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SUU / Physical Education / PE 3070 / Why does being unhealthy stimulates/give a higher risk of obtaining ca

Why does being unhealthy stimulates/give a higher risk of obtaining ca

Why does being unhealthy stimulates/give a higher risk of obtaining ca


School: Southern Utah University
Department: Physical Education
Course: Exercise Physiology
Professor: Julie taylor
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: PE 3070
Cost: 25
Name: Exercise Phys, January Notes
Description: These notes are what we went over in class in January and covered three quizzes
Uploaded: 01/15/2016
14 Pages 179 Views 4 Unlocks

Demetrius Breitenberg (Rating: )

The content was detailed, clear, and very well organized. Will definitely be coming back to Logan for help in class!


Why does being unhealthy stimulates/give a higher risk of obtaining cancer when cancer is more/less the rapid division of cells?

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P,-t ?tu*aLp,zv.,,(-t* .,+ ,t-+tdLt_..Cr.. ]1,ro( &. t.*,_<*/1,*L{, Tk f htaL(\,.t p,,oul ei,t_^(_A il,^-V,i ' ;ii,;7 "ili )do^,,n,, bl C.,rr"W""L,ole".-L ,rr v^-",rt,, , ,r*iuii +r- N* **"1 fft,':il +-ScL,oL, /,.il tr ]u r or^*,< ,{ t ,**4* -4 p,e Nt&ttaru{",* K-,qr<- ,\!-Laj bhr-0.-o}r e..Ln^ i_k 'i;,ff;i#f Lf,., ; :ft f{ "u'-(e''f ,^4 P- ^t*,,I. 

What are the types of muscle fibers?


pti. co,ho *((*.t

- otj:a n1 ^ (A'* t "lfkl reta.hcmxl^_e p(],{)v ,",4t-1T* nrli &o, ,,*";)'",$,'& r*y F,f ,_# cr'.1cz^-4\ l,'=WX;[*,**Wruelru* .{ c "N.t4+rorrrb- ffit" --[?*' {c'v- { Qii_ry-;\a6-z Don't forget about the age old question of What is the study of classifying and grouping organisms?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is the difference between homology and homoplasy?

4. P|sow ,4\, t.\ T {inct dL,^\ (,^ z i6 v-:t.r- i Tt, rw",-{edn r*lrt} r,tlnr-f

What is the principle of negative feedback?

We also discuss several other topics like What is the neurotransmitter released in the synapse between the 2 neurons?

1 f*r fM#-'n$'*6te - $casl(o (Sc+a4(,aUttpi l=s 6u,z\ Q*c4f .r{-

#XrAftY'::,,frKff"*,[ i;l_#,,., Po, u.rA,^

*)* ttr,r a*&J \

, ./ -\

f$S65.;P fZ).t,r[ trrryr Don't forget about the age old question of Does a phospholipid have both polar and nonpolar regions?


T'tlttat;l't ' -- r vat wq: ^' -

- --- Y'i[lL,H,r, 

-De,p u ,n ,*[te tso f ,fYt ala- t

" j,; h o* lno.{>lt;oq,J7 Don't forget about the age old question of Who did cardinal richelieu work for?

"?tcwA Dcolzt r ;n ffx,tt {nupnc,ru{ 

n,, )l n{e,r;t re*,'*'xv - wtid d r*s, ( rwu.,,^7 lylpM;ff ,+ c* ;' ;;i; ;'^tq;; w^x*{

L\ft\ c\,{,{s w^ Y whan},.0Vtr,fiu*l"to4s (tr* A l,t^qVt'r ^sf *,fl , 

n\.ip' ru,t { t *.Ui ,+4rtr #yl, C"tz rrS tY\fr'<"{ k SS f\r rz-p. 4 rL, n$ r4 o{- ,"{,( s ? tilrh'c* k e;:{:\ 6r;'rt{s tl'+,t- ff^e t 13 c-rYQ,r. ) - Lv\rve,- glafq"-'' We also discuss several other topics like What are the seven themes of psychological science?

, -;4ku7{ ( k|r,* a",tJ- rtc'-suN-r! 

* 14n( ?fua* 

'kc^t*z--J .l^+ 1nl*rt in (e4: V,r,a^-LlpLrll- on(W o(a..u/r,-(*n\ *sfio*< r-Ar** fuv ps*u: *,\2"- dhr*'.* ' &4- *,"rLy, {(k{avrl,t{ "{r*awd, 'y4 Tw ptryA"r ;{-=s 

*Vv^*' "F,t ,.v,n4Le sr.f:ptarr,.*n-^-t5, (ha.,-i 'bJ,*n* q..t'*J) [rc* m.%*1,4, I' il -sct+.{'sla dg^l {ry + tfrqtlrpr/-ablalL cdrrf^"{ fi,,u:V

trQ"no4. l*h ,4 Mt,A" O*A-i/*

- *{t,,C'1= tr*' '"y', ,- {"fl)l ,.-(i* o ,*P ar"t,ulrub,t,[r1 -Kcr,<-jb w< nfl*r^. W{*cf rn rc*- en<j* J "aA,wn-\*4-ry&-# , larC€y^-tS h"r* fuCrrrg, -4 *Pf)A,i fien-n.- C h"r-*-r. Lbt,v{)d7-vrt y? do , n

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HTl,'1ry,- F"ifi#Sff"#"t .o( p,-rJ,vu.r=i&ilw{,_{t



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4|F t , 6L^*ltfrV,)t; --U, {l C rvt* * rr,,dv {*# ruwyyt c6}q_ 



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NlfLi y*u"$n, / f:!irb{,hr- a,attvt\ * twc ?-,.vi.t T\ffft P 1,t*L'ry^,t 




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l- / ' #ry\,\,0,M/,t-41 ,,* 'lraec-r"* hnon^ 14 , * b<*- /CIt,iiI p'rw,{\tu'cnvltlrl.ut. 'J "A- ) 'Br'a*^* /{,yru{a^-l*,*; Wi,r,^o.*u$ * ryufu **ll*tZ**I

ispr) [,,., uj


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ciyit{v'-fis /t1'u, (.,{t L;".1'," .,* c r/ L ' :.-.-, .l 


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(r',^,ul.y3:\v L,^- rvru ,..{:i*,--ft..:.\j 1,.i;i {. ;\ .,1-71.,.,11 . ,t{i trr' i.t UUUI C"(,21'=-'= (tn A,':'-,{ u^,! - fi.a'+n y''!^,'' 'J rj 

Itu,*-,,t,tr1 ,--{ri,(,.+ ,,,i,,1.t d;!t;,r',,, 1,,. *{yu'^-,/1,'','tt,/r:'ti-'"'",wt,., rizr("' ,,,f 'J,t'.J.r"'... i'J.: rrlrr- c.{ * r,''l5( /tr4.,,rl,uurtt

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,4r;* Ok *o:u{-.rv*yt-tl-.. ;1l {v\-(.,.{,\,td-r- 7.,.*./$,,o,f1 w.r*t bio.,r*-( .,o- iu(Lq,- ,,*;:il:" y ffiff:: ;, o -1# nffi :;! ou, N\s#

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'(l ,,^4.r-f* +e *t - n\-€*,ks4r:"nG"* S- r:,ttA:."{l-r'r* fp,-\,,{-r s;6-.&t-5- {4 r:: +' L Y{EF\ ( y, {, ,v*.,c€ ,,,. ,r ,a,|, f1_ - i* ,.;* 

#ff*,:tfl'r #:f ?1sr-,ortw ,{wv,,""74'Jrrct'o,^-(, *{ - \r4 4{ ,,t$4*** ,ru-&,! {- .!)a{:gs-'{ 4,.qu,oR.s'

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Wr tbvL t'ilfi :vi- dyrl.e-,t'l-- lnaitxl^vvL rF t#- / Lruu ,,-.,.-fl 1 rut-L; LnU 4x ,,u , ,t. ,,,{. c.SJ fv ,"r ,-,r} fi'-t T(+.r t. toru ,,. , $. yu,( -s * ( .fr t,X"-La U { ,. "0 fl '  ,',.#i-4o,(/o', '"t c- c-{\t{ x'$- + k>r*a-*au,*,y1 (t'* ^'rr*,^r[r",, l-n/r5 

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