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Test 4 Notes Mass Communications Roberts MC 101

by: Meagan Mowery

Test 4 Notes Mass Communications Roberts MC 101 MC 101

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > Journalism and Mass Communications > MC 101 > Test 4 Notes Mass Communications Roberts MC 101
Meagan Mowery

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About this Document

Test 4 Notes
Intro To Mass Communication
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This 18 page Bundle was uploaded by Meagan Mowery on Sunday April 3, 2016. The Bundle belongs to MC 101 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Roberts in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Intro To Mass Communication in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 04/03/16
Chapter 7 Sound Recordings MC 101 04/09/2015 ▯ Test: April 9 th ▯ ▯ The Plunge ▯ Sales are down (declining) and flat. ▯ ▯ Industry Players: ▯ Artist & Repertoire ▯ Simon Cowell ▯ Sees your music online, signs you. ▯ You pay to get you music on iTunes and people buy. ▯ ▯ Other Industry Players: ▯ Producers ▯ Artists ▯ Others (Lyricist, arranger) ▯ Someone has to sing, write the stuff… etc. ▯ ▯ Royalties: How they’re paid ▯ Recorded sound & public performance: ▯ - Performance paid. ▯ - “Publisher” paid. ▯ You can be a performer and a publisher. ▯ You can be just a performer. ▯ You can be just a publisher. ▯ ▯ Radio airplay: ▯ - Performer NOT paid. ▯ - “Publisher” paid. ▯ Assumption that is was a way to promote the artist. Hear on the radio: they’re not getting paid. ▯ ▯ Sound Beginnings ▯ U.S. Patent 200,521 ▯ Phonograph/Speaking Machine ▯ Feb. 19, 1878 ▯ Thomas Alva Edison ▯ ▯ Phonograph: ▯ “To write sound” ▯ ▯ Format Wars ▯ As music “hardware” changed, we had winners and losers. ▯ ▯ Edison’s Cylinders vs. Platters ▯ Could not reproduce them. ▯ Had other ideas…. Electric lights.. walked away and didn’t improve it. ▯ Other people came along and improved his ways. ▯ Cylinders lost to platters. ▯ ▯ 78s vs. 45s vs. 33s: ▯ 1948-1982 ▯ Originals: 78s. ▯ Big albums: 33s. ▯ ▯ 8 Tracks vs. LPs ▯ 45s began to compete with these. ▯ 2 songs/3 songs before spin. ▯ ▯ 8 tracks vs. cassettes ▯ Hold between 60 to 90 minutes. ▯ Our parents. ▯ ▯ The compact disc beats them all. ▯ Us. ▯ Falling because of the computerized music. ▯ ▯ Econ 110 ▯ Marginal Cost: ▯ How much does it cost to manufacture one more copy of a product? ▯ ▯ Car has high marginal cost. ▯ Software has very low marginal cost. ▯ ▯ Recorded sound has LOW marginal costs. ▯ Copy No.1: $8 million. ▯ Every other copy: pennies ▯ Music, like books, DVDs and computer apps, is software. ▯ ▯ Test: April 9 The original electronic ‘personal’ mass medium. Talks to you. 15,400+ stations The number of radio stations are going up. Radio’s in trouble Radio is not in a good market right now. Good for bad weather. All about radio ratings Radio All about the local – or not Townsquare and iHeartMedia Inc. Central casting Money-saving automation to broadcast similar content onto multiple stations How did we get here? A short history of radio. (and shorter explanation of radio technology) The first pioneer: Hertz waves at us, 1888 Heinrich Hertz Nikola Tesla Guglielmo Marconi If a spark can be heard, picked up by another thing, why don’t we send messages for people to understand. Reginald Fessenden 1st2: Titanic leads to changes 1 radio regulation in response to this disaster. Stations get call letters What you are, where you are. A law to say that. Marconi & “music boxes” RCA Radio Company of America Gave us music boxes. Regulation Started in 1912 after Titanic. Key Radio Laws Major Radio Legislation (In book) Fact File 8.1 1950s: Radio Falters AM’s response AM changes to talk radio when FM took over. The newest technology in terrestrial radio HD radio.. SiriusXM Built into cars. ▯ Test April 9 th ▯ ▯ 1920s: “Image dissector” slices picture: to send across electromagnetic spectrum ▯ Philo T. Farnsworth created Television. ▯ ▯ The television Networks ▯ ABC ▯ NBC ▯ CBS ▯ DUMONT got sold to MetroMedia… which later became FOX. ▯ ▯ Late 1940s: Radio offers the model (and programming) for TV. ▯ ▯ After WWII: The kinescope ▯ Made films of live TV, so live shows could be rebroadcast. (Before the days of video magnetic tape). Edward R. Murrow In the 1950s, television documentaries. Who controls TV’s power? Weaver. Today show/Night show. NBC makes its money here. Cheap to produce, make a lot of money. Pat Weaver -Networks produced programming, not advertisers. -Multiple sponsors for a show = more $$$ -Created NBC’s Today and Tonight shows. Movie’s response to TV Walt Disney. Realized that television was going to be a thing. Disneyland was on TV. Ronald Reagan… one of the announcers. Own ESPN, ABC Television. Today, TV Programs comes to us via: -Networks (ABC, CBS, NBS, Fox, PBS) -Cable Companies -(But Comcast owns NBC!) -Local programming (News, Mostly) -Syndicated programming (Jeopardy!) -Online Sources (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) Networks and affiliates NBC and WVTM 13 NBC: Network Provide programming for affiliates. Own a few stations. WVTM 13: Affiliate Carry network shows. Receive space for ads inside network shows. May pay networks for carrying shows or cable retransmission. Syndication Judge Judy. Cheap to produce. Upcoming Sweeps Months: May July November February 1950s: Community Antenna TV, which became “cable” Pick up bigger cities from smaller cities. Example: Roanoke, AL Good for small towns and big ones. 1970s: Satellite TV Cable finds its niche HBO Atlanta Braves Ted Turner. WTCG in Atlanta. Braves were bad. Bought the team. Put the Braves on the TV. “America’s Team” Just to fill stuff. The “must carry” rule puts local stations on cable… 2000s: Time shifting takes off… watching stuff online… DVR’s…. Watch stuff later on than rather watching something when it airs. Who actually watches the commercials? …which scares networks and advertisers… …and leads to more product placement on TV. - in a movie, TV show, there will be like a coke advertised obviously. ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ Test: April 9 th ▯ ▯ Why do we care? Because it’s hot. ▯ They deal with us in a cultural, personal level. ▯ ▯ March 27-29 at the box office. ▯ Home ▯ Get Hard ▯ The Divergent Series: Insurgent ▯ Cinderella ▯ It Follows ▯ ▯ Today’s Marketing Window ▯ Domestic Theatrical ▯ Overseas Theatrical ▯ Home Media ▯ Television ▯ ▯ 1. Start in N. American theaters… ▯ Total sales fell 5% during 2014 ▯ ▯ 2. and non-theater venues… ▯ Pay per-view (at home or in hotels)… and on airplanes, for example. ▯ ▯ 3. And sweet DVD sales/rental… ▯ Napoleon Dynamite ▯ ▯ 4. and digital sales.. ▯ gone down. ▯ ▯ 5. and TV sales.. ▯ Wizard of Oz. ▯ ▯ 6. and sell it at the international box office. ▯ 50 shades of Grey. ▯ ▯ More money outside of US than in …. ▯ ▯ Also: Product Placement ▯ Chevy in Transformers movie. ▯ ▯ A U.S Chief Export: Culture ▯ ▯ Persistence of Vision When an image hits your eye, it stays there for a millisecond. Multiple images together, it will create motion. Silver Nitrate. ▯ ▯ 1890s: George Eastman provided film in 1889. ▯ Thomas Edison worked on the camera. ▯ ▯ 1880s/90s: ▯ Our man in Menlo Park ▯ [Dickson Greeting] ▯ ▯ The first two motion pictures every created: Bill Dickson’s Greeting, “Monkeyshines No.1” ▯ ▯ Kintetograph ▯ Greek for “to write movement” ▯ ▯ Kintoscope: ▯ One eye at a time, 1891 ▯ ▯ Greek for “to view movement” ▯ ▯ Frames per second: 24 ▯ ▯ What does what in Movies? ▯ Producer- Puts together financing and creative team ▯ Director- Provides creative vision ▯ Star- Guarantees box office success. ▯ Writer- Turns story idea into script ▯ Editor- Creates rhythm, pace, and special effects ▯ ▯ The Hays Code: ▯ 1930-‘50s ▯ No pictures shall be produced that will lower the morals of the watcher. Only correct standard of light should be shown. No nudity. No illegal drugs. No crime. No homosexuality. No interracial relationships. Couldn’t use the word pregnant. ▯ ▯ Voluntary Ratings ▯ G ▯ PG ▯ PG-13 ▯ R ▯ NC-17 ▯ X ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ th ▯ Test: NEXT CLASS April 9 ▯ ▯ The Original Internet ▯ ▯ A Tangled Web of Communication ▯ Many-to-many communication ▯ Internet: “interconnected network” ▯ ▯ Multiplexing ▯ ▯ It’s all about standards ▯ ▯ URL ▯ Uniform Resource Locator ▯ ▯ ARPANET: 1969-1983 ▯ Internet started with the military. ▯ Give it to someone else and create their own network. ▯ ▯ National Science Foundation ▯ 1983-1995 ▯ Technology got more powerful. ▯ ▯ How we use(d) the internet ▯ ▯ The web is NOT the Internet. ▯ The Internet > The Web ▯ ▯ The world Wide Web – 1990 ▯ Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee ▯ Made the internet a big deal. ▯ ▯ Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP ▯ Rules for getting a webpage. ▯ ▯ Static ▯ Html ▯ Or ▯ .htm ▯ ▯ Vs. ▯ Active ▯ .jsp ▯ .php ▯ .cfm ▯ .pl ▯ .asp ▯ cgi etc etc etc. ▯ ▯ Hey, testtakers: 'The Jazz Singer' in 1927 brought sound to big- time movies. Otherwise, call it 'The Jazz Silent,' I suppose. ▯ ▯ Hey, testtakers: Know your URL from your HTML from your HTTP. ▯ ▯ Hey, testtakers: What we call 'cable TV' started as 'Community Access TV,' to bring the magic of TV to rural areas. ▯ ▯ Hey, testtakers: The Lumière brothers projected movies onto screens. Maybe that's why their name means 'Light.' ▯ ▯ Hey, testtakers: The Web < The Internet. You might a missed that with all the #mc101net tweeting.


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