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SUU / Physical Education / PE 3070 / Why does being unhealthy stimulates/give a higher risk of obtaining ca

Why does being unhealthy stimulates/give a higher risk of obtaining ca

Why does being unhealthy stimulates/give a higher risk of obtaining ca


School: Southern Utah University
Department: Physical Education
Course: Exercise Physiology
Professor: Julie taylor
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: PE 3070
Cost: 25
Name: Exercise Phys, January Notes
Description: These notes are what we went over in class in January and covered three quizzes
Uploaded: 01/15/2016
14 Pages 61 Views 4 Unlocks

Demetrius Breitenberg (Rating: )

The content was detailed, clear, and very well organized. Will definitely be coming back to Logan for help in class!


Why does being unhealthy stimulates/give a higher risk of obtaining cancer when cancer is more/less the rapid division of cells?

i Y {U k*{onrrl,u,

P,-t ?tu*aLp,zv.,,(-t* .,+ ,t-+tdLt_..Cr.. ]1,ro( &. t.*,_<*/1,*L{, Tk f htaL(\,.t p,,oul ei,t_^(_A il,^-V,i ' ;ii,;7 "ili )do^,,n,, bl C.,rr"W""L,ole".-L ,rr v^-",rt,, , ,r*iuii +r- N* **"1 fft,':il +-ScL,oL, /,.il tr ]u r or^*,< ,{ t ,**4* -4 p,e Nt&ttaru{",* K-,qr<- ,\!-Laj bhr-0.-o}r e..Ln^ i_k 'i;,ff;i#f Lf,., ; :ft f{ "u'-(e''f ,^4 P- ^t*,,I. 

What are the types of muscle fibers?


pti. co,ho *((*.t

- otj:a n1 ^ (A'* t "lfkl reta.hcmxl^_e p(],{)v ,",4t-1T* nrli &o, ,,*";)'",$,'& r*y F,f ,_# cr'.1cz^-4\ l,'=WX;[*,**Wruelru* .{ c "N.t4+rorrrb- ffit" --[?*' {c'v- { Qii_ry-;\a6-z If you want to learn more check out What is the study of classifying and grouping organisms?

4. P|sow ,4\, t.\ T {inct dL,^\ (,^ z i6 v-:t.r- i Tt, rw",-{edn r*lrt} r,tlnr-f

What is the principle of negative feedback?

1 f*r fM#-'n$'*6te - $casl(o (Sc+a4(,aUttpi l=s 6u,z\ Q*c4f .r{-

#XrAftY'::,,frKff"*,[ i;l_#,,., Po, u.rA,^

*)* ttr,r a*&J \

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f$S65.;P fZ).t,r[ trrryr 


T'tlttat;l't ' -- r vat wq: ^' -

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" j,; h o* lno.{>lt;oq,J7 

"?tcwA Dcolzt r ;n ffx,tt {nupnc,ru{ 

n,, )l n{e,r;t re*,'*'xv - wtid d r*s, ( rwu.,,^7 lylpM;ff ,+ c* ;' ;;i; ;'^tq;; w^x*{Don't forget about the age old question of How embryos vary from reproduction?

L\ft\ c\,{,{s w^ Y whan},.0Vtr,fiu*l"to4s (tr* A l,t^qVt'r ^sf *,fl , 

n\.ip' ru,t { t *.Ui ,+4rtr #yl, C"tz rrS tY\fr'<"{ k SS f\r rz-p. 4 rL, n$ r4 o{- ,"{,( s ? tilrh'c* k e;:{:\ 6r;'rt{s tl'+,t- ff^e t 13 c-rYQ,r. ) - Lv\rve,- glafq"-'' Don't forget about the age old question of What part of the brain deals with coordination?

, -;4ku7{ ( k|r,* a",tJ- rtc'-suN-r! 

* 14n( ?fua* 

'kc^t*z--J .l^+ 1nl*rt in (e4: V,r,a^-LlpLrll- on(W o(a..u/r,-(*n\ *sfio*< r-Ar** fuv ps*u: *,\2"- dhr*'.* ' &4- *,"rLy, {(k{avrl,t{ "{r*awd, 'y4 Tw ptryA"r ;{-=s If you want to learn more check out What are the characteristics of water that make it such an important medium for life?

*Vv^*' "F,t ,.v,n4Le sr.f:ptarr,.*n-^-t5, (ha.,-i 'bJ,*n* q..t'*J) [rc* m.%*1,4, I' il -sct+.{'sla dg^l {ry + tfrqtlrpr/-ablalL cdrrf^"{ fi,,u:V Don't forget about the age old question of Who did cardinal richelieu work for?

trQ"no4. l*h ,4 Mt,A" O*A-i/*

- *{t,,C'1= tr*' '"y', ,- {"fl)l ,.-(i* o ,*P ar"t,ulrub,t,[r1 -Kcr,<-jb w< nfl*r^. W{*cf rn rc*- en<j* J "aA,wn-\*4-ry&-# , larC€y^-tS h"r* fuCrrrg, -4 *Pf)A,i fien-n.- C h"r-*-r. Lbt,v{)d7-vrt y? do , n

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l- / ' #ry\,\,0,M/,t-41 ,,* 'lraec-r"* hnon^ 14 , * b<*- /CIt,iiI p'rw,{\tu'cnvltlrl.ut. 'J "A- ) 'Br'a*^* /{,yru{a^-l*,*; Wi,r,^o.*u$ * ryufu **ll*tZ**I

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ciyit{v'-fis /t1'u, (.,{t L;".1'," .,* c r/ L ' :.-.-, .l 


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(r',^,ul.y3:\v L,^- rvru ,..{:i*,--ft..:.\j 1,.i;i {. ;\ .,1-71.,.,11 . ,t{i trr' i.t UUUI C"(,21'=-'= (tn A,':'-,{ u^,! - fi.a'+n y''!^,'' 'J rj 

Itu,*-,,t,tr1 ,--{ri,(,.+ ,,,i,,1.t d;!t;,r',,, 1,,. *{yu'^-,/1,'','tt,/r:'ti-'"'",wt,., rizr("' ,,,f 'J,t'.J.r"'... i'J.: rrlrr- c.{ * r,''l5( /tr4.,,rl,uurtt

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,4r;* Ok *o:u{-.rv*yt-tl-.. ;1l {v\-(.,.{,\,td-r- 7.,.*./$,,o,f1 w.r*t bio.,r*-( .,o- iu(Lq,- ,,*;:il:" y ffiff:: ;, o -1# nffi :;! ou, N\s#

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'(l ,,^4.r-f* +e *t - n\-€*,ks4r:"nG"* S- r:,ttA:."{l-r'r* fp,-\,,{-r s;6-.&t-5- {4 r:: +' L Y{EF\ ( y, {, ,v*.,c€ ,,,. ,r ,a,|, f1_ - i* ,.;* 

#ff*,:tfl'r #:f ?1sr-,ortw ,{wv,,""74'Jrrct'o,^-(, *{ - \r4 4{ ,,t$4*** ,ru-&,! {- .!)a{:gs-'{ 4,.qu,oR.s'

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Wr tbvL t'ilfi :vi- dyrl.e-,t'l-- lnaitxl^vvL rF t#- / Lruu ,,-.,.-fl 1 rut-L; LnU 4x ,,u , ,t. ,,,{. c.SJ fv ,"r ,-,r} fi'-t T(+.r t. toru ,,. , $. yu,( -s * ( .fr t,X"-La U { ,. "0 fl '  ,',.#i-4o,(/o', '"t c- c-{\t{ x'$- + k>r*a-*au,*,y1 (t'* ^'rr*,^r[r",, l-n/r5 

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