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SEMO / Political Systems / Pol 103 / the tenth amendment addressed the concerns of anti-federalists about

the tenth amendment addressed the concerns of anti-federalists about

the tenth amendment addressed the concerns of anti-federalists about


School: Southeast Missouri State University
Department: Political Systems
Course: U.S. Political Systems
Professor: Kevin sexton
Term: Spring 2015
Tags: Political systems
Cost: 50
Name: Political Systems 103 Finals Study Guide
Description: This a comprehensive study guide of Mr. Sexton's 103 Honors class for Fall 2015. I looked over this a couple times and got a 95 on the final. I hope it helps you!!
Uploaded: 01/24/2016
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Estrella Collins (Rating: )

Can you just teach this course please? lol :)

∙ The Founding Fathers developed the conceptional design of government that has come be  known as the Madisonian Model to prevent one of the following Tyranny of the Majority. ∙ The U.S. government has the power to have a draft because: The Elastic Clause, the 18th  Enumerated Power, and the Necessary and Proper Clause.

What powers only belong to the State?

∙ Which of the following powers belong only to the States? Reserved Powers ∙ The principle of checks and balances is based on the notion that power must be used to  offset power.

∙ Which of the following lists puts the Articles of the US Constitution in the correct order  that they are addressed in the US Constitution? Legislative, Executive, Judicial,  Amendments, Ratification

∙ The method of distributing funding to the state and local governments that is most  preferred by the federal government is which of the following?

Categorical Grants

∙ The enumerated powers in Article I of the Constitution define the powers of the  Congress.

∙ There have been how many amendments to the U.S. Constitution? 27 ∙ The U.S. Constitution is the only constitution that the United States has had. False ∙ If you were to purchase something from an individual on the internet trading sight EBay  

There have been how many amendments to the U.S. Constitution?

you probably would not have to pay state sales tax because the internet is considered  intra-state trade and therefore it is regulated by the federal government. False ∙ When local school districts accept money from the Federal government they transfer  authority over the issue of education to the Federal government. False

∙ Implied powers are justified by the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. FalseDon't forget about the age old question of mgsc 395 exam 1

∙ When the Founding Fathers were writing the U.S. Constitution they all felt that it should  very specifically address individual freedoms or civil liberties. False

∙ Most monarchies and oligarchies have which of the following in common? ∙ The leaders of these governments tend to maintain control because they have the power  to do so.

∙ When creating the national government, the Articles of Confederation: Followed Thomas  Hobbs’ concept of Concentration of Power.

What is the major difference between the beliefs of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke?

We also discuss several other topics like tells managers how much of the total variable moh variance is due to using more or less hours of the allocation base than anticipated for the actual volume of output

∙ When Thomas Jefferson was writing the Declaration of Independence the audience(s) he  was writing for was/were: The English Monarchy, The English Parliament, and The  American Colonist

∙ What is the major difference between the beliefs of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke? Hobbes believed that power should be concentrated and Locke did not. ∙ The Connecticut Compromise created a Bi-cameral national legislature, was based  partially on Equal Representation, and was based partially on the Large State Plan ∙ The U.S. Constitution originally called for the direct election of which of the following  individuals? Individual members of the U.S. House of Representatives ∙ The Tenth Amendment addressed the concerns of Anti-Federalists about the powers of  state governments. If you want to learn more check out classes at bellevue college
If you want to learn more check out What were the forces that spurred the industrial transformation in the gilded age?

∙ When the writers of the Constitution were attempting to accomplish the three major goals  of the Madisonian Model they did which of the following? Made sure the voters would  not be able to quickly gain control of the national government by staggering the terms  and length of terms of national officials.

∙ The Mayflower Compact did which of the following: Established the idea of limited  government as the standard for future European settlements in North America. ∙ Sovereignty refers to ultimate governing authority.

∙ The U.S. Constitution called for what to happen in 1808? The end of the importation of  slaves Don't forget about the age old question of which of the following describes a process that first determines what information marketing managers need and then gathers, sorts, analyzes, stores, and distributes relevant and timely marketing information?
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∙ Dillion's Rule states: The state governments create all local governments; therefore state  governments are always supreme within their own state.

∙ McCullough v. Maryland dealt with which of the follow issues? The Elastic Clause and  Supremacy Clause

∙ When Presidents Ford and Reagan attempted to pass down more power to the state and  local government they were advocating for the concept of: Devolution

∙ The Anti-Federalists opposed the ratification of the US Constitution because which of the  following? All of the above were concerns the Anti-Federalists had with the Constitution ∙ The idea that power should be shifted away from the federal government and back to the  state governments was at the center of which of the following court cases? US v. Lopez ∙ Authority the right to do something.

∙ Power the ability to do something.

∙ Commerce Clause Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction

∙ Coin Money power of both governments under the Articles

∙ Shay's Rebellion caused state leaders to get together and address Articles’ problems. ∙ Dual Federalism based on the concept of separate spheres of authority ∙ Democracy leaders maintain control because they have authority

∙ Cooperative Federalism began with FDR or Great Depression

∙ Oligarchy maintain control because they have power

∙ Majority group most feared by the writers of the Constitution.

∙ Taxation power shared by both state and national government under Constitution ∙ State Legislatures the group that originally decided who the US Senators would be

Part 2 

∙ If President Clinton was attempting to prove libel or slander he would have to prove that  the statement was false, that the statement caused harm, that adequate research into the  truthfulness of the statement was not conducted AND which of the following: That the  statement was made with the intent to do harm.

∙ Polling is often used by elected officials because, if done correctly, it is the only way to  determine with 100% accuracy, how the public feels about a given issue. False ∙ If a religious organization applies for funds from the federal government: They have to  prove that the funds will be used for non-religious purposes.  

∙ In which of the following situations would it be expected that the Supreme Court would  rule that the government violated the religious freedoms of a(n) individual or group? A  church is not allowed to use Redwood when building a new sanctuary because the city  passed a law outlawing the use of Redwood in church building projects.

∙ According to your instructor the civil rights movement has shifted from a fight for equal  opportunity to a fight for equal outcome. Based on that assumption, which of the  following statements would be most accurate? Equal opportunities were being addressed  when de jure discrimination was outlawed, and equal outcomes are greatly affected by de  facto discrimination.

∙ Which of the following statements about the SMSP electoral system is true? The SMSP  system is based on the winner take all concept

∙ . According to the U.S. Supreme court, which of the following is the primary factor in  determining if material is obscene or not? The local community has deemed the material  obscene.

∙ When the state is allowed to discriminate based on the age of individual, that action has  passed which of the following tests? Reasonable Basis

∙ Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution led to the process of “ selective  incorporation? 14

∙ De Jure discrimination has been addressed primarily by passing laws outlawing it, while  de facto discrimination is harder to address by simply passing a law.

∙ In class we discussed the use of government programs such as forced bussing and  community-based schools. Both of these programs are designed to overcome the  problems associated with: de facto segregation

∙ If the courts determine that I have a freedom from a given government action, that that  freedom would be considered a: civil liberty

∙ According to class discussion, the federal government should shoulder most of the blame  for the continued discrimination against blacks in the United States because of the  "separate but equal" ruling as well as which of the following US Supreme Court rulings: state action doctrine

∙ The absorption of certain provisions of the Bill of Rights into the Fourteenth Amendment  so that these rights are protected from infringements by the state governments is called:  selective incorporation

∙ Which of the following is correct with regard to obscenity and the law? Obscenity is not  protected by the First Amendment.

∙ According to your professor and class discussions, the focus of civil liberties is the _____  and the focus of civil rights is the _____. individual; group

∙ Culminating in an historic victory in 1954, black activists in the early twentieth century  generally pursued civil rights through court action.

∙ Which of the following modern-day american groups most closely match the beliefs of  classic liberalism? Libertarians

∙ In the United States most elections are conducted using which of the following  ELECTORAL SYSTEMS? SMSP

∙ Strict Scrutiny Test is applied when race is involved.

∙ Intermediate Scrutiny Test is applied when gender is involved.

∙ In order for a sample to be considered truly random which of the following must be true?  All members of the population must have an equal chance of being selected to be asked  the questions.

∙ The US HOR has all of its members run for reelection ever two years. ∙ The Supreme Court has ruled that local communities will define what they classify as  obscene material; therefore some obscene material is legal. False

∙ Most elected officials in the United States tend to be pretty strong ideologues. ∙ Which type of voting do most Americans use today? Retrospective Voting ∙ It is unconstitutional for any level of government to limit any actions that are conducted  as part of a religious ceremony. False

∙ The type of primary that is used in Missouri, which allows voters the choice of which  party primary to vote in. Open

Part 3 

∙ How is the winner of the Presidential Election determined if no candidate receives a  majority of the votes in the Electoral College? The House splits the tie. ∙ The term gerrymander refers to: The extensive manipulation of the shape of a legislative  district to benefit a certain incumbent or party.

∙ Congressional override of a presidential veto: 2/3 in each house of Congress ∙ An earmark is: An amendment made to a bill that is usually unrelated to the main issue  addressed by the bill, which is designed to allow members of Congress to direct funding  to his/her district or state.

∙ Which of the following statements about the SMSP electoral system is true? It’s based on  the winner-takes-all concept

∙ Since there are currently 535 members of Congress there are also 535 members in the  Electoral College. False  

∙ Which of the following statements are accurate when describing the differences between  the Republican and Democratic Presidential Primary processes? The Republicans use less  delegates at their national convention and usually use the winner take all process when  assigning a states delegates

∙ Paul Ryan is next in line to become president after the vice-president. ∙ The US Constitution was amended so that any single person can only serve as president  for a maximum of: 10 years

∙ At which point in the legislative process is mark-up conducted? Sub committee ∙ Which of the following committees are ALWAYS joint committees? conference  committees

∙ How often can a state gain or loose electoral votes? Every ten years with the census.  ∙ Standing Committees are called so because: They exist from one Congress to the next,  unless they are explicitly disbanded.  

∙ Which of the following actions would the president most likely take at the very end of his  term in office? Issue a pardon

∙ If a bill fails because of a pocket veto it means: Congress adjourned before ten days  elapsed after sending a bill to the president, and the president metaphorically stuck in a  pocket and forgot about it.

∙ Paul Ryan is the Constitutional Leader of the United States House of Representatives and  Joe Biden is the Constitutional Leader of the US Senate

∙ Which president had the power of line item veto? Clinton

∙ Candidate-centered elections have led to more split-ticket voting.  

∙ Impeachment is a process that has most commonly been used against the President of the  United States. False  

∙ ALL presidential appointments must be confirmed by the US Senate. False  ∙ A ___________________ is used in the United States House of Representatives to  accomplish the same thing that a ____________________ accomplishes in the United  States Senate. rules committee / unanimous consent agreement

∙ What do we call the political leaders in Congress that encourage party members to stand  together on key issues. Whips

∙ What will happen if there is a piece of legislation in the United States Senate and 50  senators vote for it and 50 senators vote against it? Vice President splits the tie. ∙ The lowest level of the federal court system is: For the most part, the only level at which  a verdict is issued.  

∙ What is the ultimate goal of the federal court system? To ensure due process ∙ The level of proof that must be proven in a civil court is: A preponderance of the  evidence.  

∙ How many Supreme Court justices must decide to hear a case before it is put on the  Courts docket. 4  

∙ The following level(s) of the federal court system have original jurisdiction? District & Supreme Correct

∙ Which of the following court cases clearly established the Supreme Courts power of  judicial review? Marbury v. Madison.

∙ When an individual appeals to the US Supreme Court that person is basically saying: That their due process has been violated and they should be given a new trial.

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