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Econ 150C1

by: Amanda Lee

Econ 150C1 Econ150C1

Marketplace > Economcs > Econ150C1 > Econ 150C1
Amanda Lee
GPA 3.929
An Economic Perspective
Charity-Joy Archiado

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About this Document

Unit 1 of notes with Charity-Joy Acchiard. Taken from 8/28/14-9/23/14
An Economic Perspective
Charity-Joy Archiado
75 ?




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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Amanda Lee on Tuesday January 27, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Econ150C1 at a university taught by Charity-Joy Archiado in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 1106 views.


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Date Created: 01/27/15
828 Trade offs The option given up when another object is chosen Opportunity cost The value of the next best option that was given up Subjective value The value an individual assigns to something varies over time Relative ranking preferences strong weak Q You are given a ticket to see a Katy Perry tonight and you can t resell the ticket There is also a Pitbull concert tonight and that is the only other activity you are considering A Pitbull ticket costs 135 and you d be willing to pay up to 200 for one There is no other cost of seeing either performer What s the opportunity cost of attending the Katy Perry concert A 65 HW Choose candidate and look at policiespromises and make web with promise in the middle and who is affected and in what ways 92 Q airfare 400 4 hrs Bus 100 24 hrs A 4004t 10024t 30020t t15hr Diminishing marginal utility bene ts should outweigh consequences satisfaction lowers the more you consume 94 ncrease wealth through trade Trade voluntary exchange Wealth Production resources are changed in a way that creates value Q Which of the following is an example of specialization A Alex decides to hire Mike to make fries so Alex only has to make sandwiches Specialization producing one or a few goods or services Comparative advantage the ability to produce a good or service at a lower opportunity cost than others Absoute advantage who produces a good or service the most efficiently Prices convey information about relative values K F u D i i K A 99 Margina bene t is it worth it to me more than the consequence at a particular moment Demand relationship between a set of prices and a set of quantities demanded Law of Demand holding other things constant the quantity demanded will increase as the price decreases and vice versa Changes in demand entire curve 1 Number of consumers 2 Preferences 3 Income 4 Price of substitute goods 5 Price of complimentary goods 6 Expected pricesfuture expectations nferior good when income increases demand goes down Norma good when income increases demand goes up Q You work at Wilko where is a 1 discount on all drinks during happy hour Your manager asks your advice on her plan to increase demand for drinks during happy hour Should she A Offer free snack foods 911 Sunk cost cost of things fromof the past Suppy the relationship between a set of prices and set of quantities suppHed Law of supply holding other things constant an increase in the price of a good leads to an increase in the quantity supplied and vice versa Changes in supply Inputs when inputs increase supply decreases Technology Regulations and taxes Subsidies receiving incentive so production costs ower Price of related goods Number of suppliers OWU39lbULJNH 7 Expected prices 8 Weather ex Hail storms droughts etc Q Which of the following will cause the supply curve for tomatoes to shift to the right A The government offers subsidies to tomato growers 918 Shortage when quantity demanded gt quantity supplied Surpus when quantity demanded lt quantity supplied neastic a small change in quantity demanded when prices change ex Gas Eastic demand a big change in quantity demanded when price changes ex Cereal Price elasticity of demand the responsiveness of quantity demanded to changes in price change in quantity demanded change in price Total Revenue Price x Quantity Determinants of price elasticity 1 Availability of close substitutes 2 Proportion of income 3 Time will nd substitutes over time Price elasticity changes along the curve Q How would you decrease illegal drug use 923 Price elasticity of supply the responsiveness of quantity supplied to changes in price Eastic supply big change in supply when price changes neastic small change in suppe when price changes Determinants of elasticity 1 Time takes a while to change what is being supplied 2 Flexibility of suppliers Price ceilings legally binding maximum price Price oors legally binding minimum price ex Minimum wage


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