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Final Exam Study Guide

by: Sam.Moyer

Final Exam Study Guide SPAN2030

Marketplace > Tulane University > Spanish > SPAN2030 > Final Exam Study Guide
GPA 3.9
Elements of Spanish III
Dr. Amy George-Hirons

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About this Document

Content outlined, page numbers given, essay questions translated
Elements of Spanish III
Dr. Amy George-Hirons
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This 0 page Bundle was uploaded by Sam.Moyer on Tuesday December 8, 2015. The Bundle belongs to SPAN2030 at Tulane University taught by Dr. Amy George-Hirons in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Elements of Spanish III in Spanish at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 12/08/15
SPANISH EXAM STUDY GUIDE Content LISTENING COMPREHENSION Wednesday Vocab El trabajo y las fianzas CM 159 Look quizlet LOOK ALL IMAGINAS 125090130170208 ESSAYS amp ANALYSIS Friday Conditional Si Clauses 222225 2 ESSAYS at least one will be over war Subjunctive Future Perfect amp Conditional Perfect 180183 JAVIER BLOG ESSAY Cortos 1 ESSAY o Hiyab Ch5 0 Un Pedazo de Tierra Ch6 Chapter 5 Themes Derechos Humanos o Vocab 197 Look quizlet Chapter 6 Themes lnmigracion o Vocab 235 Look quizlet Words amp expressions you should know Estar de paso ellos estan de paso To be passing through Si ella se esfuerza If she struggles Le resulta extra o que Heshe finds it odd that No tienen miedo a ser juzgados They have no fear of being judged Tema tabu Taboo subjecttopic Le apasiona el grado de implicaci n de los estudiantes estadounidenses en los deportes He is passionate about the degree of involvement of American students in sports Example Questions 1 Si tuvieras la oportunidad de vivir en otro pal s acual escogerl as y por qu aParticiparI as de la poll tica de ese pal s si te presentara la oportunidad aPor qu so 0 por qu no aDebe ser obligatorio estudiar en otro pal s If you had the opportunity to live in another country where would you choose and why Would you participate in the politics of that country if you had the chance Why or why not Should it be mandatory to study in another country 2 Hay una guerra y soldados estan matando mujeres y ni os Ellos quieren irse de su pal s pero no sabe como y no tienen recursos para viajar Si fueras miembro de la ONU aqu propondrl as tu para controlar el problema que viven las mujeres y sus ni os There is a war and soldiers are killing women and children They want to leave their country but do not know how and can t afford to travel If you were a member of the UN what would you propose to control the problem that the women and their children live in Huir ellos estan huyendo To Flee they are fleeing Refugiados Refugees Violencia urbana Urban Violence Crimen organizado Organized Crime Desafl os que afrontan las mujeres Challenges women face No hay nada que los detenga There is nothing to stop them ViolacionViolar ViolationTo Violate 3 Cortos Hiyab y Un Pedazo de T ierra Qu decisiones toman los protagonistas en los cortos Si estuvieras en una de esas situaciones aqu harl as ac mo reaccionarl as Hay estuvieras en que se debe enfrentar a la autoridad lncorpora ejemplos de los cortometrajes para apoyar tu argumento What decisions do players in the short If you were in one of those situations what would you do How would you react Are there situations in which you must fight authority Include examples of short films to support your argument 4 aQu dice el ultimo blog de Javier Si hubieras en su situaci n A aQu decision habrl as tornado te quedari as en Colombia il l39aS a Boston volverl as a Barcelona il l39aS a vivir en otro paI s POl que B aQu crees que habr s hecho en 20 a os Escribe un blog tuyo What did the last blog of Javier say If you were in your situation A What decision would you have made Would you stay in Colombia Would you go to Boston Would you return to Barcelona Would you go to live in another country Why B What do you think you will have done in 20 years Enter your blog


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