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BROWN U / Biology / BIOL 1240 / tpp biochemistry

tpp biochemistry

tpp biochemistry


School: Brown University
Department: Biology
Course: Biochemistry
Professor: Arthur salomon
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: Oxidative Phosphorylation, citric acid cycle, Photosynthesis, Carbon Fixiation, and biochemistry
Cost: 50
Name: Biochemistry Exam#2: Lectures #9-#15
Description: This review sheet is very comprehensive. It includes step by step explanations of each mechanism and plenty of diagrams. The topics covered in this exam are: - Citric Acid Cycle - Oxidative Phosphorylation - Photosynthesis and Carbon Fixiation - Gluconeogenesis and Glycogen Metabolism - Lipid Metabolism - Amino Acid and Urea Metabolism - Integration and Regulation of Metabolism
Uploaded: 01/24/2016
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