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UWO / Film / RTF 310 / marley's oshkosh

marley's oshkosh

marley's oshkosh


School: University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Department: Film
Course: History of Cinema, Radio, and TV
Professor: Lee mccann
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: RTF and level 310
Cost: 50
Name: RTF 310 : 1st 7 weeks of notes
Description: This is a compilation of class session notes through the first exam. This is from day 1, through the end of the first half of the semester. This is supposed to be a study guide for the 1st exam.
Uploaded: 01/13/2016
11 Pages 137 Views 1 Unlocks

Noel Swaniawski I (Rating: )

I was sick all last week and these notes were exactly what I needed to get caught up. Cheers!