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by: Katelyn Connor


Marketplace > University of Miami > kin155studyguidefinal
Katelyn Connor
GPA 3.9

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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Katelyn Connor on Monday February 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to a course at University of Miami taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views.

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Date Created: 02/02/15
Media Sales Key Functions of a Sales Person competitive advantage manage relationships sove problems Jearn Media is blamed for EVERYTHING Types of Selling 1 Missionary quothuntersquot 2 Service quotfarmersquot not traveling communicate through email 3 Agency Commission charge client tv a More savy than selling direct 4 Selling to Agencies What clients want ideas communication respect for their time run as ordered responsiveness empathy Market Pro le DMA designated market area 16th largest in the nation Miami Ft Lauderdale top 10 in advertising revenue rates are higher than should be How does Nielson get TV ratings LPM local people meter About 800 people push buttons when watching TV Day Breakup for Sales 500900am EM Early Morning 900300pm DY Daytime TV 300500pm EF Early Fringe 500700pm EN Early News 700800pm PA Prime Access 8001100pm PT Primetime 11001130pm LN Late News 1135200am LF Late Fringe 1 point 1 percent of audience rating GRP gross rating points PUT people using television HUT households using television HUT ratingshare Rating share x hut Share ratinghut Qualitative explains lifestyle demographics income Quantitative explains ratings Rentrak ratings amp qualitative data combined Selling College Radio underwriting differs from commercial advertising announcements not commercials NCE noncommercial educational announcement cannot say quot10 percent discount if you come in on Thursday nightsquot cannot promote its materials in terms of pricegoods cannot call for action cannot tell you to visit themsubscribe to service all charitable donationstaxdeductible same skills to sell NCE to sell commercials Bene ts earn commission of 10 percent on all collectionssales practica selling experience resume builder can make mistakesgreat tool to learn how to sell 2 things to avoid vocal fry when you talk really slowlystop in middle of sentence Challenges for NCE goba limitations as to what can be said in announcement run by students perception smaler coverage area format of music Positioning WVUM compare strengths and weaknesses of competitors products for the purpose of establishing a quotpositionquot in a prospects mind 1 Know product 2 Selling radio and WVUM strengths 3 Negative perception of radio 4 How do you use or listen to radio Advantages of WVUM different djs at diff parts of the day compared to other top radio stations who replay songs over and over Strengths about radio Pervasive and mobile Reaches consumers everywhere Theatre of the mind all in imagination Low production cost Intrusive captive audience PWF E quotour rates are affordablequot save for big egos Broadcast TV Perception everybody watches tv Reality radio reaches those who do not watch tv at all Cable TV Perception buy a lot of spots bc its cheap Reality cable has fragmented audiences Newspaper Perception one newpaper ad will reach a massive audience Reality can reach younger consumers with WVUM Billboards Perception seen by millions of people Reality only be seen by people who drive by that particular site WVUM can reach desired customers where ever they are Internet Perception website is only advertising I need Reality WVUM can create awareness for website so more consumers can access it Positioning WVUM Who is station General Manager A student How large is coverage Large compared to other student covered areas Who is the target audience Desirable demographic How much does it cost to underwrite Chapter 7 Effective Listening Single most important skill in personal relationships Essential part of communication Elements of the Communication Process Caring the ignition system that starts and sparks it Understanding the piston that power it forward Fairness cooling system that keeps it from heat Effective communication depends on Source credibility Message strength Channel effectiveness Receiver characteristics Listening effectiveness Responsive feedback Elements that enhance source credibility Trustworthiness Expertise Physica attractiveness neat Objectivity Competence dynamism simiarity Elements that enhance message strength twosided arguments KISS keep it simple stupid USP unique selling proposition Channel effectiveness face to face video is next most effective lm TV audio print is least effective unless the message is complex Receiver characteristics inteligence self con dence The beginning of knowledge learning relationships communication and conversation is a questionan openended question Vary responsesso it is not monotonous Show genuine concern and caring Never ask quotwhyquot people feel threatened Goals to understand other people39s needsoften the other person just needs to talk understand another person39s unique perception of the world Listening Roadblocks taking overrescuing criticizing moralizing warning arguing defending


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