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Themes in Anthropology

by: Ayla Sherrill

Themes in Anthropology ANT 105 - 002

Ayla Sherrill
Introduction to Anthropology
Carolyn A Robinson

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About this Document

Learn about the themes in anthropology (mostly about culture)
Introduction to Anthropology
Carolyn A Robinson
Themes in Anthropology, Anthropology, Culture, evolution, tool use, Adaptation, codify, worldview
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This 2 page Bundle was uploaded by Ayla Sherrill on Monday November 23, 2015. The Bundle belongs to ANT 105 - 002 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Carolyn A Robinson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.

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Date Created: 11/23/15
lohndude552 gmailcom Themes in Anthropology What is culture 0 Early Meanings English related to plowing or cultivation of the soil German Kultur refers to civilization French La culture refers to the arts 0 Culture Is not the same as nature Biological traits Universal functions that everyone must perform to stay alive eating drinking sleeping and elimination are highly variable from group to group In other words culture plays a part in de ning them 0 Characteristics of Culture Culture is learned skills and information learned are transmitted by those who learned them from someone else 0 Human cultural learning depends on the uniquely developed human capacity to use symbols 0 Clifford Geertz Culture is ideas based on cultural learning and symbols Culture involves concepts generalizations abstractions assumptions and ideas 0 Symbol Something that stands for something else with no necessary link between the symbol and its meaning Culture involves active learning Speci c data and general ideas are transmitted from one organism extragenetically without any direct genetic in uence Culture involves the presence of artifacts any object made intentionally Artifacts may be concrete or abstract Artifact any object consciously manufactured Usually refers to humanmade objects but now include those made by other primates Culture39s Evolutionary Basis o The big questions What do living nonhuman primates tell us about human culture What role did culture play during hominin evolution How has modern human culture changed in the past 12000 years 0 Tool use Evidence that other animals use tools 0 Brains and Culture Humans have inherited basic survival behavior of reptiles Humans have inherited emotional responses of mammals Humans have inherited thought processes that became more elaborate during mammalian evolution All these operate together in uencing one another in a complex feedback system 0 Culture and Adaptation Cultural adaptation complex sets of ideas technologies and activities that enable people to survive and thrive in their environment Worldview The collective interpretation of and response to the natural and cultural environment in which a group of people live 0 Their assumptions about those environments and values derived from those assumptions Codify To arrange systematically or put into words


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