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Chemistry 101 Study Guide

by: Amaya Rousseau

Chemistry 101 Study Guide CHEM 101

Marketplace > Radford University > Chemistry > CHEM 101 > Chemistry 101 Study Guide
Amaya Rousseau
GPA 3.74

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About this Document

These notes cover some of the material we went over this semester. It includes practice problems from past tests, homework, and quizzes.
Intro to Chemistry
Dr. Cameron
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Amaya Rousseau on Thursday January 14, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM 101 at Radford University taught by Dr. Cameron in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Intro to Chemistry in Chemistry at Radford University.


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Date Created: 01/14/16
Naming Compounds - M= mol/L Binary Ionic Compounds Cation – Keeps name Anion – takes –ide ending Ex: KBr – potassium bromide; AlCl – Aluminum chloride; FeCl – 3 2 iron (II) chloride Polyatomic Ions + - Ex: Sodium hydroxide – Na OH = NaOH; Magnesium carbonate – Mg 2+CO 3-= MgCO ; A3monium + 2- carbonate NH 4 CO 3 = (NH )4 2 3 ex: Fe= +2,+3; Ti=+3,+4, STP Molecular Equation: 2AgNO 3(aq) Cr=3+,2+, Co= 2+,3+,Cu=2+, +Na C2 3(aq) Ag 2O 3(s)NaNO 3(aq) T = O℃=¿ 273.15 K +, Pb= 2+,4+, Sn= +4,2+, Ionic Equation: Ag (aq) + Ni=2+,3+ ¯ + 2¯ P = 1 atm 2NO (3q) + 2Na (aq) + CO 3 (aq) Molar volume = volume/per mole  Ag2CO 3s) + 2Na (aq) + of gas ¯ 2NO (3q) Standard molar volume = 22.414 Net Ionic Equation: 2Ag (aq) + L/mol CO 2(aq)  Ag CO (s) Mole fraction (X) 3 2 3 Predicting solids Partial Pressure (P) Redox Reactions Mono-1, di-2,tri-3,tetra- 4,penta-5,hexa-6,hepta- 7,octa-8, noma-9, deca-10 Ex: CO –2Carbon dioxide, N O 2 4 – Dinitrogen tetroxide Balancing Thermodynamics Kinetic Energy (E k = 1/2mv 2 Joule (J) = (kg*m /s ) 1 cal = 4.184 J 1000 cal = 1 Cal OIL RIG – Oxidation is losing; Reduction is gaining Work = -PV Stoichiometry Titration Limiting reactant – the reactant that is present the least Excess reactant – amt started with – amount used Gas Laws Solubility Covalent Bonding - Solution – mixture - Solute – dissolved substance - Solvent – what substance dissolves in ionic – solid, high melting AND boiling covalent – colorless gas, low melting, for ions Na: 1s 2s 2p 3s 1 -1e  Ionic bonding + 2 2 6 Cation < Neutral Na 1s 2s 2p Anion > Neutral Trends Isoelectronic – same number of Ionization – increases as you go Step 1) Energy to change solid to across (electrons are more tightly electrons gas – Heat of sublimation (Delta H Ionization energy (E ) – imount sub) packed), decreases as you go of energy to REMOVE the highest- Step 2) Energy needed to break down (atoms are larger, further energy electron away from the nucleus bond between Cl gas and a single Move difficult to remove another Cl – bond association energy Affinity – increases across b/c of electron because once you (same energy it takes to break it higher nuclear charge; electrons remove one the electrons become apart= same to put it back sucked in more tightly; decreases down b/c it is further from nucleus more tightly packed together) Large jumps – requires more Step 3) Ionization Energy Electronegativity – increases energy to remove firth electron Step 4) Electron affinity across b/c stronger attraction from the lowest quantum number Step 5) Lattice Energy between electrons and nucleus, decreases down because Takes more energy to add an Electron configuration electron to an orbital that already  = c/v or v=c/ electrons are further away from has an electron in it nucleus Electron Affinity (E )-eamount  = wavelength, v= fr8quency, c Atomic Radii – increases down = speed (3.00 x 10 m/s) – speed b/c further distance from nucleus of energy that ADDs an electron of light (increasing and decreasing E= hv , E=hc/; h = 6.626 x 10 - = larger size; decreases across electroneg.) 34 b/c electrons are tightly packed 2A drop in affinity – putting a J*s Lewis Dot Principal Quantum Number (n) second electron in a half filled - Describes size spin Octet Rule – every atom want to - Distance from nucleus have eight valence electrons in its - Energy level 2 ndQuantum Number (l) outermost shell Angular Momentum - Metals tend to have low Eiand low E .eahey tend - Subshell to lose one or more - Defines shape Go to numbers 23 Magnetic Quantum number (m) l - 1 mole = 6.022 × 10 electrons. Nonmetals tend - Defines spatial orientation particles to have high E aid high Eea They tend to gain one - If l = 0 then m=0, l=1 or more electrons. m=-1,0,1 Spin quantum number (m ) s Heat of Formation - Either +1/2,-1/2 (alternate) A – mass # (#protons +#neutrons) Z – atomic # (#protons) °F = 9/5(°C) + 32 °C = 5/9(°F – 32) K = °C + 273 Milli- 0.001 Centi- 0.01 Kilo – 1,000 1g/1000mg 1kg/1000g 1L=1000ml 1kJ=1000J 1km=1000m 1mg =1000u3 d=m/v [ g/cm or g/mL; density of gas g/L] YOU CAN DO THIS!


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