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GC204 Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Eliza Barrett

GC204 Exam 1 Study Guide GC204

Marketplace > Clemson University > Graphic Communications > GC204 > GC204 Exam 1 Study Guide
Eliza Barrett
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

Covers everything learned from first unit
Patrick Rose
Study Guide
Graphic Communications
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Eliza Barrett on Friday January 8, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to GC204 at Clemson University taught by Patrick Rose in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see in Graphic Communications at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 01/08/16
GC207 Study Guide Exam 1 YOU GOT THIS! SGIA- Speciality Graphic ImagingAssociation Screen printing - Transferring an image by forcing ink through a stencil (opening). • Very Versatile: can print on almost any substrate, & uneven surfaces. • Can make a thick ink deposit: good for outdoor durability, can have many different ink surface effects. • Prints on textiles (not garments, but like cloth), circuitry and membrane switches, outdoor ads, POP and speciality ads, containers, bottles, ceramics Advantages • Shorter runs can be economically • viable. • Outdoor durability (weather ability) Ink available to adhere to MANY substrates. • Disadvantages • Slower production speed, longer prep time. • Shorter runs due to wear on mesh and stencil. • Sometimes moiré and mesh pattern can be a problem. • Expensive image carrier- mesh. Industrial Screen Printing~ Screen printing done as a part of the manufacturing process. – Users of this segment not thought of as a printing company – May be done “in-plant” – May be done off site ~In mold decoration, dashboards, keyboards, keypads Mesh threads~ nylon (flexes, stretches for container printing, absorbs water making registration difficult) , polyester (doesn’t elongate much, stable, takes tension better), silk (expensive), cotton (cheap, weak), stainless steel (very strong, conducts electricity) Monofilament: single strand per thread – Stronger, thin, cleans easily (we use it exclusively) – More expensive, but may reuse often Multifilament: many strands per thread. – stencils adhere better, allows thicker ink deposits, cleans poorly due to more surface area for ink to adhere to. – Less expensive, many shops throw it away after one use weaves~ TWILL weave- one weft thread crossing over two warp threads, then under one – More likely to make moiré • PLAIN weave- one thread over one thread – Less likely to make moiré Mesh treatments~ Calendered mesh – FLATTENED on one side • for smooth edges and thin ink layer Etched mesh • Helps stencil adhesion Stencils~ Blocks ink in non-image area, allows ink to pass through in image area, provides edge definition types: Hand Cut Stencils, tusche (greasy pencil/brush technique), photographic stencils (We will look at only these types of stencils) Photo stencil direct~ Liquid emulsion coated directly on screen; most durable, long runs • Screen coated, exposed through positive, washed out • Cheapest of all photo sensitive methods • Modern, automatic coaters used in many high quality facilities Photo Stencil: Capillary • Emulsion on plastic support sheet • Uniform thickness, less difficult, fast, less messy • Makes a “gasket seal” for fine details, edge definition. • Expensive, since manufacturer maintains thickness- not scoop coat Photo Stencil: Indirect • Emulsion on plastic support sheet, used for fine detail, not as durable for long runs • Can’t be used on rough meshes, won’t adhere • Exposed, developed, washed out, adhered to screen, base removed after drying Photo Stencil: Direct/Indirect: • Combines the two processes • Combines fine print quality of capillary with durability of direct which surrounds the thread with emulsion • Long prep time, tricky exposures Halftones and mesh~ • The regular patterns of the dots and the mesh can cause moiré • We need a ratio of mesh to dots that will minimize it • 3 or 4 times the mesh count to the lpi is common. • 85 lpi x 4= 340 (we use 305 or 355TPI) quality Dot shape... • square, round, elliptical • Mesh thickness • Thread thickness all play a role in reproduction quality. Test on substrate, with mesh and ink to be used for best prediction of results. • Photo Stencil quality is affected by • Mesh prep, cleanliness • Exposure accuracy • Image wash out • Fabric mesh thread thickness • Mesh count and stencil thickness determine ink film thickness Mesh color! You can get light undercutting of image during exposure! • Digital direct screen printing- inkjet imaged as positive directly on the stencil, UV Laser light exposing stencil MAJOR PARTS! Flood bar- moves ink to start position Squeegee mesh flat bed or cylinder register method


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