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HESC 220 FINAL study guide

by: Theint Myint

HESC 220 FINAL study guide HESC 220

Theint Myint
Cal State Fullerton
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

Grade received on final: A
Concepts Health Science
A. Ransons
Study Guide
Health Science, health, Science, apa, Literature review, concepts in health science
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Theint Myint on Wednesday January 20, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HESC 220 at California State University - Fullerton taught by A. Ransons in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 292 views. For similar materials see Concepts Health Science in Nursing and Health Sciences at California State University - Fullerton.

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Date Created: 01/20/16
HESC 220 – Final Study Guide **Please bring Scantron 882 Exam will consist of: • 34 questions (51 pts) - Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, • 6 questions (24 pts) - Short Answer • Based on: textbook, lectures, PowerPoints, additional reading, guest speakers, videos • Covers: • Chapters 4-6, 9-11, 31 • And the Band Played On Video • Cultural Competency • Ethics • Deadly Deceptions Video • Healthy People 2020 • Student Handbook • Guest Speaker - Elizabeth Munoz – Career Center (Career Center Resources) Epidemiology • And the Band Played On o Public Health concept o Source of controversy § Government didn’t fund them in the beginning when needed it § Gay rights – don’t want to shut down bathhouses § Blood banks didn’t want to screen the blood using the hep b test • Terminology: o Epidemic vs. Endemic § Endemic= normal amount of cases of disease § Epidemic= increase in cases of disease o Epidemiologic Surveillance § a system governments use requiring certain “notifiable” disease be reported as soon as they are diagnosed. o Frequency, Incidence, and Prevalence n Framingham study Cohort Studies – link exposures to results by observation alone • In a typical cohort study, large numbers of people (all healthy at the time the study begins) are questioned concerning their exposure. • Observed over a period of time as researches watch to see whether those who were exposed are more likely to develop the disease/condition • Framingham Heart Study, Nurses Health Study • Findings - Relative Risk • Epidemiological Studies • Relative Risk n Intervention Studies • Example: Clinical Trial • Treatment group vs. Control group • Placebo effect • Randomized, doubly-blind (most convincing clinical trial) Page | 1 n Case Control Studies – start with people who are already ill and look back to determine their exposure. • Focus on a smaller number of people. • People who have the disease are compared with controls, healthy people chosen to match the cases as much as possible (age, sex, etc.) • Example – Reye’s syndrome Cultural Competency • Definitions: o Culture, Cultural Competency • Examples of Cultural Sensitivity from video clips Ethics • Repercussions of Tuskegee Study o Now we have informed consent- patients have to know everything that’s going on o Distrust in medical professionals • Basic Principles o Respect, Beneficence, Justice • Respect: Honor Personal Autonomy o Protect those with diminished autonomy. § Ex: disabled, children, elderly • Beneficence: Maximize benefits and minimize harms • Justice: Fairness in selection of subjects… Health Professions Homework and Paper o Continuing Education o Professional Organizations Student Handbook • HESC Advising Office • Letter of Recommendation: give enough time- at least 3 weeks prior • Academic Timeline – Applying for Graduation o Apply 1 year before graduation term o Pay $115 deposit • APA Citation o In-text o Reference Page Infectious Disease • Chain of Infection o 1. Pathogen – is a virus, bacterium, or parasite that causes the disease in humans. o 2. Reservoir – any place where the pathogen lives and multiplies. o 3. Method of Transmission – the way the pathogen travels from one host to another, or from a reservoir to a new host. o 4. Susceptible host – a new potential host may not be susceptible because the host has immunity to the pathogen. Page | 2 • Public Health’s Role o Public health measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases include both routine preventive measures and emergency measures to control an outbreak once it has begun. Chronic Disease • Studying Chronic Disease o there is no single pathogen and in most cases they have multiple causes. In addition, they tend to develop over long periods of time further complicating the task of pinpointing causes. o However, the gradual onset of many chronic diseases gives us the advantage of early detection thus allowing secondary prevention and intervention early in the disease process that can mitigate its impact. • Public Health’s Role o Prevent disease and understand their causes Healthy People 2020 • Foundation Health Measures • Organization of Topic Areas Future of Public Health • Future Challenges o Renewed threats from infectious diseases o Overpopulation o Rising costs of medical care for aging population o The challenge of understanding and altering human behavior – the factor that now contributes most substantially to premature mortality. **Please bring Scantron 882. Page | 3


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