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Greek and Roman Mythology Study Guide for Exam 3

by: Megan Standiford

Greek and Roman Mythology Study Guide for Exam 3 CLA 2444

Marketplace > Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University > CLA 2444 > Greek and Roman Mythology Study Guide for Exam 3
Megan Standiford
Virginia Tech
GPA 2.7

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About this Document

Study Guide
Greek and Roman Mythology
Christine Steer
Study Guide
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Megan Standiford on Thursday April 7, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to CLA 2444 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University taught by Christine Steer in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 105 views.


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Date Created: 04/07/16
Exam 3 Study Guide 1. Which two people escaped the battle of the Seven Against Thebes? a. Amphiaraus and Adrastus 2. Eteocles and Polynices were a. Sons of Oedipus who killed each other at the same moment 3. Who tied Dirce to the horns of a bull? a. Amphion and Zethus 4. What is the name of the sons of the Seven Against Thebes? a. The Epigoni 5. What is not true of Tiresias? a. After his death, he lost the gift of prophecy 6. For what treasonous act was Antigone condemned? a. She buried her brother Polynices 7. What trinket would prove the undoing of Alcmaeon? a. A necklace 8. In what place was Oedipus promised a respite from his sorrows? a. Colonus 9. Who raised Oedipus but weren’t his parents? a. Polybus and Merope 10.The name Oedipus means a. Swellfoot 11.How did Laius bring a curse upon his house? a. He carried off the son of his host 12.The noble houses of Thebes were descended from the “Spartoi”, whose name means a. “sown men” 13.What woman was abducted by Zeus in the guise of a bull? a. Europa 14.Who was the legendary founder of Thebes? a. Cadmus 15.Greek saga concerns cities and regions that were important in what historical period? a. The late Bronze Age, from 1600 to 1100 BC 16.Who is the mother of Amphion and Zethus? a. Antiope 17.Who wrote the tragedy Seven Against Thebes? a. Aeschylus 18.Who is not included in the original Seven Against Thebes? a. Eteocles 19.What is arête? a. Excellence 20.What cannot be described as one of the ten most frequent motifs in saga? a. The hero becomes a god 21.In what city is Orestes guilt finally expunged? a. Athens 22.In Aeschylus’ Libation Bearers, who speaks the words that drive Orestes to his final purpose, the murder of his mother? a. Pylades 23.Who appears at the end of Euripides’ Electra to predict the future course of events? a. The Dioscuri 24.In what version is Electra married off to a peasant? a. Euripides’ Electra 25.In what play does the murder of Aegisthus follow that of Clytemnestra? a. Sophocles’ Electra 26.Who served his son as food for the gods at a banquet? a. Tantalus 27.According to Homer, where did Agamemnon and Menelaus rule? a. Agamemnon at Mycenae and Menelaus at Sparta 28.At the end of Aeschylus’ Oresteia, the Furies are transformed into what? a. The Eumenides 29.Who wrote Iphigenia in Tauris, in which we find Iphigenis a priestess of Artemis? a. Euripides 30.By which of the following is Orestes not given direct assistance? a. Zeus 31.The prisoner Agamemnon took home from the Trojan war was? a. Cassandra 32.The man who had an affair with Agamemnon’s wife and then helped kill Agamemnon was? a. Aegisthus 33.The father of Aegisthus was? a. Thyestes 34.Agamemnon incurred the bitter hatred of his wife by? a. Sacrificing their daughter Iphigenia 35.How did Atreus perpetuate the curse of his house? a. He fed his brother his own children 36.Who was the charioteer bribed by Pelops? a. Myrtilus 37.In what play does Orestes discover his sister Iphigenia alive and a priestess of Artemis? a. Iphigenia in Tauris 38.Who became king in place of Oenomaus? a. Pelops 39.Whom did Electra eventually marry? a. Pylades 40.What god or goddess was the only one not to refuse the banquet of Tantalus? a. Demeter 41.What priest of Apollo gave warning about the horse but was strangled by two serpents? a. Laocoon 42.Who was left behind by the Greeks to ensure that the wooden horse was taken into the city? a. Sinon 43.Who carried the bow of Heracles, without the aid of which Troy could not fall? a. Philoctetes 44.Neoptolemus was a. The son of Achilles 45.Achilles was killed by a. Paris 46.Achilles had a choice between a. Dying young in glory or living 47.Achilles finally reentered the Trojan war after a. His friend Patroclus was killed 48.Protesilaus was a. The first Greek killed in the Trojan War 49.Calchas was a. The Greeks’ prophet at Troy 50.Sarpedon was a. A son of Zeus who died while fighting for the Trojans 51.Which two heroes tried to dodge the Trojan expedition? a. Odysseus and Achilles 52.Agamemnon refused to give back to Apollo’s priest his daughter named a. Chryseis 53.Who was the ill-fated son of Hector? a. Astyanax 54.What king of Troy cheated Apollo and Poseidon of their pay? a. Laomedon 55.The Trojans greatest warrior was a. Hector 56.Which of the following did Odysseus defeat in a contest for the arms of Achilles? a. Ajax the Greater 57.From whom was the Trojan royal house descended? a. Dardanus 58.Paris chose which of the following goddesses as the most beautiful? a. Aphrodite 59.When Paris was born, Priam and Hecuba… a. Left him on Mt. Ida to die 60.The goddess who wasn’t a guest at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis was a. Eris 61.In what shape did Zeus visit Leda? a. In the form of a swan 62.Who acts as tutor and companion of Achilles? a. Phoenix 63.Who is the first to wound the Calydonian boar? a. Atalanta 64.What Thracian leader was killed on this first night at Troy? a. Rhesus 65.What hero does Diomedes refuse to fight out of respect for the rights of guest friends? a. Glaucus 66.Who are the Meleagrides? a. The mourners of Meleager 67.Who killed Laomedon and installed Priam as king? a. Heracles 68.What poet wrote a palinode in which he has a phantom Helen go to Troy? a. Stesichorus 69.Which god is the special bane of Odysseus? a. Poseidon 70.Circe turned some of Odysseus’ men into what? a. pigs 71.Odysseus had to go to the Underworld to a. Get advice from Tiresias 72.Odysseus was taken home at the end of his voyage by a. The Phaeacians 73.The Laestrygonians were a. cannibals 74.The goddess with whom Odysseus lived for seven years was a. Calypso 75.Odysseus was able to sail past the sirens by a. Blocking the ears of his men woth wax and having himself tied to the mast 76.The soul of what hero praises Penelope? a. Agamemnon 77.Who was the queen of the Phaeacians? a. Arete 78.Who is Eumaeus? a. A faithful swineherd 79.Which of the following kings was detained in Egypt? a. Menelaus 80.How does Aeolus try to help Odysseus? a. He gives him a leather bag containing the winds 81.According to Homer, how will Odysseus eventually die? a. A gentle death will come far from the sea 82.Which goddess especially protected Odysseus? a. Athena 83.How did Odysseus and his men offend the god Helius? a. They killed his cattle 84.Among what people were Odysseus’ men almost lulled into staying, forgetting their own homeland? a. The Lotus Eaters 85.How did Odysseus escape from the lair of the Cyclops? a. He clung to the underside of a ram as it was going out to pasture 86.Who is the princess that takes Odysseus to her father’s palace? a. Nausicaa 87.Which character learns of Odysseus’ identity through a scar? a. Euryclea 88.On his way home from the Trojan war, Ajax the Lesser was killed when he a. Boasted that none of the gods could keep him from escaping death at sea 89.What may be the meaning of Odysseus’ name? a. “man of pain” 90.What is the meaning of Penelope’s’ usual epithet periphron? a. “circumspect” 91.Who is the first suitor to be killed by Odysseus? a. Antinous 92.Who Is sent to order Calypso to allow Odysseus to set sail? a. Hermes 93.Who returns to Crete only to find that his wife has committed adultery? a. Idomeneus 94.Who boasted that she was more beautiful than the Neredis? a. Cassiepea 95.According to the Perseus myth, the first coral was created when… a. Medusa;s head rested on some seaweed 96.Athena was so taken by the wailing of the Gorgons for their dead sister that she… a. Invented the flute to re-create the sound 97.What is not true of the hero Bellerophon? a. He slew the race of centaurs 98.An oracle told Acrisius that… a. His daughter would have a son who would kill him 99.The man who fished Perseus and his mother out of the sea was who? a. Dictys 100. What is the fate of Acrisius? a. He is killed by a misthrown discus 101. Whose hand did Perseus receive in marriage? a. Andromeda 102. What creature sprang from the beheaded trunk of the Gorgon? a. Pegasus 103. In order to get information from the three sisters of the Gorgons, Perseus… a. Stole their one eye and tooth 104. What object was Perseus not given for his quest? a. Bubo, Athenas owl 105. Perseus, in his efforts to kill the Gorgon, was given aid by all but one of the following a. Aphrodite and Poseidon 106. How did Zeus seduce Hera? a. He came to her as a shower of gold 107. Who was the mother of Perseus? a. Danae 108. For which Danaid was a spring created near Argos? a. Amymone 109. Who accused Bellerophon of trying to seduce her? a. Sthenoboea 110. What arose from the Gorgons blood falling upon the land of Libya? a. snakes 111. What was the greatest center in Greece for the worship of Hera? a. Argos 112. For whom did Perseus perform his task of slaying Medusa? a. Polydectes 113. What is the Hippocrene? a. The fountain made by Pegasus 114. With what Egyptian deity is Epaphus identified? a. Apis 115. Who was the only one of the daughters of Danaus who did not kill her husband? a. Hypermnestra 116. The twin brother of Danaus was named? a. Aegyptus 117. Iole was… a. A woman with whom Heracles fell in love 118. For the last of his 12 labors, Heracles had to do what? a. Drag Cerberus from the underworld 119. King Phylacus asked Melampus to do what? a. Cure his sons impotence 120. Omphale was a. The woman to whom Heracles was sold as a slave for one year 121. Nessus was a. A centaur who plotted Heracles death 122. Who helped Heracles fetch the Apples of the Hesperides? a. Atlas 123. Which is not one of Heracles 12 labors? a. The slaughter of the giant Antaeus 124. Heracles experienced “death” by which of the following? a. He was engulfed in flames from a blood-soaked robe and then burned on a pyre 125. By besting the river-god Achelous, Heracles won the hand of a. Deianira 126. Heracles missed the Argonaut expedition because a. He lost track of time searching for his beloved Hylas 127. Heracles spared the lives of the Cercopes, two mischievous dwarfs, because a. They made fun of his sunburnt behind and made him laugh 128. The first of Heracles 12 labors was the a. Nemean lion 129. Who were the descendants of Heracles? a. The Heraclidae 130. With which city is Heracles legend not particularly associated? a. Athens 131. In which labor did Heracles face a huge crab and have the aid of Iolaus? a. The Lernaean hydra 132. What is the Greek word for labor or contest? a. athloi 133. Heracles was to serve Eurystheus for 12 years, during which he performed his 12 labors for what offense? a. He had killed his wife and children in a mad rage 134. Heracles lay with the 50 daughters of who? a. Thespius 135. Which tutor did Heracles kill? a. Linus, his music teacher 136. Who were Heracles real parents? a. Alcmena and Zeus 137. Where is heracles traditional birthplace? a. Thebes 138. Who aids Heracles in his self-immolation? a. Poeas 139. Who was the king of Oechalia with whom Heracles had a conflict? a. Eurytus 140. What Greek hero did Heracles rescue from the underworld? a. Theseus 141. Who wrote a “tragicomedy” around the conception of Heracles a. Plautus 142. Who is the younger brother of Heracles? a. Iphicles 143. Theseus died a. In exile 144. The Aegean Sea is named for king Aegeus because Aegeus a. Killed himself there 145. How did Minos discover Daedalus’ whereabouts? a. By a ruse involving a spiral shell 146. The “wicked stepmother” who tried to kill Theseus when he arrived in Athens was a. Medea 147. The Labyrinth that housed the Minotaur was built by a. Daedalus 148. The minotaur was the offspring of a. Pasiphae and the bull of Poseidon 149. What was Poseidon angry with Minos? a. Because he did not sacrifice the bull sent to him 150. Who was the last king of Athens? a. Codrus th 151. In the years following the Persian Wars of the first quarter of the 5 Century BCE, the Athenian Cimon was instructed by the Delphic oracle a. To restore the bones of Theseus to their city 152. What was the fate of Perithous? a. He was fixed into a magic chair forever 153. Theseus joined Heracles in his battle with a. The Amazons 154. Who rescued Ariadne from the island of Naxos? a. Dionysus 155. Theseus was recognized by his father when he did what? a. Cut his meat with the sword his father had given him 156. What god is said to be the father of Theseus? a. Poseidon 157. How did Procrustes terrorize travelers? a. He compelled rhem to lie on his bed. If they were too long, he would cut them down to size, if too short, hammer them to fit 158. The North Wind was the father of Zetes and Calais. What is his name? a. Boreas 159. Who was violated by Tereus and had her tongue cut out to silence her? a. Philomela 160. Cephalus accidentally killed his wife, whose name was a. Procris 161. When the daughters of Cecrops looked into the box and saw Erichthonius, they a. Went mad and killed themselves 162. What legendary figure was credited with instituting the Panathenaea and setting up the cult image of Athena on the Acropolis? a. Erichthonius 163. Whom did Daedalus kill out of jealousy for his skill? a. Perdix 164. What son of Minos fell into a vat of honey and drowned? a. Glaucus 165. Who was the son of Theseus who helped the children of Heracles? a. Demophon 166. Who was the mother of Theseus? a. Aethra 167. What brigand kicked travelers over a cliff and into the waiting jaws of a gigantic turtle? a. Sciron 168. What daughter of Erectheus was loved by Boreas? a. Orithyia 169. In what city did Medea seek refuge after the murder of Glauce? a. Athens 170. Who wrote the Greek tragedy Medea? a. Euripides 171. Medea took vengeance on King Pelias by a. Tricking his daughters into cutting him up and boiling him 172. What advice did Phineus give to Jason? a. To release a dove and see if it passed through the Symplegades 173. The blind prophet Phineus was tormented by a. The Harpies 174. On their return journey, the Argonauts encountered on Crete a bronze giant named a. Talus 175. When Jason arrived to get the Golden Fleece, the king a. Assigned him a series of impossible tasks 176. The golden fleece was guarded by a a. serpent 177. King Cyzicus and the Doliones a. Treated Jason hospitably 178. What deity helped Argus build the Argo? a. Athena 179. How was Jason recognized by the illegitimate king? a. He was wearing one sandal 180. Jason was educated by a. Chiron 181. Who usurped the throne from Jasons father, the rightful heir? a. Pelias 182. The name of the king of Colchis who was given care of the golden fleece was a. Aeetes 183. The name of Nephele, the mother of Phrixus and Helle means a. cloud 184. Who mated with Poseidon and gave birth to Pelias? a. Tyro 185. What poet gives the earliest continuous account of the capture of the fleece and the return journey? a. Pindar 186. Who was the queen of the Lemnian women? a. Hypsipyle 187. With whom did Polydeuces have to compete in a boxing match? a. Amycus 188. What does the name Aea mean? a. “land” 189. What is another term for the Argonauts? a. The Minyae


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