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UC / Mathematical Sciences / MATH 1045 / What is the concern of cultural anthropology?

What is the concern of cultural anthropology?

What is the concern of cultural anthropology?


School: University of Cincinnati
Department: Mathematical Sciences
Course: Applied Calculus II
Professor: Peng
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Cultural Anthropology
Cost: 25
Name: Week 1 Cultural Anthropology Notes (January 11th)
Description: In case you need notes for cultural anthropology, you can find them here!! This set of notes covers the first week of class material, January 11th, 13th, and 15th. Hope you find them helpful!
Uploaded: 01/18/2016
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What is the concern of cultural anthropology?

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♡ sometimer

abar humans O

Monday, Jan 11 Anthropology = the study of humans

- study everything there is to

know about being human de subfields:

C 0 - Rhyncar biological

What is the task of an ethnohistorian?

genetic variation

What do diff genes tell us about humans? 2 - Cultural

concerned with rules that govern life ethnography studying lining existing culture Ethnographic studies sutures of modern grap - concert ethnographic data -ethnographic present - Write description

of how culture was - ethna historian - study culture in nitone past (unten information) (pre-historic before wintien history

What does linguistics study?

Don't forget about the age old question of What is the origin and insertion of a muscle?

Thistory written records of hitory) 3 - Linguistics

-study language & look at how that

affects the world chau people interact) - archeology

- study part culture that have ceared

to exist legprand, myans, etc)


how they are dove nourer arrito Don't forget about the age old question of What are some of the common chronic stressors?


wnuear a 600 i dam


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☆ Fun Fact ☆ - When they threw trash out windows

& aimed for the cutters men wald walk close to curb of women wand study walk by building to OVOID Qening spiamed

6 - apowed anthropologists our taxes understanding of anthropology

& apply it to help people -specifically in non industhaired wond to help as they modernize If you want to learn more check out What does brocas aphasia refer to?




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wednesday, Jan.13





specific meaning: refers to a speciell society

(Japanese society, etc * general meaning: culture is a learned

Runem of bellets around which a group of people organize their lives.

Unique to humans (tools, language -other I species have it too but culture unique to humans) Don't forget about the age old question of What economics is all about?

•Symbolic communication - communicating wina Simbol

- a symbol is an object or evento that represents another obector event only becaur it is agreed

upon by the people who ule that symbol enculturation process by which you rearn values, language, beliets practice of culture

A culture is learned & (baby rared in Ohio different culture then baby in france)

Wherca all cats across world act the same

3 types of rearning o cultural reaning -unlou to humans

-ability to venMBO & communicare 3 Individual situational earning ammal If you want to learn more check out What does developmental psychology study?
Don't forget about the age old question of How do you prepare an income statement?

learn & barel tutun benavier on its own expenance


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humor og

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(3) Soa'al Shuational learning animal

Teams from another animal (lions teach cubs how to hunt by bringing home almort dead prey.

for Cuby to finish off aus ♡ Showina wnercar chura) is tellings language downnde: - can share fears efficiently - can share anxiety Chuman thing). - pet can fear things, but not anxiety

thing that can happen -culture shared - so you can never have.

a culture of one (no personal culture) - Culture is a SVED pattern



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C001 Side Note: AUHALLO A-axer most valuable Hem in cultures Laidmen mane europeans brought metal

So they are on top laxej to trade & it conapleal menfaniaw old men, their society warren marry Warren many old real young ren s old men pushed old mengine wanen torren out of society ring




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Culture How human sunroof cultural adaptive kit -ure culture to

adapt to succandings somanc adaptation - adaptation of the body to help them survire in their cultur o polar bears hollow clear fur, black

skin to absorb light, big paws to disperre

weight so they dont sink A humans ure culture to adapt to environments

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Friday, January 15

Culture continued Remember tuman-cultural adaptation

• animais-somatic adaptation

• Culture is holistic

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Europeans raw diversity during penoa of exploration (even where they went, diff people did things

-cultural evolutionism - 19th century (1800's

-emphaned analyzing culture in

States of developmeralsaragem civilization - Franz Boas-scientist (phynclit),

-emphasizes facts not opinions -became anthropologist because aretic people ☆ father of Anthropology &

- collecting accurate information is

What he thosred (actually study people -stressed fleld wine to collect redidata -said ercy culture had differens trait - spoke at against ranking people againa each other - sala what could happen taulun went

against eachothes riuaded cachorner - sala everyone inara practice

cultural relativim -cultural traits are best understood in the context of the Cultur in which they are apart (dont use standards of your culture to judge other culture traits) he got ethnography going ethnographer Hudy luna culture cure free range to explore mon senina

to learn about Allen culture -

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-DOTTLOOD obrerrota participate in

thallen culture to learn about it -internews- to ask peopie about their culture

might have ret questions to ask) -people will lie to tell you the

ideal culture study a lot s- emic data analysis that describel a cunun

In a way that makes sence to an insider of that wture philisophical etic data-analung that describes a

debate Cultur in categone that make sense tu an

autrdes of that culture Tuper Of Evolution

evolution-change over long penod of time 2 broad o general crolution - main changes both Collegoner biological & Cultural that have occurred

over a long penod of time within. th genus homo sapiens sapien

a t especies subspecie

ay some

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Homo neanderthalensts

(neanderthais) (2 specific evolution - specific population

evaring long term ada praten & Change in speciale ara.. (170 mohabiy tira perton with tools) ( Homo erectis-stood up for first time) - as brains grow, Delut change to

allow room for birth of bables. - had to develop Cutur to take

care of infants ssumre in graips


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ISLae Note å study

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teosinte type of grass - growl in specific plece in mexico, Collect & edt reea -plant biggest seeds- evolved into a

bigger, mor stuck-to-the-item plants s-corn dercloped ! ! !

4 this is specific evolution A

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