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Notes for weeks 1 - 3

by: Leah Wilson

Notes for weeks 1 - 3 GEOG 3600

Marketplace > Ohio University > Geography > GEOG 3600 > Notes for weeks 1 3
Leah Wilson
GPA 3.172
Cartography I
Ana Myers

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About this Document

Notes for Cartography I for weeks 1 - 3
Cartography I
Ana Myers
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This 5 page Bundle was uploaded by Leah Wilson on Tuesday January 27, 2015. The Bundle belongs to GEOG 3600 at Ohio University taught by Ana Myers in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 102 views. For similar materials see Cartography I in Geography at Ohio University.


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Date Created: 01/27/15
11315 Cartography Lecture 1 Why is cartography still important 0 data is constantly being updated created 0 more data users and producers 0 old datamaps is inaccurate in some cases 0 efficient visual form of geographic communication Cartography o it is a group of techniques 0 has a geometric focus how data is manipulated 0 technical focus 0 presentation focus 0 communication focus how will this be distributed 0 scope o collect and select data 0 generalizing the data I make it more understandable I simplification in a graphical way 0 interpretation What is a map 0 a visual representation of an area relevant informationdata depiction of a concept structure geovisualization Lecture 2 Mapping Process 0 VVhy Who are you making the map for What data do you need How would you organize the data What is the field medium 0 Evaluation Data vs Information 0 data 0 measurements I quantitative OR qualitative 11515 0 Information 0 beliefs types of maps 0 mental tangible virtual 0 reference thematic I qualitative quantitative 0 single variable multivariable The maps of the week Send a digital map by next Thursday 14 Elements of a map 0 scale 0 projection 0 symbols Components 0 base map 0 thematic overlay Data Sources 12015 Lecture 3 Projection o projecting 0 elements I developable surface I reference globe 0 RG I reference gt distorted gt WGSB4 gt World Geographic System I projected I gt point of reference when mapping 12215 Lecture 4 Earth Representation 0 see yellow notebook for drawings Mapping the Environment 0 Graphic elements of a map 0 point 0 line 0 polygons gt area I Basic geometric language 0 earth gt feature phenomena 0 zerodimensional 1dimensional I set of lines o longitude but no width gt boundaries 0 o meridian o parallels o 2dimensional I areas I polygons o 3dimensional o 4dimensional Lecture 5 1272015 Primary considerations 0 spatial arrangement and dimension 0 levels of measurement 0 graphic languagesymbol design The Geographic Component 0 geographic features the most recognizable physical entities o geographic feature gt geographic phenomenon I precip climate 0 attributes elements that help mapping 0 ex line I length I depth I name I historical data Abstract Features 0 elements resulting from our ability to recognize form and pattern 0 topological elements corners centroids edges nodes surfaces etc Spatial Arrangement 0 discrete feature geographic entities relatively well defined 0 dispersediscontinued feature fragmented feature or located together 0 continuous feature phenomena that exists everywhere within a spatial domain Data Model Relationship 0 object oriented points lines areas polygons 0 location oriented volumes 4 D 0 unit gt enumeration gt attributes values 0 shapefiles o raster gt pixels Spatial Dimension 0 extent of geographic phenomena 0 dimension x y z of the phenomena Discrete Features 0 point phenomena 0 feature or process that no significant geographic extension 0 known as zerodimensional feature or phenomena 0 boundaries 0 position I name I ID I etc I elevation o Lineal phenomena 0 feature or process in which length is the most significant geographic dimension 0 known as onedimensional feature or phenomenon o areal phenomena 0 feature or process that has a significant area and two or more sides forming a regular or irregular polygon 0 known as O D feature or phenomenon 0 zero distortion Continuous features 0 surface phenomena 0 volumetric phenomena that can be defined by x and y coordinate pairs and a value elevation temperature etc 0 known as a 2 12 D field or surface 0 true 3 D phenomena 0 multivalued surface characterized by a x y z and a value like C02 Levels of Measurement 0 ways in which we can measure data Nominal Level 0 data that allows us to make groups but not to order 0 traditionally this level involves qualitative data or values Qualitative 0 ex attribute name Ordinal Level 0 involves categorizing and ordering or ranking data 0 this level may require numerical data lnterval level 0 involves ordering of data plus an explicit indication of the numerical difference between two categories 0 it requires numerical data 0 interval gt elective symbols Ratio Level 0 this level has all the characteristics of the interval level plus it has a nonarbitrary zero point o it requires numerical data


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