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Study Questions for Module 2

by: Kayla Korbel

Study Questions for Module 2 PUR3000

Marketplace > University of Florida > Public Relations > PUR3000 > Study Questions for Module 2
Kayla Korbel
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

Questions from module 2 readings and lectures
Principles of Public Relations
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kayla Korbel on Friday January 22, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PUR3000 at University of Florida taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Principles of Public Relations in Public Relations at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 01/22/16
PUR3000 Module 2, Ch 2 Study Q’s 1/21/16 1. Who was the father of press agentry? 2. Press agent? 3. hype? 4. The individual who best represents hype and press agentry in the 19th century? 5. Pseudo event? 6. When was the first government PR campaign launched, and by whom? 7. Why was the first government PR campaign launched? 8. The British Broadcasting Service was launched when? 9. PRIA is where, and was formed when? 10. Who “virtually created the PR industry” in Australia? 11. Business Writers Association of the Philippines was organized when and why? 12. T/F: 1991, the collapse of the Soviet Union allowed for a free market economy and democratic reforms that caused rapid growth of PR field in government and private business 13. First presidential press secretary? 14. Founder of National Association of Colored People (NAACP)? 15. One of the first major retailers to use tactics of PR? 16. What year was the term PR first used? 17. Who was the first PR counsel? 18. Who is the father of modern PR? Who was the father of Spin? 19. 20. Arthur Pages 6 principles of PR management? 21. Who is the father of PR research? 22. Who is credited with founding the first political campaign management firm in the US? 23. Who is the “consummate hollywood PR man?” 24. Who is credited with mentoring today’s leading publicists? The first african american PR man to acquire a major corporate account, the Coca Cola 25. company? 26. Who started the technique know as “bill stuffer” in 1912? 27. Who was the first president to make use of press conferences and interviews to gain public support when congress was resistant? 28. Who was the father of the American conservationist movement? What period was the idea of issues management added to duties of PR manager? 29. 30. Relationship management? 31. Relationship marketing? 32. Dialogue places less emphasis on what, and more emphasis on what? 33. What are the 4 models of PR? 34. Who was the first practitioner of PR? What is the first PR agency to open and when? 35. 36. The first in-house PR? 37. Julius Caesar’s daily publications were called what? 38. The worlds first infographic? 39. Who coined the term propaganda? 40. Who was the first to use the term PR to address the congress? Who won the battle of the currents? 41. 42. Who created the first official press release? 43. Who introduced the British code of ethics for PR in the UK? 44. The institute of PR is established what year? 45. Who coined the term PR 2.0? 46. Who developed the printing press? PUR3000 Module 2, Ch 2 Study Q’s 1/21/16 Answers 1. Sam Adams 2. A person whose work is to get publicity for an individual, organization, etc 3. Shrewd use of the media or other devices to promote an individual, a cause, or a product/ service 4. Phineas T Barnum 5. a planned happening that occurs primarily for the purpose of being reported 6. 1911, the Insurance Commission 7. to explain the benefits of the National Insurance Act 8. 1922 9. The PR Institute of Australia, 1960 10. Eric White 11. After WWI, to promote the idea of corporate social responsibility 12. True 13. Amos Kendall, pres. Andrew Jackson 14. Ida B Wells 15. John Wannamaker 16. 1897 17. Ivy Lee Edward Bernays 18. 19. Larry Tye 20. tell the truth, actions speak louder than words, always listen to the consumer, anticipate PR and eliminate practices that cause conflict, PR is a management and policy making function that impacts the entire company, keep a sense of humor and exercise judgement, keep a cool head in times of crisis Rex Harlow 21. 22. Leon Baxter 23. Warren Cowan 24. Warren Cowan 25. Moss Kendrix 26. Samuel Insull Teddy Roosevelt 27. 28. Teddy Roosevelt 29. 1960s 30. the idea being that PR practitioners are in the business of building and fostering relationships with organizations and various publics 31. an effort to form a solid, ongoing relationship with the purchaser of product or service less emphasis on mass media distribution and more on interpersonal channels 32. 33. press agentry, public information, 2 way asymmetric, and 2 way symmetric 34. Ivy Lee 35. Publicity Bureau, 1900 36. Westinghouse 37. Acta Diurna the Bayeux tapestry 38. 39. the catholic church 40. Thomas Jefferson 41. Westinghouse 42. Ivy Lee 43. Basil Clark PUR3000 Module 2, Ch 2 Study Q’s 1/21/16 44.1948 45.Brian Solis 46.Gutenberg


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