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Math 251 Differential Calculus Midterm 1 Study Guide

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1 review
by: kristin23s

Math 251 Differential Calculus Midterm 1 Study Guide MTH 251

Marketplace > Mathematics (M) > MTH 251 > Math 251 Differential Calculus Midterm 1 Study Guide
GPA 3.89

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About this Document

These notes and example problems cover what will be on the first midterm at Oregon State University which is scheduled January 26th. It covers average/instantaneous velocity, limits: one-sided, i...
Differential Calculus
Nicole S. Seaders
Study Guide
Math, Calculus, differential calculus, midterm, average and instantaneous velocity, Limits, limit laws, end behavior, continuity, instantaneous rates of change, limit definition of derivtives
50 ?




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1 review
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"The content was detailed, clear, and very well organized. Will definitely be coming back to Kristin for help in class!"

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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by kristin23s on Wednesday January 13, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to MTH 251 at a university taught by Nicole S. Seaders in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 86 views.

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Reviews for Math 251 Differential Calculus Midterm 1 Study Guide

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The content was detailed, clear, and very well organized. Will definitely be coming back to Kristin for help in class!



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Date Created: 01/13/16
:Ditluenlia\ (dc*\rrs Lrnidtrrn L urnlq [-rfl hfr.f ASI ?"''lr.t) ,,dJ' oC Fcx ovr ?^n 1\^o v\ttrlu4r*alc o[ charryt ) in\e,rva\ rS fca) fa,u1 F clo- v:-\rat ) Ax b-a turtcuf S?ca.vUr.e: aY \r'^CtC<+.^f<C-;CintS Ax . b-o g v $caTh 1g.'- arler4l cz..RoL c\atrp rJg\oc,r 3 t -? , ) s(t) a*Ur"+ -q".1 vtlo.-\ og 1n ec,r,v6irr5 ? r/ ob i |ir1.Iegtti\'un }. p,<,n'O.l 5'rna ? 1or'.;t:s, 6;Fh-l -at 1r" , vdot^\ o$ nn$.1^Sobjeol r^t orrt s\\e poinf e() hor^rFat+ a+ + = tb miof in <.c\<r-lrca\ c.r\2,-lt4"8, u/e nctd trS rr,.Stj1lts wha+ owtp^r| oC Tc x) 4Pp* 1cfus aS Ln S^h, T+ Clok 'la an t'ng,rt( ^) tx Ltm;tF(r) = Lr'on^o x_7 a $( 5inc€ \rroafi- aFpGzO^i^S to rntn/ ur{ c,lruto:rlal.rsSoF x .tAat ALtz Cltcj€'hc \O' s:4!D+1$') q tfi n"rh , i (lo- {1'q) .Z ' '' ro -t.1 = ,.ph fir^;+5 (szcl'<rr A').) * t& {4^.(o,^tP,tB oi Fcr,) + tg il\Ia**g*H do no{ ?l cbr- gc\-c\olp tt L trs thL .\'D7, 9ir1l€ {.rn[{,eva\uc, tng,rh V1 *hr. [imi] l{^-Q-\i,-i+ dpes no\ €ri[t (orue ) T.fpoactn e{/'s.h I L f"a- t) t _) 1tf orr -sided \inn(tr Gm Qcr)= -Z trrr.$ cx) -- 1 K-)'L- x 1u ' 1- t -) t, &,-) nfpL$ l11ol<)rt^3ttlri+ llPotchi^E tc'ot't' + $orn ths \t!l- X4l sorn {l,.ri6tr* x > I Txqoce.^ j or\tr 6ed Lt-ik ftY) =Lt ;F a^d *tJ ig ba{-l^ si t,'rntt5 e*(sv ?rnc\ boHA €c1uat L ret' \irn +c*) 3 ( (rr\Ccr)= 3 i = ) x -) t- x -)a+ Sech-rn I.j) gotvt..: Ltrnik Rty braicat! L i^lV Lzr,$S -\irnga,1 0 U r,-(ec*1 t 3cx)):\irn9cn th'nn3cx) dif$(r(nce um(Tcn-Erlt:. ttr>x-?a t(-?'tr r*?l x-)a x -)a x-rt ttrB$T\\ Lrltl\tEtttrI tg lLolu Lrrrrts ExtfT I @cSS tir|(cfrv,).cr(rn(/) @ g4't \im sc)\inog!r) nnu,.\teiP\0 (rl x_JV x.+tFcr3-l). x-)a x-?? S tE Lrtrtf trcrt'( tF Lturt g^\tTS 6 eoe.&nt G\J/l-^^xr n li{1tcxr - l:z.f--) Ur.,rFcr)t = [tim Sor) fit ltrn3( x) x-7 I x jl x,9t rnt gr\t,TS tF Boru Lt,.lrrtExtsr g tF 91t't1 O€trtot\ttBlo( [6N'T ZC*O tlt. (il-sx'fiix" * Lim !u (5'{l+.,h,r'cn ) Lirn 3xt-l>(i+l= x-?a x-) & ,(-?L ,('ra ! { 1cars\en+ va[ue mUlhiote) B\irtrXt- ZlimX lirnI tt)t - l[\im r)3 +1;'t'1 Lgowcr ) 3(tvm a a 3 3trr- zal+ !- I.g\u5 in va\ra-s { / nice + o rf^t^b,r U t€ \. -Int / m{-thod Dot Lnotlnrr (a sirnp\iPr.1 b\ ttClsrinsl rvrqtrrsgl..lin$ cmnmsl 6cnsnin2-.t:r)r,lFz ' ) l'-Y' ?- (xh1) Cx -f) Y (b) onntSoh bg coniuXz'k . J&' * f,r4 tl : lirn +t'4ll -s iq. il ffii* *+o, +{;ffr-'r) \ilx .-- = fftl t} *-?o .-[ott tsi uts€\^I 6 cr'.u\e {v t ln"\ifrtahioa (i) tr.F _c = hO+CB 1x, 5 +g to tf! \gg3 flD BD x t LX lY \ t (ii) _h/g = AD 7'K' -Hh,,zr+r,) '/D G' -qh (zx++7 {L(*kh)t h. X '(xfln) L h ' \F Vne. ou\?u.tJ F Cx) i^creaSe oc de ort)te $il/t\o\h bo.r.r.d At X -)lt cr x _7a -, {'1"{-\cni{ tS inGinig, lifg,^tttf {+! 1 tlmitr't Cax) hLs a rRr h.ga1 a 5qcrprrh al xla I 7oi^t .rc j' l fnf.'^iJ €xlr^?te xaFtr t{ f6 +l Cn obunAaries J(-t l(--l I'+zcr) ?au, int.-^it3 \-I Ldrni+ trtmoh L UrY\ C xo(t X.-7 _ob ho.;?.^lrr^!5qr\plroF,c21$ x* - o{2 h$^A{- hapftHr }S in pqU X ): ?xtrngtgL Pcr\= 1r( --1 x-5 tirn :t-?Ilfcxl-?7 tr'rtr x? +j tcnn -r X-)-rb -6oo It.qlt X9 + al> ? -l,rooI t.qlq,E teo L..00l -(tcro0oIl.tlitto l9r0Oo z c6?- 1.ooo6o Sq.ina ..Ln a\pU ra,tatb Ki-)ab LX-3 rirb=30 -lt =B tPP I tV bsttsmnqu*'Pi4,,hirhvsk / sl ol'xin t1r'tcnominahr rezl\SmatrtF a f \in",ralrinFini\ (cor.-+') a.' * PM-I Lcm btl- X-z ,c3 i,'. 5-ir -F z -o-o lE---l ( -7oo q XqXz+) ol\ r(rp I O {r5r.o F s lv1l a\6o horittta 2 Ls-mg*t'k- lxornPte rim -{f +xr .J_ *-)-& zx! -x .!1t \iv' ,\tI\ Xr-eO \ Fr-u\", -rl-x fi,J*:E.' 13 - r$XrJ Iirvr x2-4 *.(X"z 2-vo \:rn -'+l /\--lt *-) -& -{f\ }l -tu, : -a.,- =9 L =\l.rl-J -11.L L- o z a\ro hod+oota i,{,odot Etr0 gEr+Hvroq frr znY X', Yu,lu, X*n't \ I Fn" ar\ x) \',L', XrAA'if d ) - flpcno^ti* o( / \ t> I slt1l {+\o &'*c,F S"tbs{r*"'[,.n f-un*icvr: {^na}hePot tiotrS PNp,cr\ a.Fe cn*;nuanS ' 3 c.r,ct, df -H,J' O tto lrnil U'as\e er,rF NST Jl r#"-.*"t @ gca) (e rl[',^.ad trto'[ \-L t,.rn=fCa) - + NOT L- flt5norb\c dilc"tnoiq n\(Jn^ld,z^k va\ur,orh,torern -x slales$la+"$..a funch'qr or\ {\o .'.,krva\ Ea/b I a'ncl iScur\.,nua$ i N ir a nun,hr shLw k a) L FCU), +{^Q,rt;a^ea,'<- 21f\taSL-g[& ingtr't C tn ca/ b) Strc\ -thalr 8Cc'1=$ (r'e ifa loLqrrr'on{-(x)= ) L tNt\ S* * ?tr0N ?..oor 1'(bl 11t CI ntr+an{an&x^s Latcs oQ C,,hA.ngeCl"f+'3 'l -(^4 - ins[ant?n(or$ ra{c o0 c,u7lrrpf 4,1 ingut x: a iS ro,i},tCa+ax)-[ca) or \im Fjt)-rta) Atno t x-?a x-Z qcb) -.tJ bx '1[$- t ,1 Irz) Lr^,cot rnL s?r1-; rnhni\c5irrdnan2c in ingtt* &t n Q'ta) A( _7 0 fr, izlr a la€s o? Chan2t. (cor+) txa119.l, 6 upot( 5rt) , JTr = ?on$il^o$ obJct at + 5ec^cts Sr[i1 ttrvr s 3) (Ano{rr ' A€-?O s C3 t. Ag)- c3) 6c. Lirh 5f3kh) -5( noka{.,'d^ bv h-70 h $rr1'tntttn+anoNt'ts Lim i'n:ct):.lTtth't1nCr h+o h ntr,['gLq ? bu) Lin + ^i$t h-)0 @lx ,lrn*) .Jrt) h - -,,lm.l p^l7r) 1'.1 Cf.nCt-l t^'n', h-r o N+1v,-x G<-l{I. C?rhC4,\ h@r*t)tJB)) .{L ;2.1q<nfrrg =Lhr)o 5<cznh f.',W u^ltffir) = tin h-)0 3 JGu t) ?3- z..{ b= h lrnFh 'I1(t/. *r, -vhL .t'.?" a}. ) - .t{^o cn (a,b) Lin{, L'c^if fu[','ni['60F d.ttriuatireJ x) u") - [Y t '( = [trnit Qcr h -)o h 0rarnpte u csrstdur QCq . T? ult t1^Urrridc 6i\ihooP U^e de.dva.hoc h calc.latC ?'C,) Ll ['(x)= t^'ort (rlh) D -L h-) ,(z h !'(x): \rr-r h-) o -\x(t xth) sirng\it'l't$$ ^".rtlod - @)r * i'E# r t'x1 : Eionp\i\ trSFSr'ro{t',A/B = AD h-? b -\W Ctv !h) c/o c.f3 ',XtCxrh) t - T'(x) --lirr h-zo -rl (zxU^; fi^^ttn -L{ -tr Xz(rrh)L 0{u -) ; -Il[1I h 'x*Ld- G*fns @Denyatius [.tmL Qsr 6l3WS+ 8.torrxtt P",'lts L.\ook,at tunttiur S\af& ,ar- U art*toPVL t;xxrr 3.l[ ]unchh J= A fu"c,h'ry) itin6,tratinr.sdtrriv$i* iS?l\{rJ 8c*) \q ik's docrras rg ,'ik bctsrl {re (-L)cr'S : \ooL aF l- r\qe- trtmprs (u) F'(r) @9-,tt L) s\o0o c'\crNtslS p'$) grfr \ Li's'u*o ''


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