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Course Notes

by: Becca Rickard

Course Notes COMM2331

Marketplace > Communication > COMM2331 > Course Notes
Becca Rickard
GPA 3.4
Strategic Communication Principles
Osei Appian

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About this Document

This course examines the strategic design, execution, and evaluation of advertising, public relations, marketing, and other promotional elements in the strategic communications process.
Strategic Communication Principles
Osei Appian
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This 8 page Bundle was uploaded by Becca Rickard on Tuesday January 27, 2015. The Bundle belongs to COMM2331 at a university taught by Osei Appian in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 294 views.

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Date Created: 01/27/15
9514 Integrated Marketing Communications Promotion amp IMC What is marketing The procces of planning and executing the conception pricing promotion and distribution of ideas goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organization objectives Marketing facilitates the exchange process by Carefully examining the needs and wants of consumers Developing a product or service that satisfies these needs Offering it at a certain price Making it available through a particular place Developing a program of promotion or communication to create awareness and interest Four P39s product price place and promotion are elements of the marketing mix The basic goal of marketing is to combine these four elements into a marketing program to facilitate the potential for exchange with consumers in the marketplace Promotions Promotion is the communication process in marketing used to create a favorable predisposition toward a brand of product service idea or person Promotional mix is the blend of communication tools used by a firm used to carry out the promotion process and used to communicate directly with target audiences IMC IMC is the management of the promotional tools An attempt to create a unified synergistic communication effect Use all the tools that are necessary to create the desired communication Less concerned with how the message is delivered e g advertising PR and more concerned with the effectiveness of the total marketing communications plan There are many promotional tools that are available to marketers Today companies are taking a different approach to marketing and promotions They integrate their advertising efforts with a variety of other communication techniques such as Advertising Sales promotions Direct response Publicity amp PR Videogames Outdoor CorporateEvent Sponsorship Personal selling Trade shows Pointofpurchase displays Cinema Product placement BMW Ultimate Promotional Experience How businesses use all forms of promotions to reach and persuade target audiences Ultimate Driving Experience adults learn avoidance skills traction tricks Brand placement in films e g James Bond Special events Web site Advertising may be the most conspicuos promotional tool but by no means is it the only or the most important tool All the promotional tools are important and useful BMW AmbushThe Movie The Hire is a series of short films made by BMW together with some of the world39s best directors Ambush starring Clive Owen and the BMW 7series Directed by John Frankenheimer Advertising is critical to segmentation differentiation and positioning strategies Why is each important Market Segmentation dividing large diverse heterogeneous populations into smaller homogenous segments Product Differentiation creating a perceived difference between an organization39s brand and that of the competition in the mind of an audience Positioning process of designing a product or service so that it can occupy a distinct and valued place in the consumer39s mind amp telling people about it Brand Name written or spoken part of a company which customers recognize and respect this is very important for product categories that have little inherent product differentiation drinks cigarettes beer etc Brand extension new product introduction under an exiting brand to take advantage of exiting brand equity 9814 Promotions and IMC Advertising communicates the value of the brand created by the marketing mix and contributes to revenue generation Peoples39 perception of product39s value is based on adsexplain Profits are affected by economics of scale Highvolume sales result in highvolume production which lowers the cost to produce each item This process leads to a lower cost of each item sold Profits are affected by brand loyalty consumer preference for and repeat purchase of a brand to the exclusion of competitor39s brands Brand loyalty results in inelasticity or demand whereby consumer are less sensitive to price because of their dedication to a specific brand Why might companies be concerned about providing coupons for products Why is it important to provide loyal customers incentive SHORT ANSWER EXAM Sales Promotion Sales promotion is the use of incentives to generate shortterm response from household consumers trade buyers e g a retailer like Nordstrom or business buyers e g Xerox Some of these incentives include free samples coupons premiumns contests rebates and price discounts Direct Marketing A system of marketing by which an organization communicates directly with customers to generate a response andor transaction Direct marketing includes a combination of media such as Direct mail e g Victoria39s Secret and LL Bean catalogues Telemarketing 91014 Direct Marketing A system of marketing by which an organization communicates directly with customers to generate a response andor transaction Direct marketing includes a combination of media such as Direct mail e g Victoria39s Secret and LL Bean catalogues Telemarketing Email delivers Audi A8 COFFEE BOX Direct marketing by DDB Amsterdam targeted select audience of business men by mailing them a cup of coffee with the idea of inviting them to the showroom for a test drive Of the 1750 people approached 125 of them applied for a test drive Sponseoship amp PointofPurchase Sponsorship involves funding an event e g golf tournament concert museum exhibit or charitable cause or creating an event in order to highlight a firm39s brand to a specific target audience Sponsorship have become one of more popular forms of promotion PointofPurchase Promotion refers to materials used in the retail setting to attract attention to a company39s brand Some of these materials include instore displays banners endofaisle displays wall units and oor stands Public Relations Primary goal of public relations is to establish a good image and reputation for the company organization or person Public relations focuses on communication that can foster goodwill between a firm an its many constituents e g customers employees retailers shareholders distributors suppliers government entities citizen action groups and the general public What is Advertising Advertising is a paid massmediated attempt to persuade Advertising is paid communication by a company or organization that wants its information disseminated Publicity and PSAs are not paidfor communication Mass mediated designed to reach masses means that the advertising is delivered through a mass communication medium like television radio newspapers etc Advertising is an attempt to persuade people to believe or do something e g like a product or buy a product Ads can be for a Product e g shoes beverages toothpaste Avis XM Satellite Radio Saturn sees people in their cars Starbucks bottled Frappunccino Service e g Internet Service banking Idea literacy environent Breast cancer detection examinations 91714 Consumer Behavior Segmenting Markets Psychographic Segmentation Dividing the market on the basis of personality andor lifestyle Lifestyles are generally determined by activities interests and opinions AIOs of conumsers also values and lifestyles VALS These lifestyles are generally correlated with consumers food consumption clothing apparel automobile selections among others Hummer outside offroading Hummer City urban music looking at buildings through sunroof threaten men in a whole new way Mountain Dew Animated Behavioristic Segmentation Dividing consumers into groups according to their usage loyalties or buying responses to a product These characterstics are then combined with demographic andor psychographic criteria to develop profiles of market segments Benefit Segmentation The grouping of consumers on the basis of attributes sought in a product Consumers are generally looking for specific benefits that products might provide in satisfying their needs and wants Wristwatchwater resistance accuracy stylishnessbirthdayChristmas giftsads depict watches as good gifts Toothpaste uoride Crest Colgate freshens breath CloseUp AquaFresh tartar control Crest plaque reduction Viadent and whitening toothpaste Rembrandt Branding Communications messages such as advertising public relations direct marketing sales promotions and events sponsorships all seek to do one thing Place Bits of Information in the Prospect39s Mind that hopefully will in uence further purchase decisions Good experiences or favorable information about that the consumer that is stored in his or her mind will in uence the purchase of a specific product or service Communications delivery systems have grown As the number of message senders increases and the messages they attempt to send multiplies the confusion in the marketplace grows Choosing a brand name for a product is important from a promotional perspective because brand names communicate attributes and meaning Two types of brand extenstions Line Extension applies an existing brand name to a product in one of the existing product categories e g CocaCola brand name Classic Coke Diet Coke Cherry Coke Category Extension applies an existing brand name to a new product category e g J ellO pudding pops Bic disposable lighters Arm amp Hammer toothpaste ConsumerB ased Communications Targeting Segmenting identifies the slice of the market the producer might address while targeting actively addresses the consumer needs of that segment Arm amp Hammer producer of baking soda Targeted communication to the environmentally conscious consumers Offering laundry detergent free of phosphates 33 of sales Baking soda in refridgerator used as a safe deodorizer offered toothpaste amp deodorant Developing a Positioning Strategy A numer of positioning strategies might be used such as Using product attributes Positioning by pricequality Positioning by use or application e g crosstraining or basketball Positioning by product class e g Amtrak alternative to planes margarine positions themselves against butter Rather than position against another brand an alternative strategy is to position oneself against another product category e g khakis vs Positioning by product user GenX Yuppies elderly Positioning by Competitor Position by cultural symbols Ronald McDonald Jack 11 the Box Mr Peanut Swoosh that differentiates it from the competitions Repositioning Sears product user repositioning Gap product user 92414 Message Development Motivating Evaluation of Message Information The information presented in advertising messages is generally intended to create a favorable disposition toward the product or service being promoted If people can be prompted to evaluate the advertising content the chances of persuading them are enhanced Objectives Method Promote Brand Recall Repetition Ads Instill Brand Preference Slogan AdsMusic Scare the Consumer to Action Humor Ads Induce Anxiety to Change Behavior Sexual Innuendo Transform Consumption Experience ThreatFear Appeals Situate the Brand Socially Anxiety Ads Define the Brand Image Transformational Ads Persuade the Consumer SliceofLife Ads Invoke a Direct Response Image Ads Hard Sell Ads Comparison Ads Message Discrepancy Spokespeople Late Product Identification Testimonial Ads Demonstration Ads Direct Response Ads Strategies amp Methods for Motivating Attention Promote Brand Recall Get consumers to recall the brand name Repetition ads Slogans Music CocaCola It39s the Real Thing Instill Brand Preference Get consumers to like and prefer the brand over other brands Humorous ads Sexual Innuendo Humorous Appeals Some form of humor is used in more than half of commercials on television Research indicates that humor is an effective device for gaining attention and motivating an audience to process a message Humor is not always an effective means of in uence and can in fact undermine in uence Humor should be focused on the product and not the user Only make the nonusers of the product the brunt of the humor Multiple ads are required when humor is useddifferent ads are required to allow variation in the content e g Bud Wassup ads Some critiques argue that humor displaces time that could be better spent informing people of a product39s benefitsattributes Sexual Innuendo Unlike the other devices mentioned sexual innuendo relies on What people know rather than on developing strong arguments in the message Scare the Consumr into Action Get consumers to buy a product by instilling fear ThreatFear Appeal Ads Threat may not stimulate persuasion and may even undermine it Some people cope With fear by sleeping smoking eating playing basketball Change Behavior by Inducing Anxiety To get consumers to make a purchase dcision by playing to their anxieties Anxiety ads imply that there is a danger and to avoid this danger you should purchase this product


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