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reading quiz 4

by: Jessica McCarthy

reading quiz 4 PSYC 2140

Marketplace > Auburn University > PSYC 2140 > reading quiz 4
Jessica McCarthy

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About this Document

reading quiz
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This 3 page Bundle was uploaded by Jessica McCarthy on Monday April 4, 2016. The Bundle belongs to PSYC 2140 at Auburn University taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 04/04/16
Chapter 4 Practice Reading Quiz Below are 14 multiple-choice questions. The last page of this quiz contains the key, which indicates the correct answer to each question. Try to answer each question without referring to your book or your notes. 1. If you are analyzing descriptive data that have already been collected such as census data, you are likely using what kind of data? a. Factor-analytic b. Archival c. Experimental d. Analytical 2. You are conducting an observational study in which you do not wish to be noticed by the research participants you are studying. Most likely you are using ____________ observation methods. a. participant b. naturalistic c. reactive d. covert 3. The reactance or reactivity effect occurs when participants: a. become physically ill or upset due to their participation in a study. b. enjoy being a research participant so much they seek out other studies in which to participate. c. drop out of the study because they feel social uncomfortable. d. respond differently because they know that they are being studied. 4. Sampling participants’ behavior at different temporal intervals is called ___________ sampling a. situation b. periodic c. time d. successive 5. Interobserver reliability is calculated to provide a measure of the extent to which two observers agree that a particular behavior or set of particular behaviors occurred and is given as a percentage. The formula that is used in calculating interobserver reliability is ___________ X 100. a. number of times observers agree/number of times observers disagree b. number of opportunities to agree/number of times observers agree c. number of opportunities to agree/number of times observers disagree d. number of times observers agree/number of opportunities to agree 6. A ____________ correlation occurs when the value of one variable increases and the value of the other variable decreases. a. positive b. negative c. zero d. neutral 7. We conduct a correlational study by: a. manipulating an IV and measuring its effect on the DV b. calculating interobserver agreement. c. measuring at least two different variables. d. both b and c 8. Ex Post Facto studies always involve: a. studying variables that the research didn't or was unable to manipulate. b. exploratory or pilot testing. c. survey research or interviews. d. all of the above 9. A survey in which the respondent must come up with his or her own reply is an example of what type of survey question? a. Open ended b. Likert c. Forced Alternative d. Derivative 10.Which of the following types of validity is best described as the extent to which a score on a test or inventory corresponds with another measure of the same variable or trait? a. Content b. Criterion c. Concurrent d. Ecological 11. Most colleges and universities with masters or doctoral programs require prospective graduate students to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). We know that GRE scores predict students’ success in graduate school reasonably well. Therefore we would say that the GRE has strong ____________ validity a. Content b. Criterion c. Concurrent d. Ecological 12. Suppose you take the APA style quiz in this course twice and produce the exact same score both times. In this case, we would say quiz has high reliability based on the: a. split-half technique. b. test-retest technique. c. use of criterion validity. d. interquartile range. 13. Suppose you are conducting a study in which you investigate and compare how the different subcultures within the US react to current immigration issues. You are careful to randomly sample across the spectrum of subcultures in the US (e.g., African-American, Italian- American, and so on). Which form of random sampling would you be using in this study? a. Egalitarian b. Stratified c. Non-discriminatory replacement d. Any of the above could be used in this study. 14. What kind of study would you be conducting if you took the same group of individuals, say college professors, and measured them on specific dimensions, say physical health, every 5 years over the course of their lifetimes? a. Cross-sectional b. Cohortive c. Longitudinal d. Split-half


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