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Art History Exam #3

by: Bree Notetaker

Art History Exam #3 Art 201

Bree Notetaker
Art History I
Martin Raish

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About this Document

Study Guide for the 3rd exam in Art History 1
Art History I
Martin Raish
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Bree Notetaker on Friday January 8, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Art 201 at Brigham Young University - Idaho taught by Martin Raish in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Art History I in Art History at Brigham Young University - Idaho.


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Date Created: 01/08/16
A A AegeanCycladic Female figurines marble looking up only a nose on a face Linear B and A Language Socratic Islands Frying pans 2500 BC 15 decorated organic themes Marble figurines 16 tons found crossed arms tilted head no fingers nose only prominent feature Marble Harpist one piece arms broken real vs fake B AegeanMinoan Lady holding snakes City s don t have walls around them not violent jumping bulls but not killing Island of Crete The Palace at Knossos also called palace of Minos red pillars 5000 acres over 1000 rooms large central courtyard laberenthlike livable space storage space wall painting representing rituals and nature dolphins on wallRunning Bull fresco bull with three acrobats Minos was son of Zeus Europa was wife who fell in love with a bull and had a minotaur baby who they put n a labyrinth Ariadne gave Theseus gold thread and he killed the minotaur Arthur Evans archeologist High point of Crete 1200 BC Palaces destroyed around 1400 BC Pithoi ceramic jars Pottery Beaked iug Octopus vase Harvester vase Rhyton bulls head Volcano erupted in Santorini found three story homes with wall murals C AegeanMycenaean 14001250 BC Gold facesMask of Agamemnon found over faces of dead guys in tombs City s have walls around them Lions gate at Mycenaean cyclopean big stone stuff Corbel vaulted walls Big beehive dome tombalso called the Treasury of Atreus Tholos sward Bronze with lions killing antelope Megaton at the palace of nester GREECE Theme seeking perfection perfect body temple etc intellectually and physically We have a lot of art but there s gaps and inconsistent written records they wrote about their art and artists We then rely on copies of originals most greek sculpture was painted We rely on roman marble copy s of a lost greek bronze we don t have the originals because many were melted down ex Polykeitos Doryphorus Our Heritage from the Hellens alphabet alphabeta Politics the polis greek citystate pronunciation Democracy demospeople krateosrule Olympiad began 776 BC Mathematics Literature lliadampthe Odyssey Theatre Philosophy socrates Man is the measure of all things way of thinking of the Greeks Know thy self Sound body sound mind etc greek temple pronaosentrance cella naosmiddle where Diety statue goes Opisthodomosback roon columns in antisin the opisthodomos Anta end of the wall beside columns Stylobate Peristyle all parts of the greek temple greek styles Doric Style top of columns lonic Style top of columns A Symposium a guy thing to drink and party orgies sex talked shapes of vases most popular was Amphora A storage jar painted on the shoulder neck lip used as a canvas where they put lots of detail held wine they would use wine from the amphora to mix in with water in a krater larger mouth different types large used to mix water with their very saturated wine used a Oinochoe to dip in krater and serve wine to guests used a Kylix to drink out of like a big handled cup shallow bowl a Lekythos was used for perfume put on gravestones white ground classical period D GreeceGeometric or Orientalizing Period BC 1000700 700600 ceramics small bronzes Easter influences Begin serious presentation of human body Geometric krater lots of geometric shapes on top and bottom scene of dead guy on a table people with triangle torso people morning loss with hands over heads professional morning women hired to cry at funeral talking bout funeral instead of afterlife chariot with horses 45 ft tall for wine Meander design at the top horror vacui fear of open space they filled the whole vase with art Geometric amphora 5 feet tall for women funerals man and centaurAnother bronze married at oracle sanctuary Bronze Horse to thank the oracle for their prophesy 750 BC Orientalizing Amphora still horizontal bands but now filled with organic shapes instead of geometric eastern color scheme Oenochoe vase animals grazing griffins on top eastern art Aryballos perfume bottle Cauldron with protomes black cauldron with little bird head looking things on the top around opening E GreeceArchaic Period 600480 Laocoon Priest of troy naked wrapped up in snakes strangling him two younger sons also being strangled Theater in Epidayuros Build on a side of a hill little more than 180 degree circle skenewe get scene from because that s where the actors stood Orchestra on the sides of the Skene Monument of Lysikrates little monument onto was a Corinthian capital KoreKouros nude youth boy standing with one foot fonNard or girl with draped cloth architectureampAttached sculpture vase painting Artists concentrating on the body Mantiklos Apollo first tentative step in trying to understand the anatomy of the male figure Lady of Auxerre 24 females figure with clothing on tall with narrow waist lost of hair skirt engraving with square pattern Temple A Prinias Crete Horses with solders on side of building Kouros Naked man with dreadlocks and hair tied put over grave of young man who died about 6 feet tall perfect young man Hair holds up head muscular arms narrow waist Analysis Kouros More muscular and realistic more correctly proportioned dredded hair big legs more fleshy Kore Female figure lots of draped clothes long braided hair how does the drapery conceal reveal the body more realistic KritiosBoy on boarder between archaic and classical46 short hair with hat naked a little before 480 BC standing with weight on left leg relaxed right leg contrapposto in italion head not looking straight ahead Temple of Herea I 550 BC nickname Basilica located in Paestum Doric temple Temple of Aertemis in Corfu 600580 BC End of the building roof long triangle with medusa and two lions corners had smaller people beginning of archaic era Sanctuary of Apollo Delphi Lots of little buildings city went up on no a hill with the temple on top they had Treasurey of Siphnianspediment and freeze Shows lion eating the warriors men contemplating the battle of Troy and treasures of Athens Pediment triangle at end of roof Freeze boarder around the top of the buildingn Temple of Aphasia Aegina 500490 BC Doric pediment problem solved by crouching people and lying people instead of scaling them down one guy is happy and laying other guy is sad and dying with arm stuck in shield Temple of hera II at Paestum 460 BC even number of columns instead of odd West pediment Temple of Zeus at Olympia 470 is BC Pediment survived but temple did not story of a battle between lapes and sentars who started attacking all the women Apollo in the middle people squish down and bend as they form the triangle this temple fell into a river Labors of Kerakles 160 cm 5 3 metope athena has a bend knee man holding up something with pillow on his neck blackfigure process figures painted in thick slip engraved detail take needle in figures the figure turns red in kiln then black then cools red so the pot stays red and figures turn black Redfigure process background is thicker figures in this slip details painted instead of incised Exekias famous black fire amphora Achilles and Ajax playing Dice black figures ExekiasWas a master of this art Another one of Achilles Killing Penthesilea 540530 BC 16 Bilingual Amphora one side of the pot is red on black other side is black on red They changed from black to red because it gave them more artistic movement Euphronious master of redonblacktwo men wrestling 510 BC Euthymides another master of red on black pots scene of three brothers coming home from a party naked drunk 510 BC 235 the painters were better at 7 painting bodies than the Kuros sculptures Kouros Eos with Memnon She flew in to pick up his dead body in a cup 105 Berlin painter Abduction of Europa 13 490 BC Famous for dark heavy black background with big blob of heavy red figures on front F GreeceThe Classical Age 450 ish Riace Warriors found in the ocean near souther italy original classic greek bronze sculpture curly beards bent left arm very realistic and natural looking perfect human forms Lost wax method for casting large bronze Zeus of Poseidon another greek bronze throwing something 6 10 left heal off the ground ready for movement very natural beard and bangs Diskobolos disk thrower copy of a greek bronze Polykleitos artist of Doryphoros tree holding him up supposed to hold a spear roman copy of greek bronze 6 11 so at ease Parthenon Propulaia Athena Nike Erichtheion on The Acropolis Parthenon 447438 BC lktinos ampKallikrates designed it 6 more years for sculpture 8 by 17 columns everything fits the golden rectangle mathamatically perfect huge athena statue in the middle made of Gold porch in front storage on other end of cella not a right angle in any place in the building because all the the columns lean in a little Pediment sculpture of women 3 goddesses with beautiful drapery clothes horse head going over the rise of the pediment Metopes same thing using humans and mental thinking of a human conquering barbarian senators Frieze Painting on the entire permitor of all the ceiling walls that tell a story Propylaia gateway to the Acropolis Used to be a wall all the way around Nike sitting in a weird position but had beautiful drapery working with the body sculpture Grave Stela of Hegeso Shows Hegeso sitting in a chair while servant brings her a box with something in it which shows her contemplating the vanity of live beautiful drapery on the women 410400 BC Erechtheum never finished up on the acropolis right on the dropoff Porch of the maidens solid wall which is unusual funny walls and columns primarily ionic but has the Cariatic column which are females holding up the ceiling Reed Painter White ground vases paint is put on after fired they were funerary to put on a grave stone sitting infant of headstone lechythose Achilles painter again white ground lechythose G GreeceThe Fourth Century Alexander the Great age 30 ish died 323 BC Chuck on time when things are changing from classical to hellenistic Two artists from this era Praxiteles Aphrodite of Knidos 350340 BC 1st nude female sculpture He s a sensual artist second work of art by Praxiteles Hermes amp Dionysos naked man leaning right arm up broken off lysippos apoxymenos a sculpture of an athlete who cleaned himself with oil 330 BC 6 9 leaf over privates Weary Herakles 320 BC 10 5 older and tired muscular hairy beard holding apples in hand behind his back gorgeous male figure forces you to move around sculpture H GreeceHELLENISTIC Alexander the great had a HUGE empire when he died at Babalon everyone spoke greek More person of the world instead of person of the city They like things over the top City of Pergamon Alter of Zuse 175 BC built to tell a story commemoration of a war victory nude figures snakes angels giants being killed by Gods gruesome scenes violence only in hellenistic period sculptures are on the bottom instead of top huge stainNay shape is horseshoe Nike of Samothrace wings no head landing on a boat shows wind blowing Aphrodite Pan and Eros naked woman with half goat half man seducing her with little angel m rational thinking Sleeping Eros 150100 BC baby sleeping Old Market Woman Drunken Old Woman shows age gualities of hellenistic nonrational theatrical pathos want you to feel something empathize with the struggle of the people and sculptures focussed on a specific person Gallic Chief Chief holding wife that he kills then thrusts his sward into his own chest to die rather than be captured Dying Gaul 230220 BC Lifesize sitting leaning over dying trumpet around his leg naked mustache necklace called a Torc The Boxer Older origional bronze lumpy sitting on a rock turned head 10050 BC 4 8 tired looking things wrapped around hands Head from Delos inlaid eyes bronze 80 BC looks deep int thought Laocoon Priest of troy naked wrapped up in snakes strangling him two younger sons also being strangled Theater in Epidayuros Build on a side of a hill little more than 180 degree circle skenewe get scene from because that s where the actors stood Orchestra on the sides of the Skene Monument of Lysikrates little monument onto was a Corinthian capital


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