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Finance 381 Exams

by: Andrea Mena

Finance 381 Exams Finance 381

Andrea Mena
Danielle Lewis

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About this Document

Exams throughout the semester and its answers.
Danielle Lewis
finance, exams, Exam 1, Exam 2, southeastern
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This 6 page Bundle was uploaded by Andrea Mena on Sunday December 6, 2015. The Bundle belongs to Finance 381 at Southeastern Louisiana University taught by Danielle Lewis in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 116 views. For similar materials see Finance in Finance at Southeastern Louisiana University.


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Date Created: 12/06/15
You would like to borrow money three years from now to build a new building In preparation for applyin Which set of ratios represents the best target mix considering that you want to obtain outside financing D Cash coverage ratio 26 debtequity ratio 03 h Centers has total equity of 861300 sales of 148 million and a profit margin of 52 E 894 percent Morgantown Movers has net working capital of 11300 current assets of 31200 equity of 53400 a E 53700 The Universal Network has sales of 496500 cost of goods sold of 264900 and inventory of 8710 B 304 Lester39s BBQ has 121000 in current assets and 109000 in current liabilities These values as referre C working capital Afirm has net income of 114000 a return on assets of 126 percent and a debtequity ratio of 060 l C 2016 percent Whitt39s BBQ has sales of 348000 a profit margin of 81 percent and a capital intensity ratio of 070 l E 143 Which one of the following is most apt to create a situation where an agency conflict could arise C Separating management from ownership All else equal an increase in which one of the following will decrease owners39 equity B Increase in accounts payable Which one of the following statements related to securities dealers is correct B Dealers buy and sell from their own inventory Afirm has total assets of 523100 current assets of 186500 current liabilities of 141000 and total B 070 The goal of financial management is to increase the D current market value per share Holly Farms has sales of 581 600 costs of 479700 depreciation expense of 32100 and interest p B 35612 he following is most apt to align management39s priorities with shareholders39 interests B Compensating managers with shares of stock that must be held for three years before the shares ca Which one of the following transactions occurred in the primary market C South Wind Products sold 1000 shares of newly issued stock to Mike Afirm earns 018 in profit for every 1 of equity in the firm The company borrows 060 for every 1 c B 1125 percent Valentino39s maintains a constant debtequity ratio of 045 The firm had net income of 11800 for the ye C 911 percent Last year The Pizza Joint added 4100 to retained earnings from sales of 93600 The company had The tax rate was 34 percent What was the amount of the depreciation expense C 7800 Use the following tax table to answer this question Taxable income Tax rate 0 50000 15 50001 75000 25 75001 100000 34 100001 335000 39 335001 10000000 34 Bait and Tackle has taxable income of 411562 How much does it owe in taxes D 13993108 The Paint Ball Range lnc paid 30500 in dividends and 7600 in interest over the past year Sales to was 16500 The applicable tax rate is 34 percent What is the amount of the operating cash flow D 37168 Leslie Printing has net income of 26310 for the year At the beginning of the year the firm had commc At the end of the year the firm had total equity of 142430 The firm does not pay dividends What is tl A 1500 Ted currently owns 100 shares of a publicly traded stock that he would like to sell Which one of the foil E Secondary market transaction Will and Bill both enjoy sunshine water and surfboards Thus the two friends decided to create a bUSll Will and Bill will equally share in the decision making and in the profits or losses Which type of busines E General partnership Miser Materials paid 27500 in dividends and 28311 in interest over the past year while net working 1 fixed assets and had depreciation expenses of 16805 During the year the firm issued 25000 in net E 51811 lg for that loan you are in the process of developing target ratios for your firm in the relatively near future percent What is the return on equity and longterm debt of 11600 What is the amount of the net fixed assets 10 What is the inventory turnover rate ed to as the firm39s Nhat is the return on equity Nhat is the total asset turnover rate debt of 215000 What is the debtequity ratio gtaid of 8400 The tax rate is 42 percent How much net income did the firm earn for the period in be sold f equity What is the firm39s return on assets ear and paid 6500 in dividends The firm has total assets of 92000 What is the sustainable growth l costs of 74400 dividends of 2500 and interest paid of 1400 gttaled 211800 with costs of 167900 The depreciation expense on stock of 55000 paidin surplus of 11200 and retained earnings of 48420 he amount of the net new equity raised during the year owing provides the most efficient means for Ted to sell his shares ness together renting surfboards paddle boats and inflatable devices in California 5s did they create if they both have full personal liability for the firm39s debts capital increased from 13506 to 18219 The company purchased 42000 in net new t new equity and paid off 21000 in longterm debt What is the amount of the cash flow from assets rate


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