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School: Auburn University
Department: Biology
Course: General Microbiology
Professor: Elisabeth elder
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: Cobine, microbio, Lecture 1, and Auburn University
Cost: 25
Name: Micro Lecture 1 Notes
Description: These notes cover the importance of Microbiology, its applications and history! Lecture 1 for Cobine at Auburn University
Uploaded: 01/14/2016
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Don't forget about the age old question of dedication page with blanche of castile and king louis ix of france

Lecture One - Exam Crne

ImpactsWe also discuss several other topics like Name the levels of organization in human body.

  ⤷ is Medicine, adhesives, & food

  ⤷ Microbio is not independent of other sciences

  ⤷ We have to apply different thinking techniques We also discuss several other topics like What is the most natural instrument?

Introduction Don't forget about the age old question of What is a cumulative count of all the earnings generated by the business which are then retained or kept in the business to finance future operations?

Microbiology - study of organisms too small to see with human eyes Don't forget about the age old question of What are the basic aplications and genetics?

⤷ Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Mycology, food production

1674 - Microbic began If you want to learn more check out uconn econ

⤷  Antonie van Leeuwenhoek & Robert Hocke

⤷ A.v.L looked at pond water, called them ~ animalcules - found these things in

isolation and could reproduce

⤷ grand his own lenses for better resolution, other people couldn't do that and

weren't able to replicate his findings → caused delay

⤷ R. Hooke's microscope weren't as good as A.v.L's

Spontaneous Generation - common sense explanation

⤷ if any and some carbon were present things could reproduce

⤷ Franceso Redi, Louis Pasteur, John Tyndall did works that denied this theory

⤷ Redi - found worms on rotting meat came from eggs of flies landing on meat 

⤷ provide this by placing rotting meat in jars, jar covered in gauze, gauze stopped

flies from getting in → no flies = no eggs = no worms

⤷ Pasteur - father of modern micro

⤷ air filled with microbes, some work in chem proved by filtering air with cotton

plug, identified organisms in cotton as the same organisms of painted infusions

* developed swan necked flask (open)


                                                Still sterile

  • if flask was kept upright microbes still couldn't get it, things remained sterile
  • If tipped down, became infected
  • proved air has microbes

* pasteurization, early vaccines, chirality

John Tundall

⤷ physicist, was able to reproduce Pasteur's experiment

⤷ explained discrepancies in between versions of pasteur's experiments - recreations

⤷ hypothesized conditions affected experiments

⤷ took urine, boiled it, sterilized it, kept in open bottles

⤷ 5 days cloudy (tainted) in Chale (mountains)

⤷ 1 day cloudy in London

⤷ * more people → more rats more microbes

⤷ materials from diff locations/collection times required diff boiling times

⤷ some things sterile after 5 minutes or 5 hours

⤷ 5 hours sample had spores in it that were heat resistant

Golden Age of Microbio - 1854 to 1914

⤷ after Theory of Spontaneous Generation was disproved

⤷ Microbio is a young science

⤷ Experiments have to be reproduced

Role of Microorganisms

⤷ Symbiotic existence in animals

⤷ help us make essential amino acids and vitamins (biotin)

⤷ Disease, environmental remodeling and remediation 

⤷ responsible of production

⤷ they're decomposers

⤷ Food production

⤷ milk fermentation produces yogurt, cheese, buttermilk

⤷ Bioremediation - degrades environmental waste using organisms to

⤷ degrade pesticides, plastics, clean up oil spills

⤷ pseudomonas putida - eats plastic (eat's bag in 90 days)

⤷ Penicillium r.  produces blue cheese and antibiotics.

⤷ Synthesize things more efficiently than we can

⤷ ethanol

⤷ Genetic Engineering

⤷ introducing genes of one organism into unrelated organism to confer

new properties on the organism

⤷ producing human insulin, engineered resist disease

* potentially therapeutic (gene therapy)

⤷ crispr system (3 years)

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