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Z260- Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Mike Krumtinger

Z260- Exam 2 Study Guide

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Mike Krumtinger
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

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Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mike Krumtinger on Wednesday February 4, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to a course at Indiana University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views.


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Date Created: 02/04/15
Exam 1 Study Guide Al Hendrix amp Lucille J eter Hendrix J imi s parents John Allen Hendrix Buster born on November 27 1942 in Seattle Washington One of six children Billy Cox met J imi in the Army bass player formed CasualsKasuals later reunited and formed the King Kasuals King Kasuals after being discharged from the Army Billy Cox and J imi reunited and formed this group Gorgeous George Odell J imi played with him he was part of RampB package tour a few years later they played together again Isley Brothers Hendrix joined group amp recored the song Testify with them went on tour left then later rejoined them and recorded Move Over and Let Me Dance Little Richard J imi called himself Maurice James while working with Little Richard recorded 1 Don t Know What You ve Got But Its Got Me Joey Dee and the Starlighters known for 1 hit Peppermint Twist J imi performed with the group and was calling himself J immy James King Curtis J imi joined them in 1966 Curtis Knight amp the Squires J imi played with them and go credit as cowriter of Hornets Nest Ed Chalpin PPX Enterprises Ed Chaplin is the manager of PPX Ed signed Jimi to 3 year contract saying produce play and sing exlusively for PPX Edns up haunting J imi for the rest of his life Henry J uggy Murray Jr Sue Records Hendrix signed 2yr exclusive artist contract with Sue Records amp Juggy he was paid off to get J imi out of the contract Linda Keith introduced J imi to many mangersproducers Andrew Oldham feared messy triangle Seymour Stein passed introduced him to Chas Chandler and got J imi to sign to SeaLark Enterprises Jimmy James and the Blue Flames J imi forms his own band Greenwich Village Bryan Chas Chandler bassist for the Animals became J imi s producer The Animals group Chas Chandler was Bassist for Yameta Records The New Animals Noel Redding met J imi at audition Michael Jeffrey amp Chas partnership provide new animals and Alan Price set if Chas brings J imi Yameta Animals parent company Bahamian tax shelter account J imi signed to an exclusive recording and management contract with them Yameta signs contract with Track Records for J imi Michael Jeffrey Chas s old manager 5050 partnership with Chas Noel Redding Guitarist who met J imi at audition for New Animals later becomes bassist for the J imi Hendrix Experience Aynsley Dunbar one of the drummers who tried out to be in the J imi Exp but didn t make it due to coin ip Mitch Mitchell became drummer for J imi Hendrix Exp won the coin ip Johnny Hallyday French singer who asked Chas if J imi could come on tour with him and he did The Breakaways backing vocals in Hey Joe Kit Lambert founder of Track Records talked Chas into signing J imi he did Chris Stamp cofounder of Track Records known for comanaging and producing Track Records J imi signed to them early on signed contract w Yameta Polydor Records Hey Joe UK single released by Polydor Roger Mayer invented the Octavia Octavia invented by Roger Mayer pedal that makes a sound octave higher than the note being played Eddie Kramer Olympic Sound Studios engineer at Olympic Studios eventually became the main engineer Highway Chile was first song J imi recorded with Kramer Manic Depression Love or Confusion May This Be Love Fire Third Stone From the Sun Remember Are You Experienced Majority of Axis Bold as Love Jerry Simon RSVP Records ran RSVP records Jeffrey negotiated release of J imi s contract Warner Reprise Yameta not J imi signed with WarnerReprise soundtrack exclusion deal made Kathy Etchingham one of J imi s girlfriends for about 2 12 years Paul McCartney recommended J imi to festival organizer for the Monterey Pop Festival Monterey Pop Festival first American debut burns guitar after Wild Thing performance has to play after the Who Bill Graham Fillmore West ran Fillmore West Monkees TV show act J imi joined them for a giant tour it was horrible but they were able to get out of it Gary Kellgren Mayfair Studios engineer for Mayfair Recording Studio The Burning of the Midnight Lamp The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam s Dice The Sweet Inspirations backing vocals in the Burning of the Midnight Lamp Whitney Houston s mom Daughters of the American Revolution heart of the lie told to get J imi out of the Monkee s Tour said that they found J imi offensive and was not appropriate for little girls Phasing in stereo effect by playing 2 sounds simultaneously Bold As Love was the first song to use it Capitol Records Are You Experienced UK amp US version released first in UK by Track Records peaked at 2 released in US by Reprise Axis Bold As Love they had different covers American release did not have Red House Can You See Me Remember UK release did not have Purple Haze Hey Joe The Wind Cries Mary Get that Feeling


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