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Test upload

by: Taylor Bennett

Test upload Spanish 101

Taylor Bennett

Elementary Spanish 1
Ingrid Abisambra

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About this Document

This is only a test upload of the course syllabus
Elementary Spanish 1
Ingrid Abisambra
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Taylor Bennett on Friday January 15, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Spanish 101 at a university taught by Ingrid Abisambra in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 41 views.

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Date Created: 01/15/16
GSU Span 1001 Spring 2016 GSU Modern amp Classical Languages Lower Division Spanish SPAN 1001 Elementary Spanish I Spring 2016 Instructor Of ce Hours valid until the Of ce 876 last day of class only lnngd AbIsambra Wednesdays 2pm to 3pm Langdale Hall Email Phone for messages only Classroom iabisambramiccheli1gsuedu DL 4044135983 Classroom South 326 Main Of ce 4044135980 REQUIRED AVENTURAS JosE BLANco ET AL 2014 VISTA HIGHER LEARNING The textbook packet as available at the GSU bookstores contains the textbook and the book key Website wwwvhlcentralcom see website registration details in the textbook package A hardcopy ie printed version of this syllabus at hand is required at all times after the rst class SPAN 1001 may not be taken concurrently with other Spanish courses SPAN 1001 is not open to students1 with mastery of Spanish skills at a level of 1002 and abovez OBJECTIVES This is the rst part of a foursemester Spanish course designed to develop listening speaking writing and reading skills while building a background in basic grammar for the purpose of functional command of Spanish that will allow students to use the language for communication for understanding other cultures as well as the student s own cultures as a tool for instruction in other areas of knowledge connections for comparing and contrasting languages and cultures comparisons and for extending learning experiences from the classroom to the home and to multilingual and multicultural communities locally and in a global society communities Class expectations Learning a foreign language does not leave room for missing classes and still being able to catch up or study several chapters a day or so before an exam Learning a foreign language largely means developing skills regular and daily practice is essential for the material to sink in and for your new language skills to develop Success in this course depends completely on how much you the student commit yourself to keeping up with assignments especially online and class progression A reasonable expectation in college is two to three hours of outof class workstudy per classroom hour Failure to attend class on a regular basis and to meet assignment deadlines will increase the level of dif culty of the course work exponentially You are also strongly encouraged to take a placement test see footnote 2 Experience shows that students who are either under quali ed or overquali ed both frequently nd dif culties to complete the course successfully or as they initially expect Failure to show up for the rst two weeks of class may result in a student being administratively dropped from the course on the LAST DAY OF THE SECOND WEEK unless the student contacts the instructor to explain the reason for hisher absence USE OF SPANISH IN CLASS The class will be conducted in Spanish English will be used brie y to introduce grammatical points Students should not expect that their instructor will teach in English or translate for them Your instructor must use class time primarily for interaction in Spanish and students should use the ebook and the Grammar Tutorials for thorough grammatical explanations ATTENDANCE Attendance is mandatory Students will be allowed 2 unexcused absences3 not to occur on days tests quizzes or other graded assignments for instance Escrituras are to be given or are due in class Each unexcused absence after the second 2 will lower your nal grade by one 1 percentage point Three 39tardies and leaving the classroom for a considerable period of time more than ten minutes will be considered an absence Students who arrive late disrupt an ongoing class A student will be considered to be late to class any time he or she gets to class after the of cial starting time of the class If you are absent it is your responsibility to 1 The following students usually have Spanish language skills above Span 1001 level a native speaker a person born raised and educated in a Spanish speaking country a heritage speaker a person who speaks Spanish uently or partially uently was not raised in a Spanishspeaking country and his or her command of Spanish is a result of his or her family either being of Hispanic ancestry or having lived in a Spanishspeaking country before moving to the States 2 If you have taken Spanish courses before or already speak Spanish either partially or fully please take the Webcape Placement Test online You may get Spanish credit if you have advanced mastery another exam will be required for credit and you can move faster academically Log on to httpwww2osueduwwwmcl7031htmlWebCAPE Instructions and follow the instructions Experience shows that both underquali ed students and overquali ed students nd it hard to complete Spanish courses successfully Ask your instructor for further details 3 A valid excuse is one for which the following two conditions apply a the student provides evidence for instance a medical note of circumstances out of his or her control and b the instructor accepts the excuse as valid The following are oenerallv NOT valid excuses travel plans weddings or other family celebrations job duties for instance training or meetings during the time of your class doctor or dentist appointments problems related to your commuting to campus such as car problems andor public transportation delays oversleeping and problems affecting people for instance boyfriend girlfriend roommate best friend etc who are not your immediate family The twoday allowance above is intended to cover for situations such as these if no major graded assignment is affected GSU Span 1001 Spring 2016 contact a classmate to obtain missed information In case of an ongoing problem such as a personal crisis job requirements or illness that will require time away from class for more than three consecutive class days the student should withdraw from this course and take it when circumstances allow ful llment of the requirements4 ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS These assignments are online and may be done up to three times before an assignment grade an average of all the attempts is permanently recorded into the student s grade le Each time an activity is done feedback on how to correct the incorrect responses will be provided hints not the actual correct responses You must be registered for this course at wwwvhcentracom by the second day of class See the registration instructions in your textbook packet in the website itself or ask your instructor HOMEWORK TAREA Homework is any additional outofclass work whether a workbook activity a textbook activity or a special project assigned by your instructor If the homework assignment is from the online workbook or the online textbook ebook this grade may be counted as determined by the instructor as one of the online assignment grades see above If the homework is not available for online completion the homework grade will be counted as one of the quiz grades see the Quizzes section LATE WORK ONLINE assignment see above and Tarea see above may be submitted late that is after their deadlines date and time which are established by the instructor Online assignments and tareas that are completed or submitted late will be accepted for a grade that is reduced by 5 per day after its deadline This gives a general grace period albeit with grade penalty of a few days to complete pending assignments However be advised that the more days your work is late the less credit you will receive After the twentieth day late work will receive a grade of zero F Be advised too that no late work may be submitted after the last day of class in the semester see the semester calendar5 and despite the grace period above Late work disrupts the instructor s planning and hisher ability to return students work graded in a timely manner Therefore expeditious grading or recording of late work is not guaranteed QUIZZES There will be a minimum of 5 ve quizzes Quizzes will be brief 5 to 10 minutes and will be announced and given at the beginning of the class If you are late to class on a day a quiz has been given you may not be given a makeup for that quiz There will be no quiz makeuos at anv time and for anv reason At the end of the semester the instructor will drop the two lowestscoring quizzes from your grade record TESTS Three chapter exams to include listening vocabulary grammar and reading see semester calendar for the dates Examen 1 will cover Chapters 1 and 2 Examen 2 will cover Chapters 3 and 4 and Examen 3 will cover Chapters 5 to 7 Exam 3 will be given during FINALS WEEK AS A FINAL EXAM Do NOT MAKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS UNTIL YOU KNOW THE DATE OF THE FINAL EXAM POSTED IN THE 39FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE SECTION ON THE GSU WEBSITE If you must make travel reservations or any other special arrangement early assume that Test 3Final will take place on the last day of Finals week GRADE BREAKDOWN Class participation 5 Workbook Assignments 20 Quizzes 10 Speaking 10 Writing 10 3 Tests 45 Scale A 10098 430 GPA A 9793 400 A 9290 370 8 8987 330 B 8683 300 B 82 80 270 C 7977 230 C 7673 200 C 7270 170 D 6960 100 F below 60 000 WRITING ESCRITURA There will be four 4 writings Each time except for Escritura 4 you will write a rst version primera versio n 35 of the writing assignment grade in class Your instructor will write in correction codes on your rst version and you will then submit a nal version versio n nal a rewrite worth 65 of your grade There will be no rewrite for Escritura 4 it will be nal as you write it in class On the day an Escritura is assigned which is the day on which your instructor will provide three topics temas you will start working on your composition and will write your rst version in class a week later This oneweek time allowance is intended to give you time to nd the necessary vocabulary structures and ways to say things in Spanish always to be found in your textbook and 4 Please review the University Catalog for the GSU policy on Incomplete grade and Hardship Withdrawals Also students with special needs must contact the University s Of ce of Disability Services ODS within the rst week of class The instructor cannot make special arrangements for these students until ODS of cially requests them Also be advised that no request for reconsideration of medical excuses attendance requirements andor assignment completion issues will be accepted after the class instructor has submitted the nal grades to the Department of Modern and Classical Languages It is a student39s prerogative to appeal hisher nal grade In this case the instructor or a faculty member designated by the Department usually the Coordinator of Lower Division Spanish will review the student39s grade a to make sure that no mathematical mistake has been made in calculating the student39s nal grade and b to make sure all the assignments completed and requirements complied with by the student have been recorded properly 5 This means that late work will not be accepted during Finals week GSU Span 1001 Spring 2016 class gather your ideas put together an outline write your composition edit it for grammar check format requirements and nally print it or email it if so requested by your instructor Your Escritura assignments must always be on the format requested by your instructor No handwritten nal version will be accepted at any time with the only and obvious exception of Escritura 4 Evidence of help by a third party andor use of online translations to improve your Escritura will be considered cheating see the GSU policy on cheating lnclass Escrituras as exams may not be made up unless the student provides proof of a valid excuse Escritura nal versions may be submitted as late work and will be subjected to grade penalization of 10 per day after the due date SPEAKING There will be three 3 oral assignments to be completed online The dates on the academic calendar are deadlines The oral assignments as exams may not be made up unless the student provides proof of a valid excuse e MAKEUPS Available only for one exam or one inclass escritura or one oral assignment only if the student has a valid excuse see the de nition of a valid excuse footnote 3 A student who misses one of these major assignments is not immediately or automatically entitled to a makeup In all these cases the student will be given a grade of F zero point and he or she must generally contact the instructor within 24 hours in order to provide an explanation and proof of a valid excuse e 9 EXTRA CREDIT No extra credit will be available at any time ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Language Lab LARC 128 GCB offers several services voice recording videos computer software Internet and oneonone tutoring ACADEMIC HONESTY 9 Principles of intellectual and academic integrity are to be followed Please refer to the University s Policy on Academic Honesty Section 409 Cases of cheating or plagiarism will be strictly investigated and may result in an quot Fquot in the course as well as further disciplinary action including being reported to the Dean of Arts and Sciences and to the University s discipline committee when appropriate 6 E DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR lt As a matter of commonsense courtesy towards the rest of the class please observe the following basic rules 9 Cell phones iPods iPads laptops etc must be turned off before entering the classroom unless allowed by the instructor Text messaging during the class is strictly prohibited Anyone using these electronic devices without proper authorization from the instructor may be asked to leave the room Repeated use of electronic devices without proper authorization from the instructor is a violation of the GSU Disruptive Student Policy and may result in strict disciplinary action for instance being withdrawn from the course Examples of disruptive behavior are makingreceiving personal phone calls texting leaving and entering the class frequently in the absence of notice to instructor of illness or other extenuating circumstances persisting in disruptive personal conversations with other class members or displays of disrespect to the class andor the instructor see the University39s Disruptive Student Behavior Policy Faculty Handbook Section 401 Cell phones mav not be at sight durinq qraded assidnments quizzes tests etc If you need to check the time during tests or quizzes make sure you have a wristwatch StudentInstructor Communication Students are encouraged to keep regular and constant communication with their instructors The best time to talk to your instructor is during his or her of ce hours not in the classroom before andor after the class If you cannot visit your instructor during his or her of ce hours make an appointment at a different time of mutual convenience You may also use email communication It is the student s responsibility to check his or her GSU email daily Both your instructor and the University routinely send of cial notices through GSU email Do not call your instructor phone communication is timeconsuming for your instructor unless you want to leave a message so that you can get an email response Do not expect to be called back at any time If things are not coming together even after devoting the necessary time or if you have concerns about the class andor grade always talk to your instructor for advice rst and do it immediately Do not wait until later in the semester to address your concerns Very little can be done then to help you improve your grade If after talking to your instructor you cannot resolve a con ict you may contact level supervisor Dr Raul Llorente rllorentecisuedu or the Coordinator of Lower Division Spanish Dr Oscar Moreno omorenocisuedu Course evaluations Your constructive assessment of this course plays an indispensable role in shaping education at Georgia State Upon completing the course please take the time to ll out the online course evaluations Your instructor and the program will be willing to have your opinion about this class as well as your good comments


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