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Chemistry 101 Review for Exam 2

by: Megan Lester

Chemistry 101 Review for Exam 2 Chem 101

Marketplace > Washington State University > Chemistry > Chem 101 > Chemistry 101 Review for Exam 2
Megan Lester
GPA 2.8
Chem 101

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About this Document

These are notes taken at the exam review session given by Michael Finnegan for his chem 101 exam 2
Chem 101
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Megan Lester on Thursday February 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Chem 101 at Washington State University taught by Finnegan in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 310 views. For similar materials see Chem 101 in Chemistry at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 02/05/15
Chem review 102014 A box is 55792 mm long 3025 mm wide and 987 mm high What is the volume in L and m3 55792mm 3025mm 987mm 1665767796mm3 L 2 dm3 1dm 1665767796mm3 3 016665768 dm3 10 m 166576779mm3 3 2 1mm Convert 28 4 mmSz to kmdayz 284an 10j6 n 1km 6033 60 M2 24Er2 12 1m 103m 1W 1 r2 1day2 1 when calculating it shou look like 284mm 10396 m 1 km 60 S 2 60 mm 2 24 hr 2 212 004864 km 1 2 1 mm 103 m 1 mm 1 hr 1 day day2 cal 5000cal 1000g of Cu SH560 start at 250 c 1000 0g of SiSH478 T Cwhich has the highest Tf 61 q SHmTf Ti gtTf ShmTl then plug in the variables 50000 cal Cr 2 cal 250 C 2 259 C 560 g 0C 100009 5000 cal 51 cal 250 C 2 2605 C 0C X goes to 367 C Y goes to 428 C Z goes to 571 C Smallest C S to largest C S A patient is to be given 125 mg of medication per kg of body weight The medication is in a solution labeled 05387gCL The patient weighs 1324 kg what volume of the solution should be given 123 4k b d ht 125kg 10 3g 1CL 10 2L 1mL gtIlt gtIlt g 0 ywelg 1kgb0dyweight 1mg 05387g 1CL 10 3L Assign oxidation numbers to each element in the following 3F32 5033 bN H 46102 c C r04quot a Fe3 80339 bNH Cl0239 Ci Find what is oxidized reduced and what is the oxidation agent and the reducing agent for the following reaction ON 162 1 6 2 1 21 9 1221 3 2 1 2 1 2 HZSO4aq K ZCr04aq CH30Haq gt CHOOH aq Crz 5043aq KZSO4aq H20l Or H2504aq KZCr04aq CH30Haq gt CHOOH aq Cr2SO43aq K2504aq H20l Oxidation numbers162 162 121 gt1221 32 12 12 Are the following increasing or decreasing C N F2 gt 2NF3 Ba0H2aq H2504aq gt BaSO4s 2H20l Give the ionic and net ionic equation for 2C0N033MI 3K2C03GCI gt C02C0335 6KN03a I Ionic equation Net ionic equation Eu 2 1000 kcal A6 250 kcal And graph G 100 50 25G 11 75 25 Reacta 25 AG 2 750 0 kcal 50 Products N2 9 31129 2NH39 What is the max mass of NH2 that can be made from 150g of N2 and 800g of H2 1 mol N2 2 mol NH3 17034 g 2802g 1 mol N2 1 mol NH3 1mol H2 Zmol NH3 17034 2 450636g NH3 2016g 3m0l H2 1 mol NH3 Pick the lowest number 800gH How many mol of O atoms are in 8050g of cobaltIIsulfate C as 04 5893 9mol 32079mol 4 1600 9mol 15500gm01 1mol 8050g C0504 m 051935 molCoSO4 4m010 051935 IC 50 quotw 0 41211016050 Hg has speci c heat of 0033246C dg 0C and a density of 13546gmL how many kcal are required to change the T of 237 mol of Hg from 187 C to 935 C q 2 CS mAT 13546 g 237mL 2 3210402 g 1 mol 0033246 cal q g OC 3210402g 935 C 187 C 789363cal With sig gs


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