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UCONN / History / HIST 1300 / What was themistocles famous for?

What was themistocles famous for?

What was themistocles famous for?


School: University of Connecticut
Department: History
Course: Western Traditions Before 1500
Professor: David russo
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: history, study, Study Guide, Essay, index card, and final
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Name: Hist 1300 Final Study Guide
Description: This is a study guide for the final I took. It has two developed essay questions pertaining to the topics written on the top of the page. I also wrote down all the terms we had to study on an index card.
Uploaded: 01/14/2016
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Essay Q 1 for His Final

What was themistocles famous for?

According to the new value system of Athens at the time of the Peloponnesian War,

hea Arete was being replaced by Sophrasune which means moderation so since Athens wanted to be on the high horse after winning against

persia, that fell into the catagor Category of hubris which is excess. This later lead them to their dair fall or

What did the pythagoreans believe?

self-destruct the mesis). During the war Athens had a plaque that killed a third of their population and seeing that

they were at war, the men couldn't come home to help their wives make more babies. This made Athens' population decrease greatly. Athen's harshness developed and its allies began to hate them. Athens decided to kill /destrog a whole island corntry because they wanted to leave the alliance. Athens had gotten extremist leaders like

What is diogenes known for?

Don't forget about the age old question of What are the major functions of a neuron?

the unstable Alcibiades that was self centered, and the knocked the genitalia off of Herms statues, got kicked at of betray thens

Athens, and he ieft to sparta tontelling the spartans how to defeat Athens. Sparta Starved Athens by building a fort to block ?

supply ships from getting the Athens ports. In 405, in the Battle of Aegospotami,

Athens surrenders and sparta demanded Athens surrender its fleet, give up being an empire, tear down all fortifications, and become an ally of Sparta. Thucydides, historian of this Peloponnesian War states that the cause of Don't forget about the age old question of What is the definition of key information?

the war was Athens graving and power/ empire and Spartas chaving fear of it. The results of this war was Athen's

self d estruction, population, loss, and the destruction of farm land.

History Final Study Sheet


Trireme: Themistocles suggests to built these If you want to learn more check out Where is each macromolecule broken down?

type of ships, they are fastrare rause they have three rowers, 2 sails is light weight, and has a ram to attack other ships. These ships are for the Athenian Navy.

Aegospotami. They were allies of Athens but wanted Athens destroyed. The battle occurred in 405 BC and it was Spartavs. If you want to learn more check out When did charles vi pass away?

Athens. Sparta woh and demanded Athens tore down their fortifications,

surrender their fleet, give up being an empire, and to become an ally of If you want to learn more check out How does multicellularity evolve?


Hubris: Hubris is excess of anything. It

is more than sophrosining gratiless than nemesis which leads to downfall. It is apart

of Athens new value System chain after

the Peloponnesian ware Pythagoras; He is a philosopheater of Athens,

His theory was that numbers were the most important. 500 BC

paid Sophists. They are payed teachers or private

tutors that taught speech writing a publice Don't forget about the age old question of What is the function of the microglial cells?

Speaking in Athens. They taught what was right 3 wrong during a time where the old value system, Arete, and the new value system Sophrosyne, were clashing

Socratic method: Socrates' method was

that if people just put thought into What they do then they can weed at the bad things and be good people."

This method was formed Sometime between 469 BC 3 399 B Co socrates is an

Athenian philosopher Diogenes: He lived from 412-323 BC and was a Cynic or a follower of Socrates,

that did extreme things to draw crowds. He lived in a tub in Athens and rolled arand in dirt to draw in crowds.

Alexander the Great was curias and saw Diogenes and told him he should

get out of the tub but Diogenes pust told him to stop blocking the sunlight. Prometheus He was a Titan deity in Greek Religion. His story is that he could fortell the

future and wouldn't tell us that he was going to bad daberete mild wage so żeis mable a bird cat aut his livet everyday frometheus

also gave fire to man. Mb Olumpis: This is the place the Olympicca

Robertiestrived in Northern Greece Mt. Olympus: This is the place the Olympian deities Of Greek Religion lived. It is located in Northern


Moira: It is fate that even God's cannot change

It is shown by a life string that is cut by three old women who choose to cut it.

It is an aspect of Greek Religich.

Cerberus: is the 3-headed dog that dwells in the Greek afterlife that is . Hades. Hades is similar to Kor and is

sad & gloomy.

a maenads: They were the female followers y Of x-rated, male fertility God, Dionysus.

They attacked and were mad women that wald sing and dance for his festivals.

Herodotus: is the Historian for the persian War. He was born in 485 BC. His writing

recants the Persian war.

Trireme. Athenian Navy Lightweight ships by Themistodes, has ramda Sails 7 3 rowers. Aegospotomie ailies of Athens but wanted A to be destroyed, Battle in 405BC, SVA SS. wann, Amust tear dow fortifications, stop being empire, surrender fieet, ø be S-sally. Hubris: This 's excess of anything and a step up from Athens new valve system sophrosynt. It is a concepteteve. after the Peloponnesian War. Pythagoras :He is a philosopher of Athens, He lived in 500BC * nts theory involved numbers Sophists payed teacherst private tutores, targht speech writing public speaking in Athens, taught right wrong in time where Arete v. Sophorosyne clashedo socratic method. By by Athens Phe aranel 469-BE-399 BC. It ppl thought before the acted the cour

vicd bad things B be good ppl Diccenese lived in tub 412-323BC, socrates follower unic did extreme things to draw crowds. Met Alexander who tried to help out was brushed off Mbira Fate that foods can't change, Greek Religion Lifestring, 3old womer Prometheus: Titan goddeity in Greek Religion, cwid fortelt future, didn't want to tell z eus his future inild wages, gave fire to mankind, zeus Made bird eat his liver everyday MtOlympu Olympian Ends/deittes lived here located in Nochen Greece Cerberus: 3 headedi dog in Greek Afterlifet Hades), has diff. lvis, is Gloomy isad Herodotus: 485BC, Historan writing recanted the persian ho

Muensis Vilia Steindletöllaversof male fertility god Dionysue sang hymns and danced for his festivalstEssau l. did Athens lose the Peloponnesian War?(results ?) Athens had gotten cocky after winning in the Persia war, they becamec empire and had expeditions for conquest which was hubris or in excess which we lead to their dawnfall according to the new valve system of sophrosyne there was a plaque 430 426 BC that took a 130€ Athen's pop; mencaldn't come home des was to reproduce, Athens harshness developed, Ballies starter to turn on Athens like Aegospotami, Athens had also gotten more extremist type leaders like the wackly Benctionally unstab Alcibiades who was self-centered, failed in anexpedition in Sicily, and knocked the genitalia Oft Of Herms statues, he got kicker out of Athens, fled to spartaz told the spartans how to de cent Athens. Sporta starved Atens by buildingafort to block supply ships from getting to Athens (Check AEG aspetemi do Thucydicia

Carmina fear of it. Athens surrendered 4

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