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UA / Natural science / NSCI 1543 / What are the 5 basic properties of life?

What are the 5 basic properties of life?

What are the 5 basic properties of life?


School: University of Arkansas
Department: Natural science
Course: Principles of Biology
Professor: John shadwick
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: Biology
Cost: Free
Name: Principles of Biology - Week One Notes
Description: These notes cover the first week of lecture in POB. They are in an outline format and include everything on Dr. Shadwick's notes to fill out as well as some extra information from his lecture.
Uploaded: 01/23/2016
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What are the 5 basic properties of life?

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☆ Biology - the study of life I. Properties of life

A. Order

1. a high level of organization typifies lite

B Memduction

1. producing offspring of the same kind C Growth and Development II. consistent growth and development controlled by

What is an example of an emergent property?

Don't forget about the age old question of How do we allow for things other than x to affect y?

inherited DNA



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D. Energy processing

1. use of chemical energy to power an organisms

actrities and chemical reactions

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E. Regulation

to an ability to control an organisms internal

What are the 2 types of cells in the body?

Don't forget about the age old question of What does it mean if a business is not incorporated?

environment within Imits that sustain life

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F. Response to the environment

1. an ability to respond to environmental stimuli We also discuss several other topics like What were the effects of the end of the cold war?

6. Evolutionary adaptation - odaptatius e dve over

many generation as individuals w/ traits best Suited to their chirament have greater reproduce success and pass their traits to offspring


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Levels of Organization. A. Biosphere Don't forget about the age old question of What is the purpose of healthcare finance?

1. all of the environments on tash to support the B. Ecosystem - all the organisms hing in a particolar

area and the physcal components with which the organism interact.


C. Community

1. The entre amay of organism


ring in a particular

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D. Population If you want to learn more check out How does product development affect marketing function?

1 all the individuels of

a species thing in a specific

Study Soup We also discuss several other topics like Which word is synonymous to cancer?


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Organism 1. An individual living thing 2. Within an organism.

a organ system

i. several organs that cooperate in a specific tonition b organ -structure composed of tissues that studs

usually has one fonction tissue a

i group of similar cells that perform a

specife Function


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i the fundamental unit of life ii. not considered alre if smaller thach cen organelle i membrane - Chelosed structure that perons a

Speatic function within a cea

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f. molecule

i Cluster of small chemieal units called alons.

held together by chemical bonds Ill New Properties that Emerge Emergent Properties emergent properties - properties that arise

in each step upward the heinarchy of life

from the arrangement and interaction amoing scorenedors 1. Competition

a. emege at the level of population 2. Nutrent cycling

a emerges at the ecosystem. 3. Life

a. amerges




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☆ the structural and functond onts of life A. All cells

1. enclosed by a membrane that requlite

passage of materials between the well

Surroundings su 2. Use DNA as their genelic Information

the and its

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3. Regulate internal environment, taken and

4. Take in and use energy co 5. Respond to its environment ab develop and minton organization 7. Giverise to new cell

B. Two basic forms of

1. Prokaryotic cells




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a. were the first to evolve 6. simpler than eukaryote c. usually smaller than evkaryotic




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Eukaryotic cells a. found in plants, animale, fung, protists b. subdrided by membrares into vansur tenctad

compartments or organella including a nucleus that hause DNA


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back to the Emergent properties

the result of complex interactions B. System biology

I attempts to understand emergent Coder

properties by modeling dynamics behavior 2. Can be done at any level from Organelles to




Interaction A. Livery organisms interact w/ their environments like:

l oher organismi

2. Physical facters


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B. In most ecosystems

1. plants are the producers that provide tood 2. consumes lot plants and other animals sa decomposers act as recyclers, changing conder

matter into simpler chemicals that plants can absorb and use

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Ecosystem Dynamics A Nutrients (chemicals) are recycled within closystems B. Energy flows through the ecosystem, entering as

sunlight and exiting as heat Unity of life 4. DNA OUR

1. The substance of genes. B. Genos

1 unit of inhentance that transmits Information from

parents to offspring Los grouped into veng lone DNA molecles Called

Chromosomer 3. control the activities of acell 4. all the many genes in an organism make up its genome

a the Genomes of many órqismsincludins humans,

have now been sequenced

1. this allows us to compare genes

Diversity of life A-approxmetely 1.8 million Species have been

scientfically naphed

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