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UTD / Government & Politics / GOVT 2306 / French began to settlements were established in what year?

French began to settlements were established in what year?

French began to settlements were established in what year?


School: University of Texas at Dallas
Department: Government & Politics
Course: State and Local Government
Professor: Brian bearry
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: Government
Cost: 25
Name: Week 2 GOVT 2306.003 Notes - Includes Notes from Chapter 2 of Governing Texas and SI Session
Description: Has notes from lectures of Day 3, 4, and 5 of class as well as notes from the second chapter of the textbook. Also includes notes from the first SI session.
Uploaded: 01/24/2016
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If you want to pass this class, use these notes. Period. I for sure will!

Government 2306.003 Professor Brian Bearry  

French began to settlements were established in what year?

*Means Question on Exam

Day 3

1. Texas Settlement and Creation of Culture

a. A people are a part of their history and tradition i. Texas is a limited government state; they have  a tendency to give power to the individuals of  

the state rather than the government

b. Spain

i. Spain first began to colonize in 1530

ii. The Catholic Proselytization happened around  1630

1. This was the conversion of local Mexican  

populations to that of Catholicism

iii. First Texas European Settlement was in 1681  iv. Introduction of horses and the creation of  

warlike native tribes happened from 1681 to  


Spain begins to build forts in what year?

1. Comanche/Apache tribes began to move  

out of their lands because of the Westward

expansion of Europeans  

v. Post 1788 was an era of an incompetent  

Spanish/Mexican administration

1. This was due to Spain losing interest in  

governing the region

a. This was in part due to what was  

going on in France, the monarchy  

were concerned the French revolution

would happen in their lands

c. France

i. French began to settlements were established  in 1685

1. French settlements typically spread  

violence and disease

ii. Spain begins to build forts in 1687 to stop the  French from colonizing their territory

What is the role of the state constitution?

iii. The French were driven out of the region by  Spain in 1710 If you want to learn more check out Toxicity of a given drug is expressed as a therapeutic index.

iv. French and the Louisiana Purchase  

1. Much of this land was poor due to have  

bad maps of the land  

d. Europeans vied for power in the colonies

i. The power struggle happened because they  wanted resources and wanted to convert the  We also discuss several other topics like Starts as an order to the bank by a bank's customer to pay a sum of money at a future date, typically within six months.

local populations to Christian religions

ii. Much of the colonization backfired because of  the disease spread  Don't forget about the age old question of What is a stellar parallax?

iii. Native American populations began to distrust  the colonizers  

e. Clash of Cultures  

i. Authoritarian vs. Democratic power

1. This parallels the two movement thesis of  

the founding of the United States

a. This is the idea that there have  

always been two opposing parties  

b. The two movement thesis continues  

to exist to this day  

i. There will always be two  

movements conflicting with one  


ii. This political ideology has not  

changed, just the names

2. Texas has a Traditionalistic Individualistic  


3. Authoritarian power

a. Came from the Spanish tradition of  


b. Happened because of a mixing of  

religion and the state


c. Relied on a monarchy as a form of  


d. The monarchy of Catholicism is a very

similar structure of government to  

that of Spain

e. Citizens were used to being told what  

to do and were being directed by the  

Spanish government as well as  


4. Much of the immigration into Texas was  


a. Protestants is a more “free” religion,  We also discuss several other topics like What do you call the rounded end of the penis?

built from the ground up by the  

people and far less structured

b. Protestant forms of church are much  We also discuss several other topics like What is geopolitics ?
We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of sexual selection?

more similar to democracy

5. The Mexicans and Americans clash over  

religion and how the State/Region should  

be governed  

a. Texas was settled by people who  

weren’t wanted by the United States,  

this was similar to how Australia was  


6. Texas is a largely rural state because of  


a. This makes Texas a more  

conservative state

b. Urban States are much more  


Day 4

1. The United States and Political Violence

a. Government control of people can silence the  people

i. This leads to an authoritarian style of  



ii. Without freedoms there is no free speech  

to present a dissenting opinion against the


b. The freedom of speech allows for discussions of the US, means the people are more free  

2. Federalist #10 Discusses:  

a. This was used to address the newly freed  

people of the United States as a way of  

convincing them they should create a  

constitution and a unifying federal government  b. Factions/Cause of Factions

i. Factions are a group of people seeking  

control of the government to enforce their  

views upon everyone else under the  


ii. People are typically defined by the types  

of groups that they spend time with

iii. There will always be people that impose  

their views on others  

iv. People will have to accept that factions  

will exist  

1. The disagreement can be channeled  

into positive government, things like  

compromise will exist if factions exist  

2. This in turn means no one group will  

have absolute power over the  


c. Taking away the rights of people  

i. To control a people, you have to take away

their rights

ii. Freedom of speech allows for people to  

criticize the government  

iii. Taking away rights of people will not work  

in the United States because people have  

a high value on their individual rights


d. Making everyone the same under the  


i. To control a people, you can also make  

them all the same in various ways

1. Example of this is how the North  

Koreans have assimilated into the  

state by wearing the same  

clothing/having the same haircuts

e. Freedom and that translating into their being  some inequality

f. Republicanism*  

i. As a basic definition it is a representative  

form of government  

ii. This is a cure for problems that are  

inherent in a free democracy

3. Federalist #51 Discusses:

a. Separation of power

i. Division of political power into 2 or more  


1. The US has 3 to prevent the  

concentration of power in one  


ii. In a free society we are “evil” people can  

take power, separation of powers prevents

those people from having a lot of power  

b. Checks and Balances

i. Exists to protect the individuals of a  


ii. People need to be checked sometimes in  

the government because a majority can  

be unjust  

c. Independent Judiciary  

d. Republican People’s Check

e. Constitutional Scheme creates checks on the  government  

f. Limited government  


i. Role is to protect the people’s rights and  


SI Session 1

1. Political Culture  

a. Defined as the shared values and beliefs of a people b. Texas is structured in a manner that promotes the  individual and family values

i. Texas also values large businesses; the  

government has function but it is not as robust  as some states

c. Texas does not have a moralistic political culture i. A moralistic political culture could be defined  as a welfare state that want’s to help the  


ii. A moralistic political culture also promotes  

active participation in government

d. Texas is a one party state, provincialism, and  business dominance  

i. The one party state is traditionalistic; Texas has a history of solidly being for one party

ii. Provincialism is referred to as a self interested  people, this is individualistic  

iii. The business dominance is also an  

individualistic factor

e. Lack of a focus on control

i. Political institutions educate the people  

ii. People are shaped by this education

2. Texas Industry (Economy)

a. Spindletop 1901

i. First time there was a large amount of oil in the United States, specifically Texas

ii. This sparked the industrial revolution in Texas  iii. There was a massive increase in personal  

transportation due to the amount of oil  


b. Cotton


i. Relates to political culture through plantation  culture  

1. These people were considered the elite

c. Cotton and Cattle were taken over by oil in Texas  d. NAFTA

i. Created jobs and was overall beneficial for  


3. Statistic of Demographics*

4. Terms to know*

a. Moralistic political culture  

b. Individualistic political culture  

c. Traditionalistic political culture  


e. Urbanization

f. Impresario (Specifically Stephen F Austin)

g. Poll Tax (Relates to the 24th Amendment)

i. This is also part of traditionalistic political  


5. Middle Eastern Immigrants Portion of Lecture  a. Point was to highlight that Texas has a limited  government

b. There is also weakness by design in American  governments  

6. French Colonies

a. Were defeated by violence

7. Clash of Cultures

a. This happened due to the structure of the various  governments and churches of the people, happened during 1800 – 1825

8. Chapter 2 is about the Texas constitutions  

a. Having two courts is separation of powers  

b. Constitutions of Texas were created and revised for  various reasons

i. A republican governor took power and the  

democrats had to forcefully remove him  

because he refused to leave


c. Texas Constituions was created out of the  

government having too much power

d. The US Constitutions were created out of the  government having too little power  

e. Timeline created in SI

Chapter 2 Pages 39 - 54

1. The Texas Constitutions  

a. The Texas Constitution is the legal framework for  which the State of Texas is supposed to govern b. There have been many amendments and  

constitutions in Texas

c. Role of the State Constitution

i. Created through 5 ideas

1. Political power is derived from the people

2. Separation of powers

3. Power is structured in a manner that  

promotes checks and balances that  

prevent sole control

4. Individual rights are given to the people  

5. Federalism

a. This is the distribution of power from  

the national government to the state  



d. Differences between the national and state  


i. Texas largely limits the power the government  can have

1. For instance, things such as the Necessary

and proper clause don’t exist

ii. Lack of loopholes to give the government  


iii. Constitution of Texas was drafted to limit the  power of the government

iv. This reflects the individualistic traditionalistic  political culture of Texas  

e. First Texas Constitution  

i. Created during the founding of Texas as a state of Mexico, 1827

ii. Founded under the Mexican regime

iii. This constitution outlined a unicameral  


1. One body of government  

iv. Reflected the Mexican government’s values  such as authoritarianism

f. Second Texas Constitution

i. Texas broke from Mexico in 1836, when the  

declaration of independence from Mexico was  


ii. The new constitution would reflect democratic  values through things like a bicameral form of  government  

1. Power was divided among the branches of  

government and officials were elected

iii. Also allowed for slavery within the state

g. Third Texas Constitution

i. Texas joined the united states in 1845

ii. There was hesitation over their admission due  to Texas being a slave state

iii. The legislature was changed to be more similar to the united states government


1. There were variable amounts of  

representatives in the Texas Congress

iv. Amending the constitution was difficult  

because it required a 2/3 majority of the house  h. Fourth Texas Constitution  

i. Texas Seceded from the Union in 1861 to join  the Confederacy

ii. This constitution was similar to the 1845  


i. Fifth Texas Constitution  

i. The confederacy lost the civil war and join the  union again in 1866

ii. Policies were changed to match reconstruction  policies

iii. The size of the government was still variable  iv. The salaries of government officials were  


v. The state supreme court’s size was increased j. Sixth Texas Constitution

i. Due to the government having too much power the power of the government was decreased  


ii. This constitution declared the United Sates  constitution the supreme law of the land  

iii. There was no longer a variable amount of  

representatives for the Texas government  

k. The Final Texas Constitution

i. Created in 1876

ii. The final form of government would be overall  limited  

iii. There was a limitation on the government’s  ability to tax

iv. This constitution was created under an  

agricultural state


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