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COM 101 Study Guide

by: Babu Hassan

COM 101 Study Guide Com 101

Marketplace > Washington State University > Com 101 > COM 101 Study Guide
Babu Hassan
GPA 3.3
Media and Society

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About this Document

Media and Society
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Babu Hassan on Monday February 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Com 101 at Washington State University taught by Hutuchison in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 105 views.


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Date Created: 02/02/15
Vocabulary De nition SenderReceiver Model of Communication Sender sends a message through a channel to a receiver and may receive feedback Levels of Communication Intra personal Interpersonal Group Mass Characteristics of Mass Communication Audience is large anonymous and diverse Source is someone with power institutions or organizations Goal is to make money Five quottruthsquot about mass media Media is an essential part of our lives There is no one mainstream media Everything from the margin moves to the center Nothing39s new Everything that happened in the past will happen again New media is always scary The 4 Functions of News Information Entertainment Persuasion Watchdog Early versions and developments leading to the printing press Hieroglyphics Town Criers Coffee houses Printing Press Johannes Guttenberg 1450 Stamp Act of 1765 Viewed as trying to silence publishers in the colonies by putting a 1 cent tax on all paper First Amendment Freedom of speech Protects you from going to jail Penny Press 1833 YellowJournalism Scare headlines lots of pictures and color unreliable information Focused on public news Adultery entertainment comics and crime Muckra kers Investigative reporters to uncover government corruption Ida Tarbell and Upton Sinclair Development that improved printing Steam powered rotary press 1814 process 2013 big players of publishing industry Pearson Reed Elsevier Thomson Reuters Types of publishing companies Trade books and paperbacks University and small presses Vanity pressesselfpublished books Government printing Short headlong tail SH Blockbusters are important LT Makes everything availablecuts pnces Future of books Digitalizing libraries print on demand participatory content creation Slow start for magazines Dif culties from limited population and undeveloped mail systems Magazine success Decreasing cost Postal Act of 1879 created quotclassesquot of mail Increase in demand increased literacy and more income more money to spend Types of magazines Consumer Magazines Trade Magazines Literary and Commentary magazines News magazines Gender based magazines Phonograph Thomas Edison Gramophonerecords Emile Berliner First wireless audio transmission Reginald Fessenden David Sarnoff39s role in RCA President First radio networks NBC quotredquot and quotbluequot networks CBS Early radio programming Soap Operas Why was music largely absent in early radio Radio did want to pay royalties musicians didn39t want to lose money through sheet music and record sales Payola Paying a DJ for playing music ASCAP quotAmerican Society of Composers Authors and Publishersquot Wanted old music Didn39t like rock and roll


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