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From Rock to Bach Test #1 Study Guide

by: Kaley Hicks

From Rock to Bach Test #1 Study Guide MUSI 10073

Marketplace > Texas Christian University > Music > MUSI 10073 > From Rock to Bach Test 1 Study Guide
Kaley Hicks
GPA 3.97

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About this Document

Study Guide for the 1st Test in From Rock to Bach - Includes an outline of important styles, artists, people as well as important facts & important terms to know for the test I made above 95% on ...
From Rock to Bach
Amy Stewart
Study Guide
Music, From Rock to Bach
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kaley Hicks on Friday January 22, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to MUSI 10073 at Texas Christian University taught by Amy Stewart in Fall 2013. Since its upload, it has received 237 views. For similar materials see From Rock to Bach in Music at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 01/22/16
Important Styles:  Tin Pan Alley o Sheet Music not specific song was important o Follows AABA form  Country in the Southeast o Appalachia o Folk Traditions o Carter Family  Western Music in the Southwest & California o Cowboy Films, Gene Autry o Open prairie and cowboys  Rural Blues: o More Country Sounding o Robert Johnson – “Cross Roads Blues”  Jump Blues: o Up-beat, Jazz like o Louis Jordan and His Tympany 5  Pop in the early 50s o Family audience o Patti Page – “Doggie in the Window”  Chicago Electric Blues o Chess Records o Rough edged emotion directness, raw authenticity, no fancy recording techniques o Contrast to polished pop o Howlin Wolf “Evil”  Black Pop o Atlantic Records o Polished sound, influenced by mainstream pop  Doo-Wop o Solo singer w/ vocal accompaniment o Grew out of neighborhoods, acapella o Non-sense syllables o The Chords “Sh-Boom”  Bluegrass o Developed by Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys o Upbeat, instrumental solos, high solo vocals, close vocal harmonies  Hokum Blues o Sexual Double entendres o Big Joe Turner “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”  Rockabilly o Sun Records o Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly  Brill Building o Teen pop music o Very methodical, artist did not play a big part o Teen idols – cast as potential boyfriends. EX: Frankie Avalon, Neil Sedaka, Bobby Darin o Business practices of Aldon Music  Folk Music o College-age listeners, revived from 1940s o Populist character – music for regular people by regular people o The Kingston Trio – “Tom Dooley”  Sweet Soul o Gospel influenced Pop Hits o “I Got A Woman” – Ray Charles o Sam Cooke  Rockabilly Pop o Brill building influence in country music o Everly Brothers  Surf Music Important Artists: The Carter Family – country in the southeast Frank Sinatra o Started solo career in 1942 – model for singer as star o Paved way for Elvis & others Howlin Wolf- “Evil is Goin On” --- Chicago Electric Blues The Chords- “Sh-Boom” --- Doo-wop (made this style famous) Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys o Developed bluegrass style Hank Williams o One of my most influential and distinctive preformers o Grand Ole Opry o Iconic Singer-songwriter Big Joe Turner – Hokum Blues Fats Domino o Warm, friendly image o “Blueberry Hill” crossed over to Pop charts (one of first crossovers) o First generation rocket Chuck Berry o Songwriting o Songs told stories about teen life – careful with wording so it didn’t offend adults o Distinctive guitar style – changed perception of guitar as solo instrument o Indicted o Songs crossed over Little Richard o Contrast to Fats Domino o Flamboyant Performer, first to adopt “wild man” persona in r&r Bill Haley o Whitening of music o Covered Shake, Rattle, and Roll o First generation rocket Pat Boone o Cover versions outdid originals on charts o One of the top grossing pop artists in the 50s Elvis Presley o First artist to have hits on all 3 charts simultaneously o Originally on Sun Records – Sam Phillips o Then went to RCA records – broader appeal  Buddy Holly o Distinct musical style – vocal hiccups, country influenced electric guitar playing o Influential songwriter o Died in a plane crash in 1959  The Kingston Trio- Folk Music  Ben E. King – solo career – “Stand By Me” – fired from Drifters  Sam Cooke – sweet soul  Roy Orbison- songwriter o Distinctive falsetto “Only the Lonely”  Beach Boys o Brian Wilson = producer behind group  Ricky Nelson o One of the first teen idols Important People: Alan Freed o Started Moondog Show – later called “Rock and Roll Party” o Exposed Rock N Roll to mainstream o Targeted & driven out of music business during payola scandals Sam Phillips o Sun Records o Elvis Dick Clark o Targeted in Payola Scandal but cooperated & kept his career o Host of American bandstand Lieber & Stoller o First independent producers of pop o Did music for Elvis including “Hounddog” & “Jailhouse Rock” o Collaborated with the Coasters o Formed Spark records, later moved to Atlantic Records o Worked with Coasters to make “playlets” Phil Spector o Ambitious producer o Signature “Wall of Sound” – used reverb Brian Wilson o Ambitious producer of Beach Boys o Inspired by Phil Spector Important Record Labels:  Sun In Memphis o Head= Sam Phillips – recorded on breaks o Elvis originally on this label – “That’s All Right Mama” o Rockabilly  Chess is Chicago o Chicago Electric Blues style – raw & rough  King in Cincinnati  Atlantic in New York o Black Pop Style – smooth & polished o Sweet Soul – The Drifters “There Goes My Baby” – Leiber & Stoller  RCA records o Purchased Elvis for $35k, gave him a broader appeal  Colombia Records o Roy Orbison  Aldon Music o Brill Building style  Spark Records o Formed by Stoller & Leiber Important Terms: Grand Ole Opery & National Barndance- exposed people in the North to new music “Blackboard Jungle”- movie that cemented rock music with teenage rebellion. Featured “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley American Bandstand- spurred interest in dancing, hosted by Dick Clark. Teen idols marketed through this show  12-bar blues o Common structural pattern found in rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and styles of jazz o It is a structural pattern that consists of twelve groups of four-beat measures o Question-question-answer pattern Important Facts:  Predominance of regional culture in the 1 part of the century  In purist form, country music did not have drums  “Rocket 88” by Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats’ is considered by many to be the first rock and roll song.  After WW1, popular music played by black musicians and intended for black listeners was called “race” music. Later coined “rhythm and blues” by Billboard journalist Jerry Wexler  A&R (artist and repertoire) men’s jobs were to organize and coordinate the various professionals involved in making the record = early producers 


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