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FSU / Process Biology / PCB 4674 / Who is gergor mendel?

Who is gergor mendel?

Who is gergor mendel?


School: Florida State University
Department: Process Biology
Course: Evolution
Professor: Darin rokyta
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: evolution and Biology
Cost: 25
Name: Week 1
Description: These notes cover the main theories discussed in class and the first portion of notes that will be on the exam.
Uploaded: 01/08/2016
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Evolution 01/08/2016

Who is gergor mendel?

Influenza A- RNA virus

∙ Hemagglutinin binds host cells

∙ Higher mutation rate in RNA viruses  

Theory of Special Creation

∙ Created recently and independently

∙ species do not change, they are created as they are

∙ lineages are independent of one another

∙ expect fossils to look like something that exists today

∙ similarity between animals are said to be due to function

o ex: one bird looks like another because they both fly

Theories of Evolution

∙ Common ancestry (assume that there was one or two common  ancestor that gave rise to everything)

What is the theory of special creation?

∙ Decent with modification  

∙ Darwin’s theory is a specific theory that relies on natural selection ∙ Fossil record should show species that are different

∙ Similarities are said to be due to common ancestry not to function  Mechanism of Change

∙ Lamarck- inheritance of aquired characters

∙ Selection of most fit forms (Wells-1813, Matthew-1831, Wallace 1858, Darwin-1858)

Darwin’s Goals

∙ Demonstrate that species change over time and chare common  ancestor

o Readily accepted

∙ Provide a mechanism-natural selection  

o Remained controversial until Mendel’s work became well  

Who is richard lenski?


 Before Mendel- ‘blending inheritance’ was readily  


Gergor Mendel

∙ Austrian mook who bred some 29,000 pea plants as a hobby ∙ Experiments on Plant Hybridization was published in german in  1865 If you want to learn more check out Differentiate weather and climate.

∙ Cited three times in the next 35 years (ignored because it was in  German)

∙ English translation published in 1901 and biologists quickly adopted  his concepts of genotypes and phenotypes

∙ By the 1930’s, synthesis of Darwinian evolution and mendelian  genetics known as the modern synthesis  We also discuss several other topics like How do organisms function?
We also discuss several other topics like What are the treatments for eating disorders?

Observed evolutionary Change

∙ Darwin’s main points:  

o Decent with modification

o Natural selection is mechanism

∙ Direct observation of evolution

o Large populations evolve more quickly than smaller ones o Short generation times and strong selective pressures allow  species to evolve more quickly

∙ Richard Lenski

o E. coli evolution under lab conditions We also discuss several other topics like What is the oldest living organisms?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is the principle of negative feedback?
If you want to learn more check out How do i enforce this court ordered judgment?

o Took a set of clones of E. coli and let them grow into a  population

o 10,000 generations showed an increase in relative fitness

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