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art history 3 ( 4 study guides for 4 tests)

by: Devan Notetaker

art history 3 ( 4 study guides for 4 tests) art history 212

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Art > art history 212 > art history 3 4 study guides for 4 tests
Devan Notetaker

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About this Document

These notes are an accumulation based on in class lecture and required text. They also include all notes from the whole semester separated by the four tests.
art history 3
Michael Fenton
Study Guide
Art, Art History, csu, Fenton, art history 3, history, Study Guide
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This 75 page Study Guide was uploaded by Devan Notetaker on Wednesday January 6, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to art history 212 at Colorado State University taught by Michael Fenton in Winter 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see art history 3 in Art at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 01/06/16
Art History 3 Part 3 African Art Democratic Republic of Congo Kot Ambweek in Ceremonial Dress Ngady Mwaash Mask 1971 19 -20 th Democratic Republic of Congo Dem Rep Congo/ Kuba Peoples Kuba Nyim- current leader can lead his lineage back to the founding Kingdom. made all of cloth ritual only by men even though Art and leadership. there are huge refrences to women Nikisi Nkonde Dem Rep Congo/Kongo Culture banganga- owner of doll hold spirits belly holds the soul and it is decorated in medicine Mali Kanaga and Rabbit Masquerade Figures at Dama Dogon culture/1959 marks represent first human beings dance= bridge to spiritual world restores the order of the universe/ worship ancestors Nigeria Twin Figures (Ere Ibeji) Veranda Posts, Courtyard, Palace Nigeria / Yoruba Culture of Ogaga Of Ikere 20 th Olowe of Ise Yoruba Culture twins are concidered magical and if one were to die it would mean bad luck for these show power, larger figures hold more tribe shows importance of women in society and monkey births/ one descends before the how they hold everything up just like the other to tell the late twin if the world iwomans neck beautiful men cannot rule without the support of women Ghana Finial of Speaker's Staff Kente Cloth Kojo Bonsu Ashanti culture 1980 traditionally only the king was allowed to wear this pattern 1970 /Ashanti Culture shows who had the power El Anatsui Flag For a New World Power 2004 all recycled material ? The Early 20 thcentury World war began 1914-1918= dividing line between the 19 and 20 century 10 million people died / poison gas, tank, submarine emerge/ trenches. exposes that science and technology can do as much good as bad. Impact on western world- intense nationalism after the war (introducing yourself with your country) The Fauves: 1903-1908 (WILD BEASTS) Salon d'Automne 1905-seen as so radical gained the name wild beasts spring salon- academic / Fall salon- more progressive thinking Matisse and Picasso as friends The Green line 1905 Woman with the hat 1905 Henri Matisse Henri Matisse doesn’t even have its own rules like even mixed technique van gough had American critique claimed that by painting his wife this way made her into a monster studies how color can NOT be harmonious here colors and brush strokes fight each other Red Room (Harmony in red) 1908 Dance 1 and Dance 2 1910 Henri Matisse Henri Matisse whole surface was all green then all blue and kept repainting over to find the harmony in read or achieve dissonance no value =pure color Not focus on color changing according to the time of day Cut paper Mountains at Collioure 1905 Henri Matisse mix of expressionists he believed that this is where painting andLe Bonheur vivre color come together made near the end of his life German Expressionism 1900-1930 Next stage of human evolution "superman" improving humans subject matter makes it German- how prostitutes dress Die Brucke 1905-1913 Street 1908 Street Berlin 1913 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Ernst Kirchner once in Berlin he matures and becomes angular and Masks 1911 Emil Nolde Right on the verge of not being able to have any reference explores unpretty aspects of human feelings or events Der Blaue Reiter 1911-1914 Not actually German / importance of the color Blue France The Blue Mountain Improvisation 28 1912 Kandinsky Believes blue was the most spiritual abstraction expressionism- made just to describe artists style interprets music synesthesia- where senses are criss- crossed sometimes given credit for pure abstraction or non representational NOT true because he is still Compositions The large blue Horses 1911 Kadinsky Franz Marc Interested in control and chaos believes animals are the most spiritual because brings this word composition to the visual they were never expelled from the garden of art world eden destined to make a new world by fighting obviously observed animals each other died and wrote letters in the trenches German Expressionist only one in this category Egon Schiele The Outbreak Kathe Kollwitz known for her prints and loss of children emphasizes the war her son posed for drawings and then later died in the war the technique conveys emotions she's talking about her pain expressive focus on the figure exaggerates a rule- starts outlining figures raised to believe that masterbation was a sin that you could lose your hand uncontrollabe sexual desire CUBISM word comes from a critisism of "it looks like you reduced it to a bunch of cubes" new special language- because it can be learned just like a new language proto-cubism= Earliest Pablo Picasso masters his father's art as realism avangate artist after he masters every art that has happened before him Blue period/ Rose period loose and abstract close to post impressionist Proto-cubism (19006-1908) Analytic Cubism has one or the other of color pallet or spaciabreak something down into scraps Severe geometric abstraction and color palette Gertrude Stein 1906 th focused on line and space=19 century thinking open shapes, overlap, push and pull Ma Jolie 1911-1912 color pallet changes- earth this woman was in charge of bringing together great creative minds. asked her to sit 80 times for this painting "it doesn’t' look anything like her" his response was "it will" shows a huge sense of himself Les Demoiselles d'Avignon 1907 text integrated into the art Cezanne colors - based directly by Cezanne's work and ideas flat, and depth "unfolding the figures" references to masks that show angles Makes us the customer to the prostitutes Synthetic Cubism Cubist Sculpture start with scraps and makes something as a assemblage whole Mandolin and Clarinet Collage Still Life with Chair-Caning 1912 Maquette For Guitar La Bouteille De Suze 1912 Georges Braque The Portuguese 1911 Houes at L' Estaque Georges Braque would work in the same studio finish trained in French and can see the training eachothers paintings ("French brushwork") signing the others painting even if they didlin and Palette more work on it Newspaper and Glass Robert Duley has achieved opening shapes back up in collage Contributes and learns the Language FUTURISM 1909-1929 Filippo Marinetti, Manifesto, 1909 written by people outside the visual arts , poets , playwrights, etc Nationalism / Trial by fire/ Pro war/ pro futurism Clothes and Customized Citroen b- Dynamism of a dog on a leash 1912 12 1925 Giacomo Balla Sonia Terk Motion and Time he says flood the museum and burn the libraries, to destroy the past so that we HAVE to do something new. Umberto Boccioni Armored Train Forms of Continuity in space 1913 Gino Severini 1915 st began as painter reference to 1 world war shows movement and power with no exact social context cubist language adaptation subject matter Train looks like moveable trench -close to gives a sense of motion and time science fiction Nude Descending a Staircase No.2 1912 Marcel Duchamp French not italian trained as cubist read as too futurist because there's too much motion "too italian" DADA 1916-1923 no agreement on this movement Hugo ball, manifesto 1916 da da = yes yes? with sarcasm sick of how pompous other art movements sounds , French/ German dictionary- chosen at random many dada artists became a surrealist Hugo Ball Fountain 1917 Reciting the sound Poem Marcel Duchamp undermines art by saying anything I put on Performance artist a pedestal something totally new anti- art , does not want people to consider undermines artist because he bought it"ready made" it art , meant to undermine art roll of artist downplayed-Not eliminated shows 3- art, object, and art world all if we measure greatness by influence then under attack it didn’t mean anything to begin with and he was great compared to original intention who was now its gone aimed at 12 people jurors claimed they were going to accept any art wants to show that the art world is NOT as open minded as they say. all you need to do is strip an object of its function to make it art conceptual art. quit the art world and joined chess as a concept mind VS eye L.H.O.O.Q. 1919 Collage Arranged According to the Duchamp laws of Chance Jean Arpp the letters sound like "she has a hot assnon-representational in terms of original- makes us rethink it. " the mona lisa in your mind" Merz 19 1920 Cut with the Kitchen Knife 1919 Kurt Schwitters Hannah Hoch literally using trash human waste=Merz Agitprop art - agitation + propaganda uses cubist color pallet- visual language photo-montage Merzbild 5b (picture Red Heart- church Kurt Schwitters 1919 Scraps from the street comment on the post war disorder of defeated Germany SURREALISM 3 fathers (dada/symbolist/Modern psychology) Sigmund Freud - principal unconscious mind / interpretation of Dreams/ 3 ways which humans deal with suffering (intoxication/isolation (the fact that we have to pretend to like each other/hell is other people)/ sublimation-were doing something with the energy) Rational awareness+subconciousness=Andre Breton Manifesto 1924** Automatism- letting whatever comes to the mind without editting 2 styles = naturalistic and Biomorphic Joan Miro Painting 1933 Shooting star 1938 Joan Miro uses both the conscious and unconscious mode it began random and then the conscious mind comes back into the piece The Horde 1927 The Persistence of Memory Max Ernst Salvador Dali brief relationship with Georgia o'Keefe Bio-morphic and naturalism calls his investigation=paranoid critical method , worked with Miro how we experience consciousness and Invent Grattage with Miro took 19 thcentury lithographs and chopped unconsciousness legend= would paint till he was close to sleep them up then pointed a fork up towards himself experience of memory Two children are threatened metamorphosis- same shapes meaning different Painted on cabinet door- Da Da things The experience to MISS remember something devote Catholic and fascinated by science compares the fourth and fifth dimension same as religion Birth of Liquid Desires 1932 Object 1936 Meret Oppenheim picasso claims to give her this idea object that we normally associate with taste and now associate it with touch and we cant' touch it so we can only look at it = crossing of senses SUPREMATISM 1915-1923 Russian avant-Garde allowed until Stalin same with music Black Square on white square Monument to the Third Red Square on White Square Corner Counter Kazimir Malevich Vladimir Tatlin begins as a realist then Russian folk art Then Radical, square= suprematist symbol He wants to show how all Galleries avoid the corner supreme color=White / every possible color every possible line. non representation = TOTALLY new no link to anything else 8 Red Rectangles Kazimir Malevich Pure abstraction "pure feeling in creative art" DE STIJL Netherlands** Composition with yellow, red, and "Red-blue" Chair 1925 Schroder house blue 1927 Piet Mondrian begins in fundamental colors , primary and black and white. sticking to primary directions of lines trees- interested in spaces in between branchesscientific method that break up the spaces dynamic equilibrium want object to stay based on natural forms- bridges/ fences still but balancing- word comes from plate still representational- similar to picasso's beliefsonics abstractions FINDS this THAT’S when the painting was black is typically an outline -like stain glassdone windows after first world war- trying to bring peace through these believes these to be philosophical not just formalistic THE BAUHAUS 1919-1933 want function and industrial beauty Primarily a school--all classes taught by scientist AND artist Bauhaus Building Germany 1925 Wassily Chair 1925 Walter Gropius Marcel Breuer idea was that someone could maintain their own car Hollow tubes from bikes that other but people bought it for the style not the students were making function idea that growing together was better that the windows got criticism for being too boxy- growing separately meant to find beauty in sleek line EARLY MODERN ARCHITECTURE 1929-1939 the international style Villa Savoye Chrysler Building France 1929 New York 1928 nd Le Corbusier 2 Gen skyscrapers William van Allen Sleek look, undraped construction the reason he left it so plan is because the more blank he gives it to you, you can turn it into whatever you want attitude- "less is more" all inside is movable walls "Gilbert in text" art Deco meant to remind us of the front of and automobile begins great skyscraper building the corporations are competing as much as the architects ends when the depression hits Kaufmann House (falling water) 1936 Frank Lloyd ability to envision buildings without mathematics the prairie style- low and long Organic Architecture influenced by Japanese architecture- movable walls and integrated or interrelated does look like it belongs there their summer home, he integrates the spot not just a view of it. Thought he knew better than the client cantilever concrete - every engineer protested- had to be restored even when his assistants secretly put support it the night. AMERICAN CUBISM 1913** the Armory show early European art was too shocking to Teddy Roosevelt and most of Americans Portrait of German Officer "PRECISIOSISM" 1918-1930 Marsden Hartley 1914 My Egypt 1927 Charles Demuth not using open shapes OR the same color paslight influence of futurism-movement and made from his friend that had recently died inspired by cubist paintings cubism in the fragmentation possible that he didn’t understand cubism tight and analytic accepts movements from Europe Flatiron Building Alfred Stieglitz 1903 produced 2,500 framed and museum ready photographs "straight photography"- no alteration of picture AFTER, there's no making it up later married Georgia O'Keefe- she exhibited along with precisionism Red Canna New York Night 1929 Georgia O'keefe Georgia O'Keeffe 1924 you have to live in the present- so yes I am going to paint the city fascinated with photography and shows lensing effects in paintings. Rejected an invitation to the surrealist movements surrealists saw these paintings as alterations and expressions of female genitalia, unconscious motivations she denies these claims also flowers are literally sexual organs THE GREAT DEPRESSION 1929-1941 economic Crisis and political policies/ buying on credit black Thursday 1929 the dust bowl SOCIAL REALISM 1930-1945 Dorothea Lange American Gothic Grant Wood 1930 Migrant workers they had been told there was a pea crop in California and people sold everything to get there was accused of posing people so easily recognizable and connecting with controversy if she had permission to take the audience these pictures photos made a difference and brought in funding for people Aspects of Negro Life: from Slavery Migration Series through Reconstruction Jacob Lawrence Aaron Douglas 1941 1934 The Great City of Tenochtitlan The Two Fridas Diego Rivera 1939 1945 met picasso studied ancient paintings They called her a natural surealist political painter she said she never painted dreams just her own reality includes her mixed heritage. german vs mexican tension with divorce Study 2 Art History 3 Art of the Pacific Cultures Melanesia: Papua New Guinea Lapita Jar 1200-1100BCE Water theme soloman islands All functional art, non existent Prehistoric= geography different, less water, could see and hop islands, water rises and divides the islands easy to break impossible to destroy identified because of the "face" Canoe Prow Wapepe Navigation Chart protolinguistic , beginning of a language.Marshal islands sails show rank and hostility th 19 century AUSTRALIA : arnhem land Auuenau aborigines 35000 bc- presents (possible 1913 earliest settlements) Eucalyptus bark painting Gardner's 33-2 ochre and clay Dreaming/ Dreamtime- Primordial time/ communication with ancestors/ (use music/hallucination drugs/ painting to meditate) "xray" style- looks at outside and inside organs and bones diversity- in culture / animals/ language/ art only 2 colors / the work to just retrieve the bark Piercings , clan re-painted the image over and over, associated with a specific clan The conference of serpents from **Three dancers and two the Wawilak musicians** 1963 20 th Jimmy midjaw midjaw 4 colors , white / black / yellow and red spinal cords= xray style. first colors perceived in infant development Melanesia Korambo- Haus Tambaran th Ceremonial Men's House- not women not 20 boys/ utilitary house aswell disguised door the 4 colors/ images of ancestor Triangle shape / masculine and feminine aspects Malagan Bisj Poles 1930 west papua th th th Tatanua Mask 19 to 20 century mid 20 act of dancing/ masks art IS the ancestor / when mask is worn they transform into this individual EMBODY ancestors / mohawk style stacked figured carved from one tree/ most evident are figures. exaggerated phallic. function=head hunting/ they believe every death is in one form or another murder, never natural death/ carved as oath of vengence. Then skull is placed in the pole. 1960 -head hunting abolished POLYNESIA Tiki tapa- bark cloth- made by women/ rigid gender roles= makes art recognized by eyes and mouth/ beads in hair to secret protect warrior culture war club captain james cook 1771- mapped barrier reef of australia/ mapped new zealand / "found" hawaii Teve Tupuhia Rukupo 1980 Raharuhi marquesian islands new zealand tatua- warriors covered in tattoo/ they show the same things that the canoes have done/ each tattoo is earned / moko= tattoo mens house / poupo = wooden figures/ tukutuku- woven parts(done by women) christians saw tattooing as desecrating the body Hawaii Easter Island (Rapa Nui) Moai feathered cloak so intact because it was given from the moai- standing figures/ each clan makes king of hawaii to king of england them different to associate clans competition who can make these the fastest? they ended up deforesting the tree ahu- top knotts or hats EARLY PHOTOGRAPHY AND REALISM the industrial revolution--mechanization and mass production. -- raw materials and sources of energy. Before / After the industrial revolution-- rural to urban style-- agricultural to industrial economy -- handmade to machine made. happened bc of … popultation / increase in supply and demand. changes in political structure (laissez-faire-- no govt involved) social mobility 1839- invention of photography by two different artists wet plate photography-n Food line following Kentucky Flood Camera Obscura= "dark room" goes from room 1937 to box aperature- light hole Margaret Bourke Light-sensitive materials -Bitumen - Silver halide Photograph was possible to make even anciently, and even in renaissance or Greeks Photography had to wait for a fixative movement away View from his Window At Gras The Open Door 1826 Talbot Niepce 1843 -- England First photograph ever created because he sucked at lithography some people don’t consider this Calliotype -shot on paper-positive image- reproduceable - can only make few. photography because you can't mass "Taking a picture of a picture produce it preliminary//8 hour exposure time Still Life in Studio Portrait of Charles Baudelaire 1837 1863 Daguerro NADAR Latent Development- image that we he liked "the facts"/ not to express himself couldn’t see but it was recorded Nadar wanted to copy right laws to his photos Daguerreotype- because its silver it's not b/c people were just ripping him off reproducable negative/ Tight and sharp/patented the and taking pictures of himself product Ophelia Study no 2 Nadar Raising Photography to the 1867 Height of Art Julia Margaret Cameron 1862 daumier nadar acutally did Possibly 1 photography artist that treats photography as art, surely first female pushes the looseness / or can over-expose The Stone breakers 1848**- Revolutions--3 rd/4 1849 Another Monarchy over thrown/ new president Courbet Political(what would acutally work? not just idolizing), scientific and artistic realism Marx- believed it could be a thought revolutions but associated with violence / economic determinism- this determins how we look at everything The Communist Manifesto 1848** Avant Garde- "the cutting edge" First Socialist painting /French Realism The Salon of 1855**- world art class not going to paint anything outside of his real experience working class / huge ! trying to make a suddle broader statement / social mobility colors are browns and grays of the everyday Paintings seen as unacceptable / he decided to show outside the salon just like the impressionists but b4 them European Realism 1826 1889 LE dejeuner sur herbe 1863** salon de refuges Manet 1863 NOT accepted: whole figure had "underdrawing" "unfinished"/ perspective off/ content outrageous update of old historical painting /Encompasses multipul pushes what is "acceptable" Olympia Manet 1863 fights break out related to venus de urbino / making himself a link of influence anchoring to past to defuse the pushing of limits IMPRESSIONISTS Bar at The Folies-bergere louis napoleon 3d manet he transformed paris // his tactical losses unintentionally led to unification of italy882 and germany// made 100s of boulevards, sewage,water Notre Dame cathedral re-built demolished and expanded the lourve charels baudelaire-- wanted people to think with modern art // to be associated with this made you an impressionist// great art should represent the present-- develop your own sensibility-- the flaneur(ideal of modern age man)--Man as endlessly curious--observer of the crowd-- interested in womens roles 8 exhibitions in 12 years plein air painting -- completing bulk of work outside (first gen snap shot idea- trapese artist is there a mirror?/ manet thinks it will be his last painting women represents the champagne bottle has a face as if someone had just assumed she was a prostitute French Impressionism 1874-1900 Impression: sunrise claude monet- outsider even with Saint-lazare Train Station impressionists Hay Stack he is interested in the environment more than people COLOR palette local color- what a color ACTUALLY is. when and object is preceived in full white lighting Optical- color exposed in any other light Women included in movement/ full fledged members immediate present moment -bodiere doubted that they were totally finished outside learned to paint as a tourist artist a record of an experience / YOUR favorite moments lighting affects the way we see objects /optical color changes- provide time and temperature Water Lillies- so radical that they wrote his obituary example of 1 installation because the space were made just for this. interested in environment Le Moulin de la Galette wooded landscape/ La place de Renior Theatre francais 1876 Pissarro 1898 was successful both in and outside of an academic setting interested in the crowd constant movent/ snapshot aspect/ shifting light eye movements, people watching people was in every show/ oldest member, most traveled studying HOW we see/ vision and optics he developed vision problems and couldn’t paint outside loss of horizon line/ asian art comparison Ballet rehearsal Summer's Day 1874 Berthe Morisot Degas Student to manet/ lover and marries his brother/ talented at a young age./ manet criticized her paintings as being unfinished focuses and paints mostly women-constrant? criticual of how women are treated- "guilded cage" there is a lack of mobility for women or barrier Women in a Loge Tub 1886 (Pastel) Mary Cassat 1879 only friend was manet. Spoiled rotten / well educated/ never earned a dime. Would go into bars and instigate fights . Only constant theme was ballet connection to photography Only American to be admitted into the academy leaves center blank studio painting also used floating perspective double meaning? that confused mirror look / no failed vision= he didn’t make faces mirror? absenth culture- believed to be was more interactive hullicineginetics or was it because of Shows an authentic relationship between mother unsanitary conditions and child/ correct anatomy for children carves her own wood block prints. American Realism 1860-1914 american civil war 1860 (LOOK UP) POST IMPRESSIONISM 1884-1906 Skull And Candlestick response to impressionists Cezanne 1866 -------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- The Sower Vincent Van Gogh father of modern painting--introduced new problems began as impressionist then went to landscaping/still life described as mule headed/ thin skinned chose colors purposefully for expression not butthead observation of light. son and wife didn’t come to his death bed "I used color to express emotion" "all of my friends are assholes"- last words first "expressionist" can color provide space? uses arbitrary color./ responding to realists tooakes movement out of paintings - response to 1990's--- irises painting sold for the most impression warm in front cool in back-- deconstructed linear amount ever at the time---bought by ghetty family logic "studio of the south" (france) most works produced here Night Café Absinthe addiction that induced seizures. also mental illnesses and checked himself into insane stitching together the foreground and asylum -starry night here. background very interested in reduction to basic space Mount saint-victoire Still life with water Jug Sunday Afternoon Paul Gaugin George Seurat painting side by side with van gough. has flatness and push/ pull went to taihiti -man uncorrupted by culture pointism=divisionism trying to divide colors paints the tahiti that he wanted to find inspired by egyptian art- stiff fell in love with a 14 year old originally not a pointalism- until he was critisized then he painted over it used paints that had not been used before-- the painting changed colors over time. painting could be the reason there was the "last" impressionist show Henri de toulouse 1893 lithographs born with birth defects/ and car crash make him disportioned / and he felt outcasted experiments with leaving portions of the painting unfinished color used to express how the rich were "ugly" SYMBOLISM 1850-1925 Jupiter And Semele Gustave Moreau References to literature/ the bible/ dreams 1875 trying to reach universal truths mother of dyionisis/ shoved into zeus' thigh / hera tricked her into showing zeus his true form killing her. environment=zeus The Apparation 1874 anti feminist- shows what happens when women have TOO much power half symbolist=his style is still academic The cyclops The Scream Odilon Redon Edvard Munch 1898 1893 modern painting with classic reference To show that at someone at somepoint in their life are going to want something they cant have Death: my irony exceeds all others two of his family members died and two of them went crazy, then he had his own mental health problems earth crying out in pain- pollution references Cezanne warm and cool colors makes painting flat reference to Peruvian mummies / they were buried by the earth not wrapped both paintings stolen -thieves were trying to steal black madonna/ recovered in almost perfect condition EARLY MODERN ARCHITECTURE Crystal palace neoclassical- 1 material / both skeleton Joseph Paxton and skin 1850 (skin and bones separate) mass production reinforced concrete undraped construction-"undecorated" 1851**- england hosts world fair ART Nouveau largest sheltered building ever -a toast to the industrial revolution contains parts that are identical SO MUCH that they reassembled it somewhere else designed greenhouses before this england Eiffel tower Skyscraper -Marshalfield store Alexandre-gustave eiffel Henry Hobson Richardson 1889** 1838 Chicago -tallest structure /iron in huge quantity france all the iron is totally straight //many people hated it because it looks unfinished elevators// meant to look out from not at- they are showing off paris Floating perspective (Statue of liberty Bartholdi and Eiffel ) Wainwright building L.Sullivan "FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION" decoration not as prevelant ART Nouveau Stair case in Van Eevelde house Victor Horta emphasis of handcrafted -still uses steal and electricity looks plant based Antonio Gaudi Luois tiffany furniture and stain glass Spain- barcelona 12 buildings - over the top Still expanding the building now 2ndfaçade- future- and geometric pictured the cathedral showing spain as the past and future made his base model design upside down Casa Malia house of bones ART History 3 part 4 Late 20 Century World war 2- tensions and breaking/ unresolved issues/ how Germans were treated- needing to take back power/ exposed racism and discrimination of all people/ Large civilian casualties/ nowhere and no one was safe/ darkness / exile of the european avante guarde/ intellectuals left Europe/ Center of art world shifts from France to New York. ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM European Expressionism 1945-1960 almost all began as surrealists and bc of war they become expressionists Main Pointing Painting 1946 Alberto Giacometti Francis Bacon England The City Square Originally trained as cubist dark psychological turn existentialist statement- "god is dead" in a modern era we are not connected to god the way we use to focused on the world around them in a world without a spiritual meaning he started working from live all we are is flesh and blood models Head Surrounded by sides of turn toward reality got him kicked beef out of the surrealist movement existential -- totally alone 1954 death and destruction of the war never intended as permanent artworks interested in act of creating references to art history **** Study after Velazquez reference to Velazquez Pope innocent even the Pope is little that bone and flesh Wols France **** art informel art therapy collections from children and psycho patients biomorphic ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM Formalism A method of art history, theory, and criticism (and method of making art) emphasizes form over content //NO STORY//Clement Greenberg Purity- not serving politics, religions, or self, what are issues that come with working with a material refered to as old boys club Number 29 Male and Female 1942 Jackson Pollock Pollock he breaks the ice for everyone else from Wyoming The Key 1946 studied social realist--teacher Thomas Benton when teaching he drew his figures in curves and counter curves argued that Pollock follows the same structure non-representational Eyes in the heat 1946 first went to surrealism because he was suggested to use art therapy for his violent behaviors was he using his art therapy in his personal and professional life Cathedral Fathom Five 1947 all over composition (can't switch around parts and see a difference) DRIP PAINTINGS (***1947-1952***) borrowed from Mexican muralists The art is the performance achieves his paintings looking SO unique is that they look like his signatures RECORD of act of painting / speed/ and motion Interesting in ACT of painting The irascibles Lee Krasner nina lee The Seasons **** wife of pollock formalist not regarded until she divorced kooning 1950 every man was married to an artist but they werent considered part of the movement Still life De Kooning Starts this way excavation 1950 disembodied all over composition seated woman not liked by critics because of his figures falls into trap that looks like he hates women because it's used so much in his context many people wanted to claim it was his WIFE slept around to promote his career woman 1 **** interested in process/ every brush stroke placed purposefully if he didn’t like it he scrapped it off interested in the physical act of painting not the end result comes from content more than form active in New York highly abstract and expressive but NOT non-representational ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM SUB-GROUPS OF ACTION PAINTERS process and gesture untitled Mountains and Sea 1952 Joan Mitchell Helen Frankenthaler **** solves problem of cezzane stained canvas painting- thinned paint out to provide a unifying texture de kooning inspiration nd even with pop art she still pushed 2 generation artist - Greenberg abstract taught this generation briefly married to Greenberg Cubi XIX 1964 talks about herself in a formalist David Smith way The Moors turpentine halo- not in control of solves this with a new material The bay Flood unclear if brush was ever used seen all at once rather than **** following movements introduces steel into art inspired by pollock learns electric welding and welded in the army non-representational sculptures no sense of depth 2 dementional sculpture top heavy- advantage of steel wings on lifeless hunks of steel objects thrown in the are and its being held down by the base figure suggested- leaping dancing girls ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM COLOR FIELD large non- representational a sublime(first used in romantic period) art of revelation New man Rothko Vir Heroicus sublimus Lavender and Mulberry * ** very little expression vertical lines zips NOT lines=his signature *** zips are different color and affect wants you to stand only a foot the overall red away so that it's all you can see optical allusion- pushes to slow formalists love it because of people down if all you see are color relationships meant to instil feeling of sublime you have missed the point- people have religious feelings from paintings. "I felt it, I painted it, they felt it" Rothko Chapel now people of all religions are welcom symbol of divine without symbolism committed suicide POP ART avante gaurde and Kitche embrases popular culture- Lawrence Alloway 1959*** Shatteres Greenbergs understanding Just What is it? andy warhol Richard Hamilton Brillo **** la artist his assistants did everything for him **** studio=factory for art and artists modern day adam eve wanted fame more than being an artist world of advertising came to believe he could make other advertising manipulating people buy something you already have people famous Green coca cola bottles celebrate advertising ? has a global recognition are americans making fun of it or embracing it? recognizes that IF everything is art nothing is art fading and lines in coca cola would not be acceptable but in the fine art world it looks like expression Marilyn Diptych **** Neo- Dada still Pop art Jasper Johns Robert Rauschenberg Target with PLASTER CASTS bed 1955 **** ses encostic-traditional(greeks used) both have the focus of everyday newspaper-nontraditional everything has art potential between physical and conceptual-FLAG Canyon 1959 Example its just a picture of a pipe now try to apply same idea to the flag what we think of and what we make pop art that is sold very well kooning once said that bastard could bronze beer cans and make money and he did Ready made painting and sculpture 2d vs 3d arbitrary accumulations** no interaction they just happen to be in the same space most critics doubt there aren't connections he leaves it open for us to put together Roy Lichtenstein Claes Oldenburg engagement ring The store wants it to be like your welcome Trowel 1971 **** come out of a world of commercial art stealing art ties in with the ready made making people look at everyday objects how much can you "sample" visual elaboration-look at something in comparable to the david statues and MOMENTS a new way we already know the story chooses the comic books because we don’t know the story lipstick tank the difference is a whole comic book is Claes Oldenburg passive because we already have the whole story he feels by leaving one single image we add meaning and imagination drowning girl dots visible all he actually did was make a choice Oh Jeff statement how we buy products from companies that do support the war close to protest war * *** MINIMALISM specific objects 1965** (birth cry of movement) idea that they are constructions not representational needing to be explained, then again so does most art/doesn't impress us DARES TO BE BORING donald judd untitled Conceptual One and Three Chairs Joseph Kosuth intersection of language and vision imperfect possibilities of communication PERFORMANCE Hurling Colors Allan Kaprow Gutai Group Yard embodiment Japanese group act of creating itself is art work created enviroments smashed bottles of paint on canvas removed from one concept to another act of painting OVER finish product tires in a room work destroyed changed context of gallery settings How to explain pictures to a dead hare Joseph beuys was in war personal symbolism that was hard for others to understand SITE SPECIFIC Basic Maintenance Vietnam memorial Richard Serra Maya Lin Five Plates, two Poles Richard Serra still has minimalism more personal cause you have to look for a name including other monuments looks like scar in earth Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty industrial geometric shapes--- minimalism but he ACTIVATES it- charged or dangerous BIG STEEL WALL "ongoing dialect" constructive and destructive forces of nature sea is where life began and dead sea killed it no maintenance Christo and Jean Claude The gates central park new york shows division between two buildings and how they compete installed anywhere else it doesn’t make sense compound curvature Between the Torus and the Sphere sculptures architectual manipulating space comments of capitalism and consumerism took 26 years to approve and was up for 16 days LATE MODERN ARCHITECTURE technical problems Frank Lloyd Wright sculptural unity - parts of building reOpera House to itself at the enviroment around it Guggenheim museum NY 5 opera houses, looks unified to 1 concrete constructions revolution BAD function the sounds are awful unity had to add an extention to have FUNCTION as well as sculpture the floors are all slanted so all the art looks slanted Eero Saarinen Mies Van Der Rohe Trans World Airlines Terminal 5 jfk Glass Skyscraper never constructed less is more bauhaus movement Seagram Building NewYork Johnson and Rohe revolution as a concrete shell, can take pressure on all sides no internal suffering Strong eggshell construction looks like the building is on stilts air pressure, windows were popping out he's pushing things where they start to run into problems Post Modernism Jacques Derrida- deconstruction Fragmentation vs unity- truth itself is fragmented(TRUTHS) self is fragmented Lack of purity (no pure categories) Robert Venturi Complexity and contradiction Venturi house atand t bulding Robert venturi johnson and burgee Eastern Delware form does not have to be tied into funtion old school pay telephone visual interest only for granfather clock Frank Gehry Denver Art museum Guggenheim bilbao museo Daniel Libeskind spain original has windows that look out and frame denver library- contradiction many people experiened vertigo high tech sculptural view front of the building is fragmented back is unified inside, compound curves can use CAD programs based off of fish bodies largest sculpture room Disney opera House Hong Kong Bank Norman Foster deconstructive xo skeleton THE 1960'S decade of dissent PROTEST ART culture wars 1990's 1999***- Giuliani vs. the Brooklyn Museum Faith Ringgold Felix Gonzalez the flag is bleeding Lover boy story art express grief interracial relationships minimalism activist art ties to protest towering stack of paper slowly movements dissapears Untitled The artifact piece kiki smith 1990 James luna 1987 protest, institutional critique bodies breaking down and betray us wants us to recognize our own fragility The holy virgin mary Chris America He


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