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Notes/Study Guide

by: Claire

Notes/Study Guide PS348

Women in Politics
Dr. Yamin

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About this Document

This consists of notes for the last few weeks of class as well as comprehensive study guide for the final exam.
Women in Politics
Dr. Yamin
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This 0 page Bundle was uploaded by Claire on Wednesday December 2, 2015. The Bundle belongs to PS348 at University of Oregon taught by Dr. Yamin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Women in Politics in Political Science at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 12/02/15
Media and Image Terms 0 what should be the 39ideal39 what39s 39natural 0 something deviating from the 39norm39 Themes Normalcy and gender 0 Physical body and social body 0 Demonizing anything outside of the norm 0 Link between physical representation and mentalsocial state of person lean Kilbourne39s TED talk 0 Modeling soul destroying Beauty and power of image 39young thin and beautiful39 as an impossibility Lorde quotRemember aws are okayquot Outrage at male body becoming a sex item Calvin Klein but this is what39s BEEN going on with women Culture39s trivial attitude to sex pornographic Brave Girls Alliance Adios Barbie 0 60 years of Barbie Aesthetic obsession Klaus Barbie Gilman 0 Dawn Dolls vs Barbie Dawn Dolls supposed to be a little more realistic debatable Strip Courvant malel l female transoender Anxiety over difference 0 Anxiety over being unclear o quotfreakquot as a pathology doctor advises to take the hormones after the sex change surgery because otherwise seen as an abnormality 0 Fear of not tting into clear category leads to fear of violent reaction to deviance Idea of stripping explode the pretense of normalcy ExShaver Mackler Hygiene and body image o Not shaving as rebellious 0 Society de nes that it39s cleaner for women to shave 0 Strong social norm to shave 0 Seeing body hair which is NORMAL as not normal body image and hair No shave November Seen as quotsexyquot quotruggedquot with body hair 3 Ma My 0 Reaction to Katz quotTough Guisequot What are the issues for boys and men 0 Similar and different from girlswomen 0 Men39s bodies not good enough anymore Ex Justin Bieber s underwear ad Why are we blowing up his junk Role of the media 0 Health issue and media literach o quotbulk upquot Modes of Resistance 0 Resistance to Whatexactly 0 Culture and recognition 0 Gender roles o Mythical beauty norms Modes 0 Public citizens duty Label photoshopped photos Switch of gaze quotI don39t look like themquot quotoh they look like mequot 0 Public health issues 0 Other ideas American Eagle underwear ad Welfare and Mink Edualitv of Opportunitv US has less than almost any other advanced industrial country 0 Education is key Stiglitz 0 Direct relation to rise of poverty 0 Social and economic mobility as a myth Disconnect between goal and idea Politics of Welfare Gwendolyn Mink Political Scientist analysis of Welfare Welfare income alternative for single mothers 0 Even if mother can get a job who ll take care of the kids D does the mom have to take care of the kids like There39s dads too Or second moms Or other family members 0 quothow do we know who needs itquot quotwho deserves itquot morality gt80 years ago Not all mothers get this welfare 0 Themes of welfare reform 0 Marriage alternative almost privatized policy single mothers are affected by politics they have no say in o Paternal involvement 0 Work outside the home Questions 0 What are the rights of mothers and what if they are poor 0 What does society and the state owe mothers 0 What role should the state play Moralism Eligibility quotGoodquot and quotBad mothersquot 0 What if the mother is poor o quotHow did you become a single motherquot 0 In the 3039s mother39s pensions were automatic for wartime widows l shift to outside of wedlockdivorce D have to apply for quotbad behaviorquot doesn39t take into account that life doesn39t like you sometimes Legislative history 0 History 0 Focus on moralism 0 Eligibility requirements Mother39s pension state Aid to families with dependent children AFDC 1939 policy made an institutional changelj different doors Deserving and underserving poor Motherhood status is lost not the poverty status Welfare Rights Movement Welfare entitlement 196019705 0 Opens up access to welfare guarantee if you39re below certain line of poverty you can appy welfare explodes becomes expensive 0 Currently swinging back to limit welfare 0 Economic or moral eligibility PRWORAlPRA Personal Responsibility and World Opportunity Reconciliation Act 1996 o quotended welfare as we know itquot workfare and marriage promotion 0 Work requirement and time limit of 5 years in a lifetime 0 Moral stipulations on motherhood Etra work to be deserving Recap of changes 0 No entitlement to cash assistance AFDC replaced with TANF and time limit of ve years of bene ts 0 Return to moralism Oreoon Welfare Law 0 Income gt 7392 a year are not eligible for TANF 616mo given to a family of 3 Oreoon elioibilitv for TANF Paternity test required before child support payments begin 0 Wellintentioned but puts female in a tricky situation 0 Keep TANF bene ts much begin working as soon as possible to keep your bene ts Shaming single mothers Citizenship feminism and welfare reform Limits rights of poor single mothers 0 Forfeit family rights reproductive rights and vocational rights 0 Limits 0 Freedom of association 0 Freedom of vocation 0 Sexual privacy How did it pass Mink39s analysis Mainstream 0 Child support 0 Paternal 0 Work requirement Contradict feminist claim 0 Conditions of female equality Mink claim 0 Femalw equality pivots of our ability to make independent choices 0 Debate focus on welfare mothers rather than the problem of the system Guest Speakers Ellen Scott and Raahi Reddy High Cost of Low Wages Report Low wade workers in Oredon Traits 60 are women average age is 35 20 people of color 0 If you work you will not be poor Issues of low wade worker Job Instability and part time work Erratic and Nonstandard schedules Lack of Sick leave Impossibility of 1300 month Lack of Health care Family and economy is changing types ofjobs for low wage workers see report house cleaner etc Women workers organizing and agitating from below 0 National Domestic Workers Alliance 0 Fast food workers strike Immigration Women and Families Angelita Chavez lecture Immigration Policies 0 We are Family Im Act of 1965 0 Family reuni cation as cornerstone of legal immigration preference system 0 Violence Against Women Act 0 Prop 187 CA 0 quotsave our statequot to deny social services to undocumented immigrants and keep their kilds out of public school systems IIRIRA 1996 0 state legislation at the same time as personal responsibility act welfare reform Policies that did not pass 0 Galleeg Amendment Aimed to deny birthright citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants 0 Dream Act Would grant legal status to children brought to US AS children 0 DACA Executive action granting deferred action status to people that arrive in the US as children 0 lnstate tuition policies 16 states passed this llleoal lmmioration Reform and lmmiorant Resoonsibilitv Act 1996 IIRIRA Harsher punishment for crimes D ve year threshold down to one year D deportable Expedited removal New criminal grounds of deportability 10 year bar to reentry for unauthorized presence of 365 days or more More dif cult for noncitizens with convictions for crimes of quotmoral turpitudequot up to subjective intuition to defend against deportation Congress made standards more rigorous Determination of who merited Cancellation of Removal entirely up to the judge Eliminate previous defense of deportation Judicial Recommended against Deportation suspension of deportation D replaced with cancellation of removal family based Citizenship jus Soli birthright citizenship Naturalization historically only for free white people and later on black people Supreme court de ned who wasn t white for purpose of naturalization 18781944 0 Racial bars to citizenship nally overturned in 1952 0 Initially who was whitenonwhite on basis of sciencebiology 0 After 1923 quotcommon knowledgequot became the standard as it prevailed in court cases 0 Women 0 Until 1922 women automatically naturalized if married to US citizen 0 Until 1932 US citizen women lost their citizenship if married a foreign na onal 0 Today quotgood moral characterquot and ve years of continuous legal residence 3 if married 0 Debates about birthright citizenship and policing personal relationships VAWA 1994 original 2000 Clinton signed in quotBattered Immigrant Women Protection Actquot Reauthorized 2013 Traf cking victims protection special juvenile immigrant status 0 Unaccompanied minor 0 Has to say things against parents neglect and violence Sever ties with family D goes against the 1965 idea of family as the cornerstone Uvisas and l360 selfpetitions o l360 requirements Legally married in good faith to abusive US citizenLPR and good moral character 0 Problem if you ght back because that39s battery Doesn39t matter if it39s selfdefense and you may die it39s still battery please read with intense sarcasm o Uvisas Police Certi cation of cooperation They determine if you cooperated or not 0 Some don39t even issue them VAWA Cancellation of Removalextreme hardship factors to US citizen relative o Extent of battered women being an asset to her community 0 Extent deportation interfere with court custody 0 Impact of separation of women and child if separated 0 Nature and extent of physical and psychological consequences Prosecutorial Discretion 2011 Memorandum direct immigrant eld of cers etc from immigration court Hierarchy of priority of enforcement Direct favorable discretion to undocumented women and children victim of crimes etc 0 quotpositive factorsquot that should prompt of cers to pay particular attention and care during enforcementapprehensiondetention of undocumented immigration quotLatina Sexuality Reproduction and Fertilityquot Leo Chavez quotLatino threatquot 0 Presumption that they cannot and will not assimilate quotoose and prostitutionquot Media linking change of US with Latina fertility 0 Dangerous pathological o quotThe Latino Threat Narrativequot o quotdiscourses that represent people with 39dangerous39 39pathological39 and 39abnormal reproductive behaviors and beliefs have real political and economic consequencesquot 75 o Consequence Prop187 Trump like wtf His wife is an immigrant Other group African Americans 0 Who functions as standard for normalcy of reproduction 0 Subject status D autonomous persons of sound minds responsible White women 0 Marianisms pure virginal girls obedient wives and mothers abundant fertility Stereotypes 0 Hot Latina and submissive mariana Assumptions of Traditions and Motherhood Role of social science research on Latinas in US Reasons Behind Demooraphic Shift 0 1965 gain more rights to birth control 0 Census 0 economy Children and the quotLatina Threatquot quotanchor babiesquot 1980s 0 Describe supposed strategy to have babies in US so that child can get them legal status Assumes a different set of moras deceiving and scheming Media narratives Bad Mothers Is there ever a quotBad Fatherquot Women and Political Leadership in the 21st Century Terms 0 Parity 0 Having equal ratio and number of females to males US fails at this 0 Do parties back female candidates 0 Representation Descriptive equality quotdoes my representative look like mequot Substantive representation Eg If you relate with Hillary Clinton as a woman but don39t agree with her policies then it39s not substantive o 0 Leadership 0 Ability to inspire others to act towards a common goal 0 Different leadership types because they are women 0 Differences between women themselves quotleadershipquot as a double edged sword Questions 0 What differences does gender make in political leadership positions 0 If women held every position of power what would change 0 Does gender matter in electing leaders How Historical Perspective 0 Progress 0 Women have quotaccessquot to them 0 Usually on the outside but not the inner circle 0 Women still underrepresented at the top and over represented at the bottom of the US government at all levels Societal Factors Continue to Restrict Sexual division of labor 0 Women doing clerical duties 0 Different structures and expectations for sexes in workplaces lack of ex time and other issues because of family 0 Taking time off means missing out on opportunities 0 Maternity tax expected to take care of the family Ambivalence about women exercising power and media portrayals of women leaders in negative light 0 Press as powerful institution of what we do and don39t see Women as Political leaders 0 Double bind negative if too masculine OR too feminine 0 They have to be both descriptive and restrictive o Kind and warm but tough at the same time 0 quotworking motherquot vs quotathome fatherquot quotworking motherquot assumes that they have no children in the formal sphere quotathome fatherquot assumes that it39s a temporary position and in an informal sphere Stereotypes Traits of leadership 0 Democratic and consensus 0 Not all women are the same 0 Communication 0 Policy areas Masculinitv and Presidencv Can39t add women and stir Presidential elections are gendered spaces 0 Invisible ordinary 0 Role of press 0 Presidential timber l dominance l still a winning characteristic of masculinity 0 Women and expertise D science and tech women quite good at competing in this eld 0 Makin masculinity visible watch the commercial where both the man and woman are doing the same actions but different adjectives are given positive for man negative for women Pay attention to the common power move to dodge and redirect conversations because that indicates the level of privilege and the ability that they HAVE to actually do that Gender Gap 0 Difference between voting habits of men and women 0 In the pastD women weren t taught how to vote so they lacked the political knowledge 0 Now D women make the majority of actual voters but not necessarily with the politics behind it 0 Women do not constitute a voting block 0 Not a special interest group 0 Women are more likely to be democratic while men are republican that makes a lot of sense if we look at our current government Women as Political Candidates Barriers o Stereotypes 0 Start late in life after nancial security is achieved 0 Media focus on style over substance 21st Centurv Issues 0 Women no where near holding 12 of the government positions Ongoing challenges 0 Economic inequality 0 Marriage gap Gender Analvsis Attribute Behavior oNorm oEstablish gender association oShift oCross o Ethos Women Movement 3rd and 4th wave 0 Global inclusive environment 0 An idea not a movement


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