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KSU / Engineering / PSY 2065 / Who is at risk of insensitive parenting?

Who is at risk of insensitive parenting?

Who is at risk of insensitive parenting?


School: Kent State University
Department: Engineering
Course: Child Psychology
Professor: Sharon sciartelli
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: child psych, child psychology, sciartelli, Kent, Abuse, neglect, cancer, maltreatment, piaget, health, nutrition, preoperational stage, development, cps, chronic illness, common illness, chapter 7, Chapter 8, chapter 9, environmental toxins, Play, and study
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Name: Child Psych: Exam 3 Study Guide
Description: This is the study guide for Sciartelli's Child Psychology class, exam 3. It covers chapters 7, 8, and 9.
Uploaded: 04/08/2016
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Exam 3 Study guide

Who is at risk of insensitive parenting?


Chapter 71 Words to know:

emotion -

56 Core Emotions: B emotional schema l. happy 4.disgusted ß : social referencing

2.Sad 5. Surprised sempathy (NoT "Sympathy) 13. angry do afraid agoodness of fit (Easy, Difficult, Slow to WarmUp, Mixed

What is a nuclear family and how common is it today?

We also discuss several other topics like How do we know if animals who we only have fossils of could interbreed?

•attachment RESEARCHERS: Harlow . Bowlby. Ainsworth (knows about monkey research] 1 [u tiggest of attachment]

_ 4stages of attachment] - who is at risk of insensitive parenting? - me cost an agent of change vs. me as an individual seperate from you - what it a nucleave family and how common it it today?

What amount of kids are in non-relative care?

If you want to learn more check out A band issued on 12/1/1996 will mature on 12/1/2096. today is 12/1/2003, what is the band's time to maturity?

- what percentage of mothers with know about : 1 kidt under le were working? under 18? divorce

- what amount of kids are in non-relative We also discuss several other topics like Who is the director of the fsa?


care? -foster care

- what can make non-maternal care be other relatives as caregivers Considered insensitive parenting?

inividualistic vs collectivist Chow do infants and toddlers renet 'impacted buy peers?









Chapter 8:

how dla children in early childhoool change physically? how do their motor skills Change? [fine vs. gross motor skills] o what are some red place of beavail curiosityassag define: We also discuss several other topics like Why is journalism special?

know why HEALTH and Nutrition

· developmental Coordination disorder fare important? * proprioception

Jooral health : Synaptogenisis

Sophysical activity

·lateralization 'myelination .food insecurity Chronic illness We also discuss several other topics like What do you do if you have developed a new polymer?

environmental toxins and childhood cancers

• Common illness

asthma 'maltreatment We also discuss several other topics like What is halogenation?

• neglect abuse

Substantiated, Indicated, and

• Child protective Services

→ Unsubstantiated

•mandatory reporter

what % of perpetrators are parente? il abuse or neglect more likely? Why are kies vnoter 5 more likely to

be abused? what impacts outcome?

Know about


illness and injury











Chapter 9:

know about Piaget's Pre-operational Stage

what can they do? what can't they.do? DEFINE:

• Symbolic function Conservation

intuitive thought attention

• transductive reasoning o memory oegocentrisme

Lwhat age do kids use memory strategies, o centration

how help improve memories] animism

false memories o irreversibility

theory of mind mindblindness

o false belief paradigmu o executive function private speech [ 3 Stages of Play: Know About :

Practice Play

-learning to read

• Symbolic sociodramatic playl - early writing

games with rules - early math

- what is high quality preschool? - what % of chilóbeen over in high quality preschool? - what it headstart? - does it work? -it educational TV beneficial? - what does research say about sesame Street


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