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H-Psych 11/3-11/10

by: Alexis Hanford

H-Psych 11/3-11/10 PSY 382 - M001

Alexis Hanford
Health Psychology
L. Gellis

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About this Document

Two Weeks of notes!
Health Psychology
L. Gellis
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Alexis Hanford on Monday November 16, 2015. The Bundle belongs to PSY 382 - M001 at Syracuse University taught by L. Gellis in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Health Psychology in Psychlogy at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 11/16/15
11315 Tuesday November 3 2015 1058 AM Sleep Health and Disordered Sleep Goal health and sleep insomnia How do you feel with little sleep Not wanting to get up not wanting to go out irritable bodyfeels heavier fatigue Does chronic mild sleep deprivation cause daytime problems The multiple sleep latencytest measuring the time it takes to go to sleep during the day Poorsleepers or gt good sleeping no correlation found in this study Initial objective studies on attentionmemoryconcentrationpoorsleep was associated with nonsignificant problems Chronic mild sleep deprivation amp attention participants randomly assigned to receive 4hr 6hr 8hr ofsleep for 2 weeks Psychomotor vigilance task sustained attention Sleep and hypertension prospective study following 5000 people over ten years less than 5 hours ofsleep showed increased rates of hypertension increased sympathetic nervous system activation during sleep Sleep and obesity a number of studies show a relationship between sleep deprivation and obesity sleep deprivation increases appetite and decreased activity increases stress Sleep efficiency and immune function 1 153 healthy men and women in quarantine quot llll1 lll A ueposned COICl Viruses In tneIr nasal passages 3 Sleep diary 14 days before quarantine Mortality and sleep pills 18 of 24 studies showed significant associations between sleep pi usage and mortality 10500 with prescriptions vs 24000 matched controls followed for 25 years Disordered Sleep Disorders of sleep lnsomnia it is NOT low total sleep time lack of opportunity DSMV Criteria problems initiating or maintaining sleep 3 nights per week for3 months daytime complaint 10 ofthe population Insomnia causes PPP Predispositions responsive to stress precipitate stresso rs Perpetuating behaviors napping caffeine alcohol light Symptoms mind racing Circadian Rhythm Disorders Disorders of sleepiness Narcolepsy Sleep Apnea Cognitive model of insomnia Thought Processes worry cannot function unrealistic expectations increased anxiety about sleep increased night time worry Insomnia Causes Classical Conditioning Medical Treatment of Insomnia NonBenzodiazepines effective over short term side effects drowsiness unusual sleep experiences rebound insomnia Stimulus control treatment learn to associate bed and bed room with sleep relaxation techniques paradoxical intention stay up foras long as you can Circadian Rhythm Disorders Mismatch between a person environment and biological sleepwake pattern Types Delayed sleep phase syndrome late bed times and late rise times take melatonin heavy dose of light in am Advanced sleeps phase syndrome early bedtimes early rise times light Narcolepsy Daytime sleepiness frequent often irresistible naps Cataplexy sudden loss of muscle tone lasting for several seconds to several minutes REM loss of muscle tone hypnagogic hallucinations vivid often frightening sensory experiences while falling asleep Obstructive Sleep Apnea brief cessations of breathing I I 39 39 I 39 Ir Mllf h f Innnlnn llf39ll39 lf Annn IPA l 39l39 I 39I39 lllUbLle Keeping dlleYb upcn Clam dL IIIgIIL Heart produces arousals to wake the person Daytime sleepiness Accidents poor quality of life Heart disease bc heart is over working Treatment weight loss continuous positive airway pressure 111015 Tuesday November 10 2015 1058 AM Psychology and Health Care Settings Test 3 notes oct 29nov12 CH13 History of managed careOklahoma Farmers Union 1929 Kaiser Permanente Managed Care a health care delivery system defined by relationships between providers insurers and purchasers to reduce health care costs Network of Providers patients get less costly health care and providers get business Primary Care Physician The Gatekeeper limitations of service Long wait short visits 1999Clinton gave patients the right to sue companies if they were not given adequate care health care cost began to increase As you age you are more likely to visit the doctor more Genderwomen are exposed more pregnancy and childbirth caregivers Socioeconomic statuslower rank have less access to quality healthcare less likely to receive prevention care more likely to use emergency rooms Recognizing and interpreting symptoms Attentional Focus internal vs external Prior experience M inorvs Serious Anxious emotionally unstablereport more symptoms exaggerate minor complaints may trigger poor health practices associated with physical symptoms Somatic Symptom Disordermisuse of health care services distressing somatic symptoms excessive thoughts feelings or behaviors related to the somatic symptoms Integration of medical and behavioral health services in primary care management of psychosocial aspects of illness treatment of psychiatric problems Managed care has led to frustrated providers and patients Many patients seeking helth do not have physical health problems Individuals frequently go to medical environments for psychological problems Increased integration of psychological and physical health services


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