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unit 2 study guide

by: Starr walker

unit 2 study guide BIO 218

Starr walker
GPA 3.2
David zanatta

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About this Document

iclicker questions and some si sessions question, as well as a few things he emphasized in class, that will be included on the exam.
David zanatta
Study Guide
Zoology, unit 2
50 ?




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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Starr walker on Thursday January 14, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to BIO 218 at Central Michigan University taught by David zanatta in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 120 views. For similar materials see zoology in Biology at Central Michigan University.


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Date Created: 01/14/16
ZOOLOGY STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS 1 The mastax of a rotifer is used for A Respiration B Grinding food C Swimming D Pumping blood 2 The acanthocephalans are A Nonparasitic freshwater B Highly motile lter feeder C Sedentary deposit feeders D Endoparasites 3Pearls are only formed by a grain of sand becoming lodged between the mantle and the shell a True b False 4 Freshwater mussels native to north America have a specialized larva while zebra mussels have a larva a Trochoporeveliger b Veligerglochidium c Veligertrochopore d planulatrochopore e glochidiumveliger 5 The polyplacophora a have a coiled shelled b live in the ocean c lack gills d all of these 6 Snails spiral cleavage in development of the embryo which results in the spiraling in their shells This is a synapomorphy for which clade a Deuterostomia b Mollusca c Lophotrochozoa d Protostomia e Bilateria 7 Clade protostomia is split into two groups the ecdysozoa and the a Bilateria b Deurterostomia c Platyhelminthes d Lophotrochozoa 8 Which is not all true about ALL Platyhelminthes a They are acoelomate b They are triploblastic c They are bilateral d They are parasitic 9 Most Platyhelminthes are a Monoecious b Dioecious c Viviparous d Coelomates 10 The parasite that causes swimmer s inch in Michigan is called it uses as its intermediate host a Clonorchis duck b Clonorchis snail c Schistosoma duck d Schistosoma snail 11 This class includes ectoparasites of sh a Turbellaria b Trematoda c Monogenea d Cestoda 12 Which phylum does not have a complete gut a Nemertean b Acanocephala c Rotifer d Mollusca 13 In order to form a resting egg under harsh conditions rotifer must undergo reproduction a Sexual b Budding c Parthenogenic d Fission 14 Which is not a characteristic of phylum rotifer a Mastax b Cloacal Bladder c Corona d Proboscis 15 Which characteristic unites phyla rotifer and acanthocephalan a Their corona b Their proboscis c Their epidermis d Their reproduction 16 Which mollusk characteristic is used for feeding a Foot b Shell c Radula d Visceral mass 17 Which of the following would you expect to nd on in the gills of a fresh water mussel a Glochidia b Unfertilized eggs c Food particles d All of the above e None of these 18 How would having parasitic larvae like glochidia instead of free oating larvae like veligers or trochophores affect the spread of a bivalve species 19 How is it that cephalopods which are color blind evolve color changing skin 20 Describe the difference between mictic and amictic eggs in rotifer 21 Identify difference between left hand versus right hand coiling what are the terms what does it come from related to protostome


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