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Ch 11 - 13 notes

by: Diloanusi

Ch 11 - 13 notes POLS 2312

Political science
Larry Carter

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About this Document

Couple of notes for Chapter 11 - 13 (not all of chapter 13 is here but will be posted soon)
Political science
Larry Carter
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This 0 page Bundle was uploaded by Diloanusi on Monday December 7, 2015. The Bundle belongs to POLS 2312 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Larry Carter in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Political science in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 12/07/15
120115 CH 12 Article 8 section 22 limits the growth of certain appropriations Article 3 section 49j limits the amount of debt the state can incur based on the resulting debt service Another contributing factor in the states nancial shortfall was longterm structural problems brought on by property tax reform Texas doesn t have income taxes Federal government makes rules because they control the money Publicpolicy issues and problems in Texas include tax reform educational testing and criminal incarceration A conservative agenda dominates policy debates across a variety of issues 0 Ex Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act Required districts to adopt policies that would protect religious speech on campus Public policy 0 Outputs of governmental institutions Problem identi cation identifying the systematic agenda in which issues are commonly perceived as involving matters within governmental authority Policy Formulation General ideas become clari ed and strategies for dealing with these speci cally de ned problems are developed Implementation 0 Public policy put into effect by government 0 Identifying the appropriate agency to implement a program is crucial at this stage and budgetary policy plays a major role Evaluation 0 Policies must be evaluated for effectiveness Rationality clearly identi ed goals and the aim of achieving them in an optimal or ef cient manner Ef ciency Maximizing the outputs of government with minimum resources Factors that work against rationality o Governments tend to work incrementally 0 Policy makers rationality may be quotbounded rationalityquot Education is big business in Texas but continues to face several chaHenges Texas ranks 44th on public expenditures per enrolled student The Gilmer Aikin laws 1949 established a framework for education policy in Texas Desegregation 0 Brown v Board of Education 1954 ruled that state imposed segregation in schools violated the equal protection clause of fourteenth amendment 0 Was hampered by political opposition 0 De facto segregation remains San Antonio v Rodriguez o Dealt with the constitutionality of using property taxes to fund public schools 0 The question was of equitable funding 0 The District court rued Texas school nance system unconstitutional under the USS equal protection clause 0 Focused on the US Constitution Edgewood lSD v Kirby 1989 0 Whether funding public schools through local property taxes ful lled the Texas state constitution s provisions 0 The Texas supreme court held that the funding system was in violation of the state constitution touching off a political restorm Robin Hood plan funds transferred from rich to poor districts General revenue monies are now used to address some of the inequities of the system Funding in public education is still unresolved to some degree because of lingering effects of the Great Recession The legislature established the Select Committee on Public Education SCOPE Teachers salaries and state spending remain low as do test scores Many conservatives particularly in the Tea Party wing are advocating vouchers and charter schools Poverty 0 Condition under which individuals or families do not have the means to meet their basic needs of food shelter health care transportation and clothing 0 One of the most intractable problem facing the state Social Security Act of 1935 established the Aid to Families with Dependent Children AFDC later replaced by TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families several programs combined to make it Federal courts ended a series of policies that had limited welfare rolls US congress established Medicaid Johnson s quotWar on Povertyquot expanded social service programs for the poor Texas Department of Public Welfare was authorized to work with the federal government s antipoverty programs 1972 federal Supplemental Security Income SSI In Texas the comptroller s of ce issued a report on the failure of welfare in helping those in need House Bill 1863 1995 quotcarrot and stuckquot incentive for moving off welfare Welfare reforms in Texas are evaluated through 0 The number if people receiving welfare 0 Degree to which reforms take people off welfare 12315 Medicaid for poor people Medicare for older people 65 and older In Texas Medicaid is administered through the Texas Health and Human Services Commissions Children Health Insurance Program CHIP The Medicaid Women s Health Program in Texas helps pay for birth control health screening and family exams through subsidized clinics Medicaid threatens to overwhelm the budget and policy makers are forever looking for ways to cut costs The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare o Requires individual to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty and it expands Medicaid 0 Texas legislature has refused to expand Medicaid Water is the life blood of Texas 0 59 of the water used in Texas comes fro aquifers underground pools of water 0 Vast majority 60 is used in irrigation CH 13 Michael Morton o Convicted in the murder 0 his wife 0 DNA later proved another man had committed the crime and Morton was released after he had served 25 years 0 The importance of the fair operation of the criminal justice system to all residents of Texas was illustrated through hum In the Texas Criminal justice system crimes are classi ed as felonies or misdemeanors A felony o A serious criminal offense that subjects a person ne or imprisonment 0 Capital murder is the most serious felony 0 Next most serious is rstdegree felony ex Aggravated crimes 0 A misdemeanor o A minor criminal offense usually punishable by a small ne or short jail sentence 0 Class A Burglary of a vehicle a second DWI lewdness small amounts of marijuana No more than 1 year in a county jail ne up to 4000 0 Class B Prostitution terrorist threats a rst DWI charge criminal trespass 180 days in county jail and 2000 0 Class C Public intoxication disorderly conduct minor s possession of alcohol ne up to 500 0 Probation o A suspension of the prison sentence and community supervision 0 Usually requires reporting to a probation of cer on a regular basis 0 Violation can result in being sent to jail Parole 0 Release after serving some prison time under the speci ed rules and under the supervision of a parole of cer 0 Decisions are made by the board of pardons and paroles Three strikes provision allows persons convicted of three felonies to be sentenced to life imprisonment After being arrested for a felony or misdemeanor and jailed a person is arraigned before a judge 0 Charges are explained and due process rights are reviewed 0 Bail will be generally be set and the defendant may be released on bail After a felony case is presented to a grand jury 12 persons who will hear the case to determine if there is suf cient evidence to hold trial 0 True bill or no bill if there s probable cause do not determine if you re innocent or guilty Felony juries have 12 jurors misdemeanorjuries have 6 0 One common crime is possession of less than two ounces of marijuana The costs of the court process and of the penalty structure may deter future crimes but it can also encourage failure and further criminality 0 Most important actors in Texas Criminal justice system


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