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eassay of unniversal education for you knowledge

by: Xavier Pinder

eassay of unniversal education for you knowledge

Marketplace > University of Oregon > eassay of unniversal education for you knowledge
Xavier Pinder

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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Xavier Pinder on Sunday January 3, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views.


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Date Created: 01/03/16
Xavier Pinder Will Driscoll 51015 Question at lssue Ql How can we make universal education possible Enthymeme E Trends in affordable education have shown positive light towards the possibility of universal education because they are ideas that can be integrated by big universities overall improving American Society Universal Enrollment Education should first and foremost be available to all I believe that there are systems in place that are paving the way towards this universal education Community colleges are great outlets that offer the more general or basic classes that you can take at a higher university but more a much affordable price Big colleges and universities are moving in the right direction offering tuition assistance through scholarships and federal funding That progress seems bleak compared to the rate at which university prices have skyrocketed If we could supply education with enough government funding we could follow the paths of countries like Brazil and Germany that offer education for all for free I do not see any down side to funding tuition The proof is in the pudding when you see the thriving middle class of those nations offering universal education It would increase enrollment making a demand for more educational institutions creating more teaching jobs and more people out in the workforce which all leads to a better economy Through recent trends in attempting to make college affordable I believe America can adopt universal education with help from government funding and in turn improve our society The main problem with current education is that it is not affordable Colleges have made education into a business instead of a fundamental right By skyrocketing tuition it has left student starting their lives in a pile of debt from loans which could be doubled if you are attending a school from out of state While this problem continues to grow some schools have recognized it while others act obvlious for their own profit ln Hacker and Dreifus article Are Colleges Worth the Price of Admission they show solid examples of colleges providing a no tuition education They talk about Berea College where Students are asked to contribute 10 hours a week of labor HampD 185 Not only does that help pay for tuition and living costs it prepares students with work ethic for the real world as they say The problem with this though is that it is only offered to a select few Hacker amp Dreifus state that Most of them come from the top 10 of their high schools and from families where the annual income is under 5000 a year For those fortunate enough to win admission a firstrate education is proffered H amp D 185 If education could be better funded by the government the number of institutions like this would increase along with enrollment in said schools Bigger institutions could start to model a system in respect to small institutions like Berea and The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art offering free tuition for all admitted An obvious example of universal education working can be seen overseas Germany and Brazil successfully offer no cost tuition through proper funding and it has greatly impacted their society as a whole Brazil offers free education through the Ministry of Education They get federal and state funding to send these students through for free and offer great professional training to their undergraduates which prepares them for their career in the working world Germany has been able to offer free education similarly through government funding for not only European but international students as well America s government decides to spend 20 of federal funding towards defense while only a merely 2 on education This is a huge obstacle towards universal education It is the reason that colleges can only offer tuition assistance through scholarships and grants If they could get more funding they would be able to move towards lowering tuition and affordable education in turn universal education Community colleges are a good example of offering education to all They might not offer the spectrum or depth of classes you get at a university but they are great at getting started In Two Years Are Better than Four Addison argues that the Community college system is to be one of America s uniquely great institutions For some students from many backgrounds would never breath the college experience if it were not for the community college Addison 214 It is affordable offering entry level colleges courses at half the price of a university It can give you a great start if you want to continue to a university in a more specific field If you attend a community college for two years and lived in that state you are then eligible for instate tuition price at universities in that state You are also seen in a higher respect transferring in and could be offered even more assistance if you were independant while attending community college The intention of providing education for all is there they want their students to learn and succeed not run them dry Universal education is proven to work it is just up to our government and heads of the universities to recognize the setback they are placing our fellow citizens in their journey of life America views education as something we have to work for yet it should be something we are granted It promotes the society as a whole There are ways to implement values of strong work ethic without pumping the cost of tuition Universal enrollment would do great things for our society It would create generations well educated and ready to work Better educated is a huge part of that When people are more educated they make smarter decisions with better critical thinking skills The quality of the middle class would rise immensely as well as American Society as a whole and it starts with a foundation of universal education for all Bibliography Addison Liz quotTwo Years Are Better than Fourquot They Say Say The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing 2nd ed New York WW Norton 2010 2114 Print Hacker Andrew and Claudia Dreifus quotAre Colleges Worth the Price of Admissionquot They Say Say The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing 2nd ed New York WW Norton 2010 179 89 Print quotInternational Educationquot Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency 6 May 2015 Web 12 May 2015


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