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GSU / History / HIST 2110 / What does federalism refers to?

What does federalism refers to?

What does federalism refers to?


School: Georgia State University
Department: History
Course: Survey of U.S History (HIST 2110-
Professor: Casey cater
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: US History
Cost: 25
Name: Survey of US History Notes: Weeks1&2
Description: These notes cover the first two weeks of class.
Uploaded: 01/07/2016
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Nellie Simonis (Rating: )

Great notes!!! Thanks so much for doing this...


What does federalism refers to?


US Constitution


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Federalism - Gov. system in which power is - between nat'l & state govs.

Nat'l (federal) gov has power over some things, state has power over others

- Nat'l gov not necessarily superior;

What is the difference between federalism and anti-federalism?

Simply has clifferent powers from state - Designed to bring together different political

units for one purpose - Individuals are citizens of both state & notion If you want to learn more check out What is the mongol way of war?

→ Example: 1980's

Pres. Reagan wanted to a drinking age to 21. This is a state duty, not a fed, one, but Reagan threatened to take away

Jacksonian america refers to what?

We also discuss several other topics like Why is memory considered an associative network?

federal highway funding for states that didn't comply




Study /

* Articles of Confederation - First written constit.

of the US, ratified 1781.

→ Very weak. Tried to prevent tyranny but

gave too much power to states Congress could make treatties but can't make

States obey > Cong.could print money, couliot support its value Don't forget about the age old question of Clinical psychologists worked in?

Cong could take on debts, couldn't repay them. couldn't levy taxes, no revenue! unicameral (Single Chamber goy, 2nd Continental Congress. All states must approve changes to constit, but could never agree! No progress!

StudySoup Don't forget about the age old question of What are three methods or tools for finding what is nearby geographic features or for working with distance?

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- Shays' Rebellion (1786-87 697 sol- Farmers upset about tax t, petitioned

gov and were ignored. Stopped paying taxes, lost farms. Took over court houses, almost took

over Massachussets, stopped by military - Showed how weak the Articles were If you want to learn more check out What is the specific region involved in expressive language?

Pushed continental Congress to meet

(1781). Decided to scrap AOC completely → Friction blw states added to disaster Rio - Large vs Small states Don't forget about the age old question of Is water and carbon are the same?

- Dispute blw states with & without westem

borders; easy to expand w/o borders - Northern vs Souther states over Slavery

confederation - Equal units come together,


mal uwoh 'sovany IP Jo saprobaj

eg. → NATO, European Union


states were needed to



Constit. was a reachon to

the weak AOC. This is shown by the Preambie, "forma more perfect union" (than AOC)

*US Constitution cratified 1788

> Established by "We the People" not the states, to as in AOC

The people of each state need to vote & approve

constit. Changes, not the states → Estab. a fed, court syst, but doesn't go into detail

For a bill to become law, majonity (3/4) of each house must approve, Send to pres. - Pres.can pass or vett. Veto can be overridden by getting vote of the House of Reps AND Senato

2/3 → Connecticuit Plan - Estab. bicameral legislature

- Senate. 100 members House of Reps 435 motors

I Senators - 6yrterms


surat uhe - SHOH



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→ Federalists VS.

-In favor of constit. - Largely supported by

Urban areas

Alexander Hamilton -John Jay

- James Madison las - Federalist papers

Written to urge ratification - Madison, Hamilton, &

Jay wrote papers under the name Publius

Anti federaliste

opposed constit. Stue Wanted less central gou power

less taxation, - Wanted protection of individ

nights via Bill of Rights largely supported by rural areas, farmers

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Patrick Henry : "Give Me Liberty speech

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> Federalist No. 51

Madison says Checks & Balances are

needed to prevent one gov branch frem en having too much power of

"ambition must be made to counteract

ambition. The power of one branch

can be checked by the power of another 2901/2 "men were angels, no government

would be necessary," Madison counts

on people being seifish & therefore

needing to be govemed. Post - How do we prevent Oppression by the

majority? Madison says this wont

happen blo ppl have so many differences → Constit. Failed to resolve issue of slavery. on stue - Made it a law to not mention slavery

lows for 20 yrs Constit. held the union together.





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Jacksonian America

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senfranchized citizens

are those who can vote

a Bruyns jos sanium

* What was the Jacksonian Era?

was the Jacksonian Era) 1820-1840 ish


• Followed the era of Good Feelings

7 only one political party during that time;

everyone agrees on everything (or so they thought)

• Preceded Antebellum Era (before civil war era)

• Characterized by growth of democracy

- People should get what they want

Emphasis on the common man" Gruevs — Andrew Jackson most dominant political figure

Since Washington → Ciniversal Suffrage: refers to extension of

voting to those who didn't own land - Used to be a law that only men w/ land

could vote Prejudice, Why was it eliminded? - Demographic & Social Change . The # of

people who weren't allowed to vote was

becoming too large. Elites feared riots. - Elites realized an advantage 4 themselves @

in letting more ppl vote. e.g. more voters,

more ppl to serve in military - Political Competition allowing mone ©

people to wote means greater potential

votes in your favor as a candidate los → Increased popularity of the idea of democracy







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et dans won 1824 Corrupt bargain

• During the 1824 election, Jackson wan

Popular vote of the people but didrit win majonity of electoral college, Henry Clay, Specker of the House, attacked Jackson, Adams named Clay as his Secretary of State

pshowed the people great compnen, so Jackson



Sac Andrew Jackson - Pres. 1829-37. Dem

1. War of 1812 : US was defeated, but Jackson o

Won Battle of New Orleans, was considered a

hero even though buttle accomplished nothing

→ War had already ended by the start of the

battle, aside from Jackson's knowledige Annexed FL took it from Spain, added to us 01824 - Buns 4 Pres. against John Quincy Adams

and loses, but wins next Pres election 3. Campaigned as the common man, got all the lates 0

-> You should vote for me bc I'm like you

This started a chain for future candidates

• As Pres., presided over in capitalism

Jackson supported making $, but didn't like that elites used it as a gov.advantage Opposed 2nd Bank of us, which was supposed to open during his term

- Viewed bank as being an instrument of

the wealthy Indian Removal, us wanted Indians to move so it could expand. (Removal Act of 1830)

→ Tribes signed treaties to switch their land

for other land signed out of fear that individ.

Amencans would take their land eventually e > Jackson pushed senate to approve a treaty wl

small group of cherokees, getting them to move Cherokees forced out by millary, many clieclas result

study so

Exchanged land was supposed to be protected by mirary, so inclivid. Americans couldn't take it

from Indians, but this didn't last. Americans to eager to expand.

Trail of Tears (1838-39) Cherokees forced to give up land E of MS River, migrate to area in present-day OK.Many died op hunger disease, exposure.




Politics of slavery 1820-1859

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* Political status of slavery.

Constitution did not resolve slavery

- Made a law to not create slavery laws 420 yrs. Wanted issue of slavery to disappear, but it kept

coming up blc us Kept expanding to land


*Slavery in the scrith, Economics Suicysor

• Slave trade brought almost as much as growing

cotton! Buying & selling slaves became a major business for the South

> Owners bought Slaves, made them stronger,

sold them for profit




* Missouri compromise (1820) Solved LA Purchase

• Louisiana Purchase (1803) - us bought Louisiana teritory from France, doubling its size, donng

Thomas Jefferson's Presidency

• Missouri Comp. preserved balance blu slave a

free states. After LA joined union, as there was an = # of slave & Free states.

→ ME came into union as free state,

MO joined as slave State - No Slavery allowed above bottom MO border,



except in mo


v Soup


1846 * Mexican War (1890) leads to next big us expansion

• TX was originally part of Mx, got independence 1836,

wanted to join union but us refused bic of balance between free slave states

- James K. Polk becomes Pres. in 1845,

Signs bill to annex TX & bring it into onon Tension blw TX & Mx over berder First war us fought on foreign anta

> Shows grecit change for us ; Will to expand

• MX Lost CA, UT, NY, AZ. ANM, us gave

MX $15 mill in exchange under Treaty of

Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848).


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* Compromise of 1850 - Resolved divisions over

Slavery in territory gained from Mexican War.

• CA admitted as free State UT NM would use popular Sovereignty

(vote of the ppi) to determine slaveny status

• Banned slave trade in Washington, DC, but

not slavery k o

• Fugitive Slave law : Made it easier for Southerners to recover escaped slaves you

> Anyone accussed of escaping was denied stues thal by jury. Any black person (including freemen)

could be accused claimed falsely


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This decision made by Chief Justice

Taney (Taw-nee), enraged abolitionists increased tension bw N&S

Popular Sovereignty - Intended to alleviate tension but only caused more controversy

Only applied to newly acquired territones South becomes more Democratic, more proslavery. North becomes more anti-slavery - Antislavery at this time meant opposed to

expansion *Moving Toward avil war

• Kansas - Nebraska Act 1854

→ Mandated Popular sov., proposed by Stephen Sivas Douglas, overturned missoun compromise

→ Ceads to Bleeding Ransas, contributes to avil Wor → Bleeding Kansas period of violence during

Selling of KS. Pro slavery a antislavery settlers flooded the new territory to influence the decision on whether KS would be slave or free

- Abolitionist John Brown led antislavery soup


• John Brown & Harpers Ferry (1859).

→ Brown seized the federal arsenal @ Harpers Ferry

in effort to build an army to set slaves free across

plantations → Stopped by Robert E. Lee, but Brown seen as martyr

to antislavery.

• Dred Scott Case (857) Stue

Scott lived w/his owner in a free state before moving to a slave state, sued for his freedom & lost.. Court ruled that blacks could not petition courts for freedom bio they werent citizens.



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