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Final Study Guide

by: Michelle Porter

Final Study Guide Soc 220

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Michelle Porter
GPA 3.0
Intro to Sociology

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About this Document

Intro to Sociology
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Michelle Porter on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Soc 220 at Purdue University taught by Hillis in Fall2015. Since its upload, it has received 424 views.


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Date Created: 02/03/15
Sociology Final Exam Study Guide 1 Howard Becker39s study of marijuana ON EXAM Becker conducted observational research in order to explain how marijuana smoking becomes an important element of one s sense of self In his study ONLY those who initially smoked pot with others went on to become long term users Those who tried it alone either didn t get high or didn t enjoy it so they stopped Those who did smoke with other more experienced users learned a new culture drugrelated rituals practical drug knowledge and even how to get high To enjoy the experience new users were coached to focus on more pleasurable aspects of being high and taught to control or ignore the unpleasant effects Becker s analysis rejects the common assumption that how we experience drugs is a simple and automatic biological reaction He found that become a user is a long slow process Smoking marijuana becomes associated with important social relationships and identi cation After an extended period of time of interacting and using with fellow pot smokers the novice slowly internalized being a smoker into his sense of self It becomes part of who he is Becker also studied some exsmokers and found that those who stopped interacting with other smokers for an extended period would go on to eventually become exsmokers it is a long slow process 2 The relationship between law enforcement and drug prices Price goes up when drugs are made illegal If enough individuals are arrested pool of buyers can drop off Fewer buyers and more sellers price goes down 3 Effectiveness of drug prohibition 4 Rational Choice Theory amp Drugs the view that crime is a function of a decisionmaking process in which the potential offender weighs the potentential costs and bene ts of an illegal act 5 History of Drug Use Rates of illegal drug use worldwide haven t remained constant 6 History of Prohibition 7 Drug Legalization efforts and effects 8 The relationship between drug use and other social problems 9 Social meanings of drug use 10 Drug related arrests and incarceration trends 11 Success of prohibition efforts They limited alcohol so people started using other drugs See a rise in illegal sale and producing of alcohol Typically prohibition of any drug is unsuccessful Cocaine seems to be the one example that there has been some success 12 Drug Tourism Where drug users abusers and addicts from other areas where drugs remain criminalized migrate to or visit an area to party often engaging in all sorts of antisocial behivor in the process 13 Alcohol consumption trends 14 Iron Law of Prohibition the theory that the harsher the penalties for the possession and sale of a given drug the greater the use of more potent drugs the more intense law enforcement the more potent a prohibited substance becomes More potent drugs tend to generate more pro t per unit which helps offset increased risks or costs incurred by drug suppliers Lower quality drugs may not generate enough pro ts to justify the increased risk And more potent drugs are typically more physically compact and easier to smuggle 15 lnhalants Rarely recreationally used and widely available Technically illegal to use but access is very legal Ex Paint Have a very dramatic effect on your brain Drug users tend to know the effect on their body better than nondrug users 16 Effects of long term drug use 17 Success of drug education programs Different school programs like DARE failed successfully 18 Gateway drugs Kandel s theory was the original basis for claiming that marijuana is a gateway drug Psychologist Bart Hoebert has claimed that sugar might be a gateway drug Many people claim that marijuana is a gateway drug Those who smoke pot are supposedly more prone to use harder drugs in the future and to go on to become chronic users or addics 19 Selective interaction theory Potential drug users are attracted to certain individualsgroups due to compatible values those individualsgroups happen to be users Socioloov Final Review Session 0 During prohibition use of a drug fell juristically Fase 0 Iron law prohibition if you keep enforcing laws against drugs drugs become more pure 0 Structural Functionalism everything in society has its place and its there to service a purpose ex crime religion 0 Con ict Theory we are always at con ict with haves and have nots rich and poor Attribute drug use to things like being poor and being in situations that your lifestyle is worse simply because your not as well of nancially o Symbolic lnteractionism Everything is socially de ned Drug use Using a lot of heroin you are a heroin addict All how you de ne something in society How you react to it as a social problem as well Stealing de ne stealing as wrong and then put them in jail 0 Drug Eradication Programs not effective in long term Successful eradication of one country often leads to it popping up in another country Selective lnteraction Drug users are attracted to certain circles 0 Alcohol Use Trends lllicit drug use trends peak in early adulthood and decline substantially with age Opiates anything with analgesic effect blocking pain lllegal group Heroin Opium Prescription Hydrocodone Oxycodone Oxycottin Legal ones are being abused o Rational Choice theory on drugs You are looking weighing the pros and cons on whether or not to do drugs 0 70 questions this time 210 total points out of 200 Actual Exam Questions 1 According to Becker whether someone rst tries pot with other has little or no impact on their later use of pot FALSE 2 The social meanings attached to drug use and intoxication can strongly in uence how drugs are used and how people behave under their in uence True 3 The quotIron Law of Prohibitionquot states that increased enforcement against illegal drugs will result in increased drug potency True 4 Countries which spend more per capita ghting or which arrest more drug law violators tend to have much lower rates of illegal drug use compared to other countries False 5 Worldwide rates of illegal drug use have remained fairly constant over the past sever generations False 6 Men and women are about equally likely to use marijuana false 7 Drug prohibition transformed the social meanings attached to illegal drugs and intoxication modern illegal drug cultures are the product of our drug policies TRUE 8 Research indicates that needle exchange programs don t reduce the transmission of HIV rather such programs encourage illegal drug use False 9 lnterdiction is a response to the drug problem that includes preventing the movement of drugs across the country s borders True


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