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J320 - Study Guide

by: Chelsea Matthews

J320 - Study Guide 27020

Chelsea Matthews
GPA 3.55
J320: Gender, Media & Diversity
Erin Hanna

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About this Document

Hey classmates! Here is a study guide for our midterm that is due by Tuesday at 11:59 pm, included are instructions for the midterm along with terms we've been asked to incorporate in our answers. ...
J320: Gender, Media & Diversity
Erin Hanna
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Chelsea Matthews on Friday February 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 27020 at University of Oregon taught by Erin Hanna in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 185 views. For similar materials see J320: Gender, Media & Diversity in Journalism Core at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
For the midterm we ve been asked to write our responses about one clip provided on BB and write an ideological analysis Don t forget to include the following in your analysis What you see and hear What is being told by the sequence and how it supports your argument Back up your analysis using two concepts below Social construction Certain ideas about certain identities are constructed socially Combination of social construction hegemony interpellation What is race Race is NOT biologically determined race is not based on biology and it s an idea we ascribe to biology These ideas have been so powerful so the socially constructed meanings have stuck around Race is a social concept Hegemony the power dominance that one social group holds over others Lull 39 According to Iudith Lorber society relies on men and women being perceived as different Semiotics the sciences of signs how they work and the ways in which we use themquot Fiske and Hartley 22 Three orders of signification based mainly off of Barthes 1St Order gt Denotation Signifier physical object or word ex stop sign Signified mental concept Doesn t exist in the world the meaning behind a word Sign combination of signifier and signified Encodingdecoding Encoding person creating the content to be shared ex producer of TV show decides what message to encode Decoding done by consumer person receiving the message Hall says there are 3 ways to decode media texts Dominate reading Reader accepts and reproduces the preferred reading Understands the message and fully accepts it Negotiated reading Reader broadly accepts message of the show but adjusts certain aspects to re ect their own position and experiences Understand the message but doesn t agree Oppositional reading Reader understands the dominant message and rejects it Understands the message but doesn t like it or agree with it and fully rejects it The Gaze seeing someone addresses how a person can t resist identification with films characters Gaze isn t just about objectifying women Can also objectify in order to emphasize difference Gaze power imbalance between the active passive Stereotype analysis Naturalization of difference Classification of differences through binary oppositions Representation of those differences as key essential characteristics essen tiaIism Reduction of particular groups to their essence reductionism Ie turning people into signifiers of difference Intersectionality understanding difference Tendency to undermine racist thinking by saying one doesn t see color gender that everyone is equal By not acknowledging this it can be quite damaging Impulse is often really good but at the same time it s not resonate with peoples lived experiences race does have an impact and the idea of difference does impact people s lives By saying you don t see gender race is also a way that can undermine and it does have an impact on people s lives Identities don t exist in isolation you can be a member of more than one minority group Intersectional groups don t talk to each and are separated triangles group with each other stripes group with each other each group dislikes the others instead of working together


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