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These are flashcards of terms and definitions that may be on the final exam. I don't know what's going to be on it, but I guarantee at least some of these guesses will be right, and they're all really important to understand. If you have anything you think I should add, feel free to email me.

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Structural Adjustment

Terms imposed on third-world states applying for loans. In order to receive a loan, they had to implement certain policies aimed at making them more democratic and in-line with western ideologies. 

Comprehensive Peace Agreement

An agreement settled on between the government of Sudan and the SPLA, which led to regional autonomy for South Sudan and an eventual referendum on independence.

TPLF (Tigrean People's Liberation Front)

A resistance movement that fought against Ethiopia in the north, which eventually allied with the EPLF and removed Mengistu.

EPLF (Eritrean People's Liberation Front)

Eritrean resistance group, a splinter from the Eritrean Liberation Front, which fought against Ethoipia from 1970 until the independence of Eritrea in 1991. 


A town on the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea that was the subject of a border war in the 1990s. 


African Mission in Somalia, an attempt by the African Union to restore order in the fractured state.


Inter-Governmental Authority on Drought and Development, later shortened to Inter-Governmental Authority on Development. A regional organisation in the Horn focused on stability and development.


Sudan People's Liberation Army. They were a militant group with the goal of fighting the oppressive Sudanese government, and became key in the fight and eventual negotiations for Southern independence. 

John Garang

Leader of the SPLA during negotiations with Bashir's government. He believed in a unified Sudan, and did not support secession, but died shortly after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. 


Islamic terrorist organisation in Somalia, splinter from the Islamic Court Union. They are a major destabilising influence and present themselves as fighting against Ethiopian encroachment.


Military government that took over Ethiopia after removing Haile Selassie. Eventually dominated by Mengistu Haile Mariam.

Ogaden War/Ethiopia-Somalia War

A war started in 1977 when Somalia invaded Ethiopia with the goal of bringing the Somali people in Ethiopia into Somalia's borders. 

Meles Zenawi

Leader of the TPLF and, after the removal of military rule, President of Ethiopia.

Ethnic federalism

Ethiopia's new system of governance. The country is divided into autonomous states based on ethnic group, along with two major metropolitan areas. 

Siad Barre

Marxist dictator of Somalia until its civil war, allied with the Soviet Union until they left him for Ethiopia. Played clans against each other and invaded Ethiopia.

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