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notes from 11-9-15 to 11-18-15

by: Danielle Banks

notes from 11-9-15 to 11-18-15 HIST 1311 - 001

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > History > HIST 1311 - 001 > notes from 11 9 15 to 11 18 15
Danielle Banks
GPA 3.6
Kevin J Smant

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About this Document

Kevin J Smant
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This 0 page Bundle was uploaded by Danielle Banks on Thursday November 19, 2015. The Bundle belongs to HIST 1311 - 001 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Kevin J Smant in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES TO 1865 in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 11/19/15
11915 History notes Lecture American Social History 1815 and Onward 1 2 Alc Tec ohol hnology Milk and water would make you sick so must people when to alcohol Any reason why people drank because they ate a lot of fried foods believed that drinking would help with digestion Ease stress levels But worry alcoholism violent society So this meant rise of the new movement TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT Blue Laws reduce the amount of drinking use of tobacco Use of pipe use of cigars Most used in 190039s was chewing tobacco Big Problem IS SPI39ITING Invent of the Spittoon and the thing about this many people didn39t use it Now Where you would see chewing tobacco 1 State legislatures 2 Churches 3 Courtrooms Changing now is kind of coming around Women were seen as subordinate Traditional ideas women are subordinate more emphasis that women should stay home Why American economy more competitive Men felt must word hard to provide for the family Women must make home a place of confront So what does this mean Focus Women learned domestic arts Law kept women in subordinate place EX women should not vote until 192039s Leaders of the women movement Elizabeth Cady and Lucretia Mott Eventually in 1848 Seneca Falls Convention Over 300 people joined Declaration of Sentiments but change came very slowly How Come Many in authority against many in media culture are against Even many women not ready 111115 History Notes Lecture The Jacksonian Era 1824 election No clear successor so many candidates but 2 standout Andrew Jackson military career US Senate John Quincey Adams Son of the president US Senate Interesting Both nominated By resolutions state legislatures Final Election Results Jackson more electoral votes but not majority Jackson more popular votes so election goes to house of Reps Key Henry Clay didn39t win election Clay wants quot internal Improvementsquot So Adams wins in house and who becomes Sec of State Jackson and supporters angry quot Corrupt Bargain quot Adams intelligent well read experienced etc but not good politician cod Had interesting ideas money for internal improvements Fed support for science Arts A university observatory But also in 1St annual message was a big deal this era Congress proJackson Adams few 1828 Election Keys 1 Economic growth more own land 2 Belief in equality 3 Restrictions on voting reduced White men over 21 you could vote 50 in 1828 are voting 4 More people vote 5 Politicians need to be quot Common MANquot Jackson he gets this created the democrats Jackson Wins Gets 640000 popular votes Even a gets over 500000 majority Lecture Notes 111315 On Jackson Role of poor beginning born in log cabin single mom raised him mother died he had a temper had bad health 0 But he was wealthy in uential Smarter politician than used his temper to get people to do what he wanted Presidency ofJackson Focus on 2 major issues 0 First Tariff Nulli cation 0 Keys South Emph agriculture cotton Farming was a big deal to the south and as well as slavery 2 Nation tariff had been rising Role of North Manufacturing 0 3 South Increasing unhappy Had little industry mfg Feared consequences to EXPORT 4 Then Tariff of 1828 Tariff of abominations Tariff of 1828 n south people Hated it said it hurts us it doesn39t help us 5 Jackson Election of 1828 Change tariff Well Lecture 111615 SECOND MAJOR ISSUE 2nCI NationalBank BankWar 6 So Now Role OfJohn C Calhoun South Carolina Former Nationalist But Changed So Nulli cation call for a convention in state elect people to see it over if they nullicicate following a democrat process 7 1832 South CAROLINA wants to Nulli es Jackson Response On one hand Jackson was TOUGH Let it be known didn39t say public he let it leak to the press He said he will lead a army to the south Carolina and would hang john C Calhoun if he caught him Force Bill He did a proclamation for South Carolina But on the other hand No immediate invasion He waits to see if south Carolina would back off or not Compromise possible The congress Compromise bill Tariff to be slowly SO So CARLOINA WITHDRWS NULLIFICCATION What39s going on Jackson Other Distrust Banks 1 Panic of 1819 2 National BanksNBiddle Control Daniel WebsterHenry Clay Support the bank Why Stable 3 Capital for mfg 4 Capital for roads bridges They Figure Poitics eection year even if Vetoes But PresJ will oppose KeyUnusual Focus Issue of democ and equality BANK HELPS THE WEALTHY Election of 1832 Withdraws federal deposits Pets Banks Who joins Clay and his supporters Webster had a high tariff Calhoun South oppose Jackson Those worried about King Andrew Name Called themselves the Whigs Democrats against Whigs Key Very Loose COALITION Held together by hatred for Lecture Notes 111815 Van Buren is nominated Whigs Loose coalition Can39t settle on one So quot Favorite son quot Candidates Democrats Van Buren win Dem good party organization Jackson still popular BUT even that the demco won it is still a two party Example CLOSER ELCTION THAN APPEARS Van Buren 760000 pop votes 3 whigs together got 730000 Dems carry 557 counties Whigs 485 Van Buren 1837 1841 Van Buren Genial friendly suave Politician what did he really believe He rowed to his object with muf ed oars He wanted to be quiet Independent Treasury 1840 Banking of the US US Deposit Boundary dispute Maine Canada Failure not have success because the 1837 economic depression Cause Land Speculation not live on it hoping the value would go up tp try to sell it Investor lost money Banking instability The bank state banks US banks some fai people lose money and saving Fall in demand for US corps Euorpe seing cotton to Great B End of 1837 30 workforce is jobless NY city 200000 homeless Which Leads 1840 election Whigs meet in convention early 1839 Baltimore Win Henry Harrison Slogan Tippecanoe and Tyler Too Key Whigs Exactly Log Cabin Hard Cider Campaign Come up with songs Whiskey shaving cream posters parades raies Harrison 13 million vote van buren 11 million 80 eligible voters vote


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