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Final Exam Vocabulary

by: Sam.Moyer

Final Exam Vocabulary SPAN2030

Marketplace > Tulane University > Spanish > SPAN2030 > Final Exam Vocabulary
GPA 3.9
Elements of Spanish III
Dr. Amy George-Hirons

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About this Document

Chapter 4-6
Elements of Spanish III
Dr. Amy George-Hirons
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This 0 page Bundle was uploaded by Sam.Moyer on Tuesday December 8, 2015. The Bundle belongs to SPAN2030 at Tulane University taught by Dr. Amy George-Hirons in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Elements of Spanish III in Spanish at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 12/08/15
CHAPTER 4 incapaz incapabecompetent a cortolargo plazo shortllongterm a no ser que unless abastecer to supply acosar to harass administrar to manage to run administrativoa administrative agotadoa exhausted ahorrar to save aprovechar to take advantage of aptoa suitable aptoa suitable ascender to rise to be promoted capacitadoa quali ed capacitadoa quali ed cobrar to charge to be paid contratar to hire cumplimentar to ll in cumplimentar to ll in depositar to deposit desaprovechar to waste to misuse desempleadoa unemployed despedir to re dispuestoa a ready willing to echar un vistazo have a look e almac n department store e aumento de suedo pay raise e cajero automatico ATM e descubrimiento discovery e desempeo unemployment el hombrela mujer de negocios businessmanwoman el horario de trabajo work schedule el impuesto tax el mercado market el presupuesto budget el puesto position job el sindicato labor union el sueldo mI nimo minimum wage ea asesora consultant advisor ea aspirante applicant ea contadora accountant ea duenoa owner ea ejecutivoa executive ea empleadoa employee ea entrevistadoa interviewee ea entrevistadora interviewer ea gerente manager ea obreroa bluecollar worker ea socioa partner member ea inversionista investor ea vendedora salesmanwoman en absoluto at all estar a aen venta to be for sale estar bajo presi n to be under pressure estar en paro to be unemployed estar en paro to be unemployed estresadoa stressed out exigir to demand exitosoa successful nancieroa nancial ganarse la vida to earn a living gastar to spend invertir eie to invest jubilarse to retire a a cion hobby a angustia distress a bancarrota bankruptcy a bosa de valores stock market a cantera quarry a compa l a company la compra purchase a conversacion informal small talk a crisis econ mica economic crisis a cuenta corriente checking account a cuenta de ahorros savings account a deuda debt a empresa multinacional multinational company a entrevista interview a escasez shortage a mentira the lie a pantia staff a pantia the staff a pobreza poverty a prensa press a prensa the press a represa dam a reuni n meeting a riqueza wealth a tarjeta de cr dito credit card a tarjeta de d bito debit card a valoracion assessment a valoracion the assessment la venta sae la vida abora the working life la vida abora working life as riquezas riches os ahorros savings os bienes goods pedir to borrow perezosoa lazy prestado borrowed adjective prestar to lend promocionarse to be promoted promocionarse to be promoted quebrar to go bankrupt quebrar to go bankrupt quejarse to complain renovar to renew renovar to renew renunciar to quit se lo juro I swear to you solicitar to apply for tener buenamala fama to have a goodbad reputation tener conexiones to have connections to have in uence trabajadora hardworking CHAPTER 5


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