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health and wellness review

by: Alexis Notetaker

health and wellness review

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > health and wellness review
Alexis Notetaker

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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alexis Notetaker on Friday January 8, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to a course at Middle Tennessee State University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views.


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Date Created: 01/08/16
Health and Wellness Test Three Review MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23 RD VERY IMPORTANT….. PLESAE READ!!!!! I did not get to cover eating disorders. I will put them on the test. The questions will be very general . I have attached the slide for you to review. Do not forget to bring a large blue scan sheet that has 100 answers on the front and 100 possible answers on the back. Please bring a #2 pencil. YOU CANNOT TAKE THE EXAM IN PEN! Make sure to read over the chapters and STUDY YOUR NOTES . The exam will consist of 50-60 multiple choice/true false questions. REMEMBER THERE ARE NO MAKE-UP EXAMS. IF YOU MISS THE EXAM IT WILL BE YOUR DROP TEST GRADE. Chapter 9-Fitness 1. Definition of physical fitness 2. Define exercise 3. What are the 5 components of physical fitness-be able to define each component, what are the recommended amounts(cardio=3-5 days weekly, etc), the benefits of each (see notes), 4. ACSM and AHA recommendations of physical fitness 5. What is the Overload principle? 6. What is the FITT principle? 7. What is the importance of knowing what your resting heart rate is? 8. Target heart rate (importance of and benefits of taking) 9. Know how to calculate your target heart rate 10.What are the benefits of weight training 11.What is a rep and what is a set? 12.What is the difference between muscular strength and endurance? 13.What is PRICE? Chapter 10-Nutrition 14.Definition of nutrition 15.Definition of calories 16.What are the 6 essential nutrients? 17.Know facts about water, what function does it serve, how much you need daily, dehydration, etc 18.Know facts about carbohydrates such as: what function does it serve , the difference between simple sugars and complex carbs, why are either good OR bad for you, etc 19.Know facts about protein. Why is it good for you, how does help us, etc 20.Know facts about fiber, what function does it serve, etc 21.How many total grams of fiber a day you should be getting 22.Insoluble fiber-what is it, what foods are high in insoluble fiber and helps prevent what heath problems 23.Soluble fiber - what is it, what foods are high in soluble fiber, and helps prevent what heath problems 24.Know facts about fat. Why is good or bad for you, what function does it serve,ETC 25.What is a Triglyceride? What % circulates in our blood? 26.What is Cholesterol? What % circulates in our blood? 27.What is HDL Cholesterol? Why is it considered the good cholesterol? 28.What is LDL Cholesterol? Why is it considered bad? 29.Methods for raising HDL? 30. Methods for lowering LDL? 31.What is Saturated fat? Examples of? Why is saturated fat considered the worst of the fats? 32.Why is polyunsaturated and monounsaturated better options? 33.What are transfats? Why are we trying to omit Transfats from food now? 34.What are the types of water soluble vitamins? What are types of fat soluble vitamins? 35.Examples of Minerals I gave in class. Chapter 11 36.Reasons why Americans have become so fat? 37.Ways to determine if body weight/body fat IS acceptable 38.Know 2 types of Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia) (slides are attached) 39.What are criteria for diagnosis for anorexia 40.What are criteria for diagnosis for bulimia 41.What are complications that can occur from anorexia 42.What are complications that can occur from anorexia 43.Options in treatment for eating disorders


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