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Math Quiz 1 Study Guide

by: Kathryn White

Math Quiz 1 Study Guide MATH105-06

Kathryn White
C of C
Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
Dr. Justin Webster

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About this Document

Practice problems from all types of homework assignments we've done up to this point. Has solutions pages as well! For our quiz on Jan 26, 2016.
Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
Dr. Justin Webster
Study Guide
Math, Calculus, Limits, factoring
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kathryn White on Friday January 22, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to MATH105-06 at College of Charleston taught by Dr. Justin Webster in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Calculus for Business and Social Sciences in Mathematics (M) at College of Charleston.


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Date Created: 01/22/16
Math Review Quiz 1 Practice Problems 1 i 39 x2 2x 48 2 Factor 6x2y3 8x2y 2x2y2 3 4 53 4 x4 x0 5 Finda line parallel to this equation x 3y 3 with points 40 6 718 7 8X yX2y x5x10 8 10 x 9 fxx26x gX Find fx gltxgt 10 Fact0r4x24x 11 6x 5y 15 Put into slope intercept form and determine the y intercept 12 22 4 5 Put into slope intercept form 2 2 13 n S 14 y 2x3 Find the y intercept 15 3x21x 3 3 17 x6gtlltx8 X9X3y 3 18 3 6y z 19 xy5 Does 32 work Does 01 20 3 6 10 1 Put into slope intercept form 21 It costs 8 to make a certain bracelet charges x per bracelet She can sell 612x bracelets per week Find the revenue function cost function and pro t function 22 Electronics company has determined that the cost of producing mp3 s is 15 per mp3 plus 34100 per month in xed costs It sells for 325 Find revenue function cost function and pro t function Also nd the breakeven 23 A manufacturer can sell 36 yards of grass at 207 per yard If it s 175 he can sell 44 yards Cx 05x 50 dollars Find Dx Rx and Px 10x2 40 2 24 XL lhn x gt2 2x218 4 6 2539 ax 3L lhn xgt3 x4 26 x49x2 144 3x 20x32 8 27 XL unla xgt 8 Solutions 4 4 LFu 7 i FmdmemmmmDXLJM 48 o x 2 x 48 This is factored to x6x8 So the answer is all real numbers where x 6 8 2 3 4 5 gt P 6x2y3 8x2y 2x2y2 2x2y3y2 4 y 4 53 I 4 125 500 x4x x4Notex 1 x 3y 3 l move y a side on it s own so 3y x 3 then divide all the terms by 3 to get y by itself Making the equation now 322 736 1 meaning the slope is So to nd the parallel line we use the formula yy1 1 x x1 l y 0 1x 4 4 SO y 796 M S I E l5 3 8x yx2y l 8x2 16xy yx 2y2 8x2 2y2 15xy 0 x5x10 D L x10 51 xx T move the x 10 to the numerator l x5 x10 x10 X X25 9 fxx26x gX Findfltxgx X 5 2 30 2226x D i x 5x 30 x X X Z 10 4x24x4xx1 11 6x 5y 15 l Divide all terms by 5 and also get y to one side by itself You should end up with y x 3 this is slope intercept form To nd the y intercept just put 0 in for x so y O 3 3 12 22 4 5 First nd the slope by using m 2 l 5 2 3 4 2 2 To get it into slope intercept form just plug in one of the points in the ymx b formula But we want to nd b so we will change the formula to b y mx and plug in our points for that For example we will use 45 3 as our pomts So b 5 74 1 3 So the nal answer isy 7x1 11 25 2 13 T I No negatives in the fraction so negatives in the n S numerator will be positives in the denominator and vice versa so we 10 n can make this as 2 3 Cancel out the common terms and we are n S 8 leftwith quot 3 S 14 y 2x3 Find theyintercept y 203 3 15 3x21x 3 3x3 9x23 3 1 164 39 g 1 17 x6gtlltx8 IIX6398IIX392 OF 2 X 9 3 3 9 9 3 9 3 1 18 xlx vl D 1996 3 6y z 6y z xy6z 6Z 19 xy5 l 32 Works 01 Does not 20 3 6 10 1 First nd the slope by using m i i l 116 2 103 7 5 27 Now use b y mx wnth point 36 l b 6 7 3 l b T So y x TZ7 21 Rx 2x2 61x Cx 488 16x Px 2x2 61x 488 16x l 2x2 77x 488 22 Rx 325x Cx 15x 34100 Px 325x 15X 34100 I 310x 34100 Breakeven is Rx Cx so 325x 15x 34100 x 110 23 To nd Dx we use the m i formula The points would be 36 207 and 44 175 from the problem So M 04 44 36 Now we use y y1 mxx1 to nd the slope intercept form which is also equal to Dx So plug in either coordinates I will use 36 207 l y 207 04x 36 I y 04x 351 is Dx Rx 04x2 351x Px 04 351x 05x 50 l 04x2 301x 50 10x2 40 2 2 24 xi Can t plug in so factor M I 10x2x 2 1mm x2 96 2 x gt2 Cancel out and you are left with 10x 20 now you can just plug in 2 to get 40 2x218 Z 2 2x2 9 2x 3x3 25 Lx3z l x3 l x3 2x 6 plug In3to limZ xgt3 get12 x4 x4 x4 1 1 2639 xir49x2 144 D 9x2 16 D 9x 4x4 D 9x 36 D 27 3x2 20x32 x8 L H Factors to 3x 4x8 l lim 3 xgt 8 lim 3xX8 3x 4 now just plug in 8 to get 28 xgt 8 Please email me at whitekvgcofcedu if you need help understanding any of these problems


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