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PSY 330 - Cognitive Psychology - Exam #3 w/ Answers

by: Kevin Walton

PSY 330 - Cognitive Psychology - Exam #3 w/ Answers PSY 330

Marketplace > Drexel University > Psychlogy > PSY 330 > PSY 330 Cognitive Psychology Exam 3 w Answers
Kevin Walton
GPA 3.8
Cognitive Psychology
Christopher R Sims

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About this Document

This is a complete copy of Exam #3, including answers.
Cognitive Psychology
Christopher R Sims
Study Guide
exam, Study Guide, Psychology
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kevin Walton on Wednesday January 13, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PSY 330 at Drexel University taught by Christopher R Sims in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 91 views. For similar materials see Cognitive Psychology in Psychlogy at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 01/13/16
PSY330 Exam 3 Summer 2014 Your name Kevin Walton You may use the textbook and all class notes and material on our class website but of course you may not consult with anyone at any time during the exam submission period and you may not use any internet sources other than our Learn site You are honor bound to take no more than 2 hours to complete the exam this includes the time to read the questions so if you look over the exam and come back to it the time you spent initially scanning it counts against the time limit You may answer using bullet points or full sentences as long as your meaning is clear Each question is worth 3 points I ve started the exam on the following page so that you can start timing if you decide to review it first You may do the exam at any time between now and 11PM Tuesday July 22 It s due via email to me in Word not PDF not Open Office Bold the correct response for multiple choice questions Include the entire answer not just the letter 1 Someone learning English says Time it is almost go home The property of language not yet mastered is a arbitrary symbolism b regularity c productivity 2 There are several ways of crafting sentences using a small group of words This illustrates the property of language known as a arbitrary symbolism b regularity c productivity 3 Comprehension is to as uency is to receptive language expressive language expressive language receptive language decoding encoding encoding decoding 999 4 refers to the smallest unit of spoken sound in a language semantics morpheme phoneme syntax proposition 9999 5 refers to the smallest unit of meaning in a language and is a word or part of a word semantics morpheme phoneme syntax proposition 990w 6 refers to the smallest idea that can stand alone as a separate assertion a semantics b morpheme c phoneme d e 9296939 9999 syntax proposition refers to the ordered placement of words in a given language semantics morpheme phoneme syntax proposition refers to the representation of meaning within a language semantics morpheme phoneme syntax proposition 9 All of the morphemes within a person s knowledge base are collectively the person s a b c d 10 Those who believe all of a child s language comes from the environment propose mechanisms a b c d graphemic store semantic store lexical store propositional store as the language acquisition device and observation imitation and conditioning language acquisition device and reinforcement imitation and transformational grammar competency 11 Someone learning a second language as an adult is most likely to be weakest in a b c expressive vocabulary reading syntax 12 Milestones in acquisition of signed and oral languages a b c typically happen at the same ages for both signed and oral languages typically happen at different times for both signed and oral languages there is not enough research to answer 13 The word maps has a 4 phonemes and 2 morphemes b 3 phonemes and 2 morphemes c 3 phonemes and 1 morpheme d 4 phonemes and 1 proposition 14 The ants in the kitchen ate the sweet jelly on the table Which of the following is true a this sentence contains more than one transformation b this sentence contains more than one agent of the action c this sentence contains more than one proposition 15 The word cow does not resemble the animal itself This is an example of which property of language a regularity b dynamism c arbitrary symbolism 16 The music of speech is a uency b comprehension c pragmatics d prosody 17 Which hemisphere for most people is primarily involved in the understanding and production of language a left b right 18 Propositions that are most important most thematically central in an utterance are a micropropositions macropropositions semantic drift syntactic drift 90 19 A toddler says want that This likely demonstrates babbling telegraphic speech holophrasic speech overregularization 90 20 Soccer balls listen to the happy cheesefilled ocean This is semantically and syntactically correct semantically incorrect but syntactically correct semantically correct but syntactically incorrect semantically and syntactically incorrect 99F 21 Ticket office looking for where is This is semantically and syntactically correct semantically incorrect but syntactically correct semantically correct but syntactically incorrect semantically and syntactically incorrect 999 22 The input function of language is a comprehension b retrieval c prosody d regularity 23 Which left hemispheric structure is most specifically involved in the input of language Wernicke39s Area 24 Which left hemispheric structure is most specifically involved in the output of language Broca39s Area 25 Additions to words to transform meaning are a holophrases b af xes c addenda d propositions 26 Language that is greater than the sentence level is a discourse b proposition c holophrase 27 What is meant by the critical period in language acquisition The critical period in language acquisition is the time within which first language must be acquired or it will never develop adequately 28 Slang and technical jargon often change quickly This illustrates the property of language known as a arbitrary symbolism b regularity c productivity 1 dynamism 29 Give an example of how the displacement feature of language could be used Displacement is used to discuss events not in the present moment such as historical events or what you ate yesterday Displacement can also be used to discuss speculations for the future 30 Make an argument why you believe the Bonobo Kanzi does or does not demonstrate true linguistic ability Kanzi does demonstrate true linguistic ability He first learned lexigram symbols by watching researchers use them with his mother Over time his linguistic skills developed and evolved through every day activities Analysis indicated that Kanzi could generate novel combinations of symbols distinguish between different types of symbols place symbols with appropriate syntax and made up his own grammatical rules and consistently used them To me this indicates an undoubtable linguistic ability 31 Give an example not related to etiquette of poor pragmatics Two people meet on the street and one asks Do you know what time it is We know this person would like to be told the time even though they did not specify this with their language because of implied social context If the second person would simply answer Yes I know the time and walk away they would be demonstrating poor pragmatics by only interpreting the first person s statement literally 32 Give one argument for the nature and one for the nurture explanations of language acquisition Nature Acquisition across all languages oral and written seems to be universally acquired in the same sequence indicating a builtin language mechanism Nurture Our environment is solely responsible for vocabulary which is socially consensual We don t have words for things that don t exist in our environment 33 Give two ways in which working memory is related to comprehension 1 Working memory is used to use syntactic cues to disambiguate sentences improving comprehension Highcapacity readers better able to use syntactic cues to disambiguate sentences 2 Working memory is improved when ideas conveyed in language are thematically central central to a theme thereby increasing comprehension


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