KNOW geography gpa al laolism Themes 9 place 9 00a 0r1 O movemerrr O lauvvxaIa ear a rela omslaip geomorphology ilaauoh39ve reasaailag speci c r0 general imferaigoiphaar39rfy soiela o Merl10a 8ZbI4 obgerva om hypo nogig predie omg gememl Theory eafasfroyhism umh orvvxfmriamism 9y9fevv Opelx 9y9fevv eloged 9y9fevv earflng spheres bioh39e alive abioh39e Inof alive I39rflnogplnere hydrosplnere admogplnere biogplnereeeosplnere TO0L 0F GEOGRAPHY Maps Globe 59 9 True represem om o disfame o direeh39om area shape 0 Vroximify Mapg 217 O generalized view 9 represemfa om 01 1 eaure9 om ne ear n39s gurmee O QCALE drawing 9 awed beeauge Jrlney are at imeeumfe 9 Types 01 Maps Flamimefrie horizoml eomyomevfrg e9 road geologic Muneml 82014 9 A Good Map lVlus1 Hava o 1111a soala lltay laaalad da1a Vrojaoh ow mall10d usad lo olnalaaa 5 dlvvlarlslolaal dala lalo Z dllvlarlslorlal may souroa wlnara llna da1a oalvla lrolvl laorlln arrow 0 Coordinala yslalvl LalTluda lal ls lLAT ola llna aloha O lnow lar Iaorlln or soulln a llna aaua1or a Vlaoa ls Lolaalluda O daaraas rarlalaa lrolvl 0 40 9 dlrao olas MUS1 ba alvala O l daaraaM mlllas Qraal olrolas vs Sl Vlall olrolas O 5 araaf olrolas araphlos ola PWPT vary halplul aaua1or o vvlarldlalas 9 all ollnar llaas a la1 Sl VlOlll olrolas Map Projao olas O aloolaWr lwas projaolad alobas 10 wall 10 draw 29 maps 9 w rlln l Vllllll Vlal dls1orl1aa llLL DIQTOIZTED THOUGH 9 may projaoh39olas oolvlprass alad rasoala 901 dlsfor ola ls laav39rlabla Coordlaalad vala Zowas 9 I884 Qraalawloln Maala Tim was UT 9 WZ Coordlaalad lllalvarsal vala 9 b011fl oraa1ad o s1aladard 1ll Vl6 zolaas 500 F010l1lOll avary Z4 lnours l5 par lnour Kamofa awslaa 8ZbI4 O ihiorvviaiiOh acauirea irovvi a aisiahce Wiihoui cahiaci Wiih ihe subjeci 9 uses saielliies airbiahes oceah oor sehsors 9 Types Aciive aireci beavvi ai subjeci aha ahalyze eheray re eciea baclt ie radar 2 Passive sivviby observe subjecirecora eheray reaieaiea irovvi suriace ie ihirarea O boih iybes are useiul debeha 0h whai ihiorvviaiiOh is ior Geographic Ihiorvviaiiori ysievvis QIQ O sbaiial aaia analysis 9 combu rer basea aaia bracessha Jrool O aaihers vviahibulaies aha ahalyzes aeoarabhic ihiorvviaiiOh O visuaizaiiOh iool O aaiabase vviahaaevviehi 9 uses 0 emeraehcy services 0 ehvirOhvviehial o busihess o iVidUSJW aoverhvviehi Graphics 9 laiiiuaebhaiiuae O iivvie ZOhes deviaiioris based ch boliiical Jurisdiciiaas O areai and small circles O aciivebassive revvioie sehsiha TOPIC 3 Earih 9W6 and Moderials Rock creaiea by lava ilovxr laheous Z Eheray ysievvis cahsiahiiy iiahiiha aaaihsi each oiher O endogehie ihierhai radioaciive blaie ieciOhics earihauakes volcahoes cahsiruciiorial 82004 9 exoge0i0 eerer0a s0ar e0eray o Wil d o 00rre0Jrs o weaflaerma aesfrueh3900al Geologic Time mei0e 01 earst laisfory O seaue00e 01 eve0s rela ve vs absolufe O absolufe 405m 9 rela ve ne e0ure erarJrea be1 0re This momeWr pu00uarea eauilibria i0Jrerrth3900 or break i0 eraJrus auo Geologic Time eale HTO KNOW POI THE TEQWH 90er These me0h3900ea Varrs 01 meli0e O E00s 00y Z 00a0ae because afmosplnere erarJrea 0 000rai0 oxyae0 l Preeambria0 4000M years aao 88 01 earJrlas We 2 Plaa0er020i0 EIZM years aao Z 01 earJrlas 11vv1e 0001100100 0001 l Pae020i0 00051 2 Mes020i0 Middle 5 Ce0020i0 y000aes r O Periods l Cambria0 lsr1 isl0 Z Triassi0 17i00saurs 5 Ter ary Mammals 4 Quarer0ary Huma0s O Epoehs l Peis00e0e Ice Age 2 H000e0e Poer Glaeial 5 A0Jrlar0000e0e Huma0 imyaer 00 earJrla Earth39s 0erior 8ZCl4 oldesl lvidleridl edrllrr 44 lorlvidlioio or edrlln 4W lneoil JrrdWed Willfllll edrlln coriceiolric layers 9 inferred kilowledde deepesl drill lnole 7 miles deep 9 lviosl kilowledde is im erred aieaieEorlh in Cross eclion ulvimory Graphicarakak l ioioer core solid iroio solid due lo pressure 2 ouler core liquid lviolleio vvieldllic iroio demerdles vviddioelic eld 5 Quleioberd discoViliiiuily well mowed lodged irilerrdce abFUVl39 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allure o ash is very heavy weiahl cah lake dovvh a buildiha O poisohous aas release carb0h dioxide 002 odorless heavy aas lhal cah displace brealhable air


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