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Orgo Lecture Notes Ch. 10, 11, & 12

by: Kemjika Echebelem

Orgo Lecture Notes Ch. 10, 11, & 12

Marketplace > Georgia State University > > Orgo Lecture Notes Ch 10 11 12
Kemjika Echebelem
GPA 3.82
Organic Chemistry I

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About this Document

Here are my notes for everything from Organohalides to Mass Spectrometry. Good luck!
Organic Chemistry I
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This 7 page Bundle was uploaded by Kemjika Echebelem on Monday November 30, 2015. The Bundle belongs to at Georgia State University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 12 views.


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Date Created: 11/30/15
DEAD CHEM LECTHRE 100139s 920539 ans w Hm FrowNwW Msmmmhw I HMMI yields in e a M WM 5 Mai u w 99cm 1 kvh f t 94man 3f pn mmj 41 3 3 H4 19 at H OH 1 C mmn HWH393 J quot Ptirvvtw1 d q Drlca lwl s we WWMWE N EV U1 TunmSQ Cplqgm Ttxiw xl WT 454 r A e Kb arkLTniwme e y V i lt ku m mn q RX WM inch for THE R 1740 1 0ng or all n s1 LE 5 39W pW lquot lhkMoUnkq a b0602 nmo LL01quot hi H c C W sn Wm i 57115 eaqaughc 2 ux M 739 3quot 39 Equot I Camllf13 2m 7 7 7 i Hla amp bacw39c w CwI nm gvdafde h 3M 7V mm WWW m A e JAEEWd hlhglwp tr we m nem wAM I mm o 9M r3 gum m 912 e 39 e Wanangrw CHgHT f a h u s w HMHL1cw u m 9quotW39TV4 egmf 7 3725th Hz 1 w we 04 CHI my U1 4 i quot Garu Raga NW1 Hal 0 c LOIl tr mgcwgn 39 mim igggum pggq 126 F Organomehlh39c Compaq I L H 1 New arvmsrlaiLthjl ubs4faed 90mm ca a Father w MML m7wmbsltb u1c avjnwhdiaf 7 B M Pa JU quot Caquot 7 r v 5 Urch er pytpan39hcj Marga Clamp mad 2 wow45C rxhgltJNH 6quot 39H W LY we vks 13w awmb cHM quot0 I M I quot2 WWI x 39 PdPPLy 39 QCOJ H 77 i r r r 7 kaL Lh bamhf 3 and v x hawquot rings Join hmkeb 39ar coma W x E f m nal p pgwl n r ob39tcfare M omda 39a ex64 w4239amp4 7 l 39149 9264271 4 7 7 x quotC139 EMA 57 T2 9 1 K 0 Cf band A 14Ree vd77 39nbmt 0 1 BrvaK a G brow M 1 1 Jim M vv maimed ammabth 44mm r GLgt H3 CH3 7 CH3 i n u EMFquot 7 39 NkufHa39tide ff39qu39 WMMR lflM39n 2817 rdquot quot0393 1quot Hydmf fbvn Mascm 2 WW 0 39 quot 139 39 94qu ajg fljmd gammy wk 1 Organ Lam e Hafes39 1 Haw 201539 7 I an Rain of Al k rl HMng 9 If 3 2 01539 Md 9 PL39ht39l S V bf f ubmr Elimiha w k whicni 958 Mli d rtbc wlahm an a Mr 7 OH 39 39 quot W 7 V H3145 995ubs ihh ws 1 7 7 7 GhaoSfmj n ghfrxn 39 JSubs47a 7 Jallem E gd Laosruinauenoup 1001 ampV e f ifmwmmiSa krsnt eed bombing w31lt1 nzr thE CMAH rhit lamzyagr S quot TnbL5hlJ Nyt pho ieampr 7 A Mbr hiamp i fmrk33i 3aw ancOig39imr l in Pcn39odaic m 39 tec a171IL are Mara dqcr v fann Ma a 07434 m apwh L 54 Mr T r i f j g in k edifng a E h K 1 tn Swmd tg 91 mm main 6 WM w n cigoHw c H20 lt39 ADMS on a DM F e lt 6H3c c HMPAeu 910M mam 14 A e e 5 17 7 mamb gs vtn r hwmn Shh mlt M39bacqj 39m LA VIJaw A mg Iup of Muutllt p71IQ LdaQJhifl m Hat a ng ar g no 5 51 f H sww Ema mcrcapmqf W N ITS 39 FOW5 Cdkbocqvh on fth drift 5N1 39 1 534505 iquot3970 4 v 0cwr w 8N1 my whey an 11 lamina is Mumuw 1 up WWW wa mnstc Wde X mes 25 Hesr s Ruiz 5 6 9 gt L Etimmm am of HX 1 x w x H WW Cmmm f H c CH5 3 H NM q DEe mow bum v I w cum f 3 NO TEGVWRWH pm 51 39 HM r E L 4 E21 i R EAW NS WH Wp m 9395WY 3H WAI39CA 41394 i MVISVwN39CA MahJ 79 a tIOMJmM ring D i n 2 W guise Marilac W Jt39 m39m Daesu39o00 2M4mug PM E 1 5 Va a 1 93quot M ces 3 9402 SM m Rmhum39n h w 97 fmg H 2b ix raf e WPMM re Miquot greta 1Ltd quot c8 9 conjugalP We 12 F Mm 605 H 39 Prodmy Carb n mm m quot5 k 5 a is 7 r 1 r V 1 Mann A 51 SWV SMRS a 7390 awnj 5M get if 0qu 0t CarWY 9WHP up a 7 39 r x ewkw A Q C t pJe cf 11 0 CLUVV39 an bfon 7 I fL thw t 5193 6 mg Wm ZOEHVSW39S39 quotRule In elf WWth of HX Mm 39mrworl highly S39Mksaa mhtj 39 a a L al kIM Platfqu pwagdmmqpl e WI Y KM aquot m39 Y1 T1 rquot WM F mama l n 391 6 Cen kr 49 mm oFa So a abjE C39 39 XL dem I Yam 5 7 M9M 73F marHa MmmnWDP M015 3 39 2 Z Q I W V m T h 602 quot ol FsmH mas 3 gt U fm MW hw a disme Massquot A F r 1 b For m 99 How WWH M39 Kn m MTV I fr 69 Macaw K8 1 31 1 U0 exwwmwKE For 2 M W 755th M3 WWW W v 39Tvrqq re tv 4 e kamesj g a arcg M quS a M199 Ya T39ij 5 fp39rfwhbmmo m as M EMS ah uulwbbm J i f IL WIWW C rFsm e9 39 F PM WWH M OF MW 6143mmme mpomwf mwnfpm mm 9 am31 beh m F 7K Twat S a walM 9 A Wai vr prvabuc 0 gt A uPrO C 8 X x E 1 393 5 6 AR Sin9 cmlw Phdud is a 90 53 5 T X T 1 t f r Fsin Tuscth 7 4quot RM D Md d k MQJNVM I I w 2quot Rules FW 2 39 39 lt 39Lwr yaw n ewkml HamWer0 rTgt D 7 V Farm 2 rfvmdims xx WW 04c 9 39 I 1 V 39 d 39 3939iVI 739 39 V n4 39 7 Vi a I U quotD 9 3 V H whims m The Z Fsma gt quotL To 5 W gut E dynamr r Li39s inasm e 1 m w in m m m Maser be 6 mama 3 3 T PMHCQ afgnmgq fs hb39t tqm iu lw uhq h 2M Ea Target krms 7gtM 43 which 5 9 in atha quotHing quot9 quot 39 39 2 SMG N all Q 1 cm n p CanSada Hmm gt Ma s g z is 2 2 E 7 i i F Exampr ij Kama 93W3 am S 53H Shavi Her my Wm is equal Hm aquaquot M Mn m as f 39 L a g a n g M59491 I 4 l 75 A 55 cm h MW of M4 ewe


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